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Monday, June 14, 2021

ScrapHappy June 2021

More prep work this month as I try to get things into shape for the house to go on the market.

First up were these assorted WOW's and COC's.   And when putting these away in their respective ziploc bags figured out that my next scrappy quilt needs a COC background....those two baggies of 2.5" squares are   And I've also realized I rarely use the 4.5" squares....need to come up with block patterns for them.

Have already found another gallon sized bag of scraps that need to be trimmed down to squares. 
And I finished off trimming the scraps I received from a friend (had been her MIL's).   Her MIL was very much loved by all who knew her, so my plan is to take these along with neutrals and make at least 4 lap quilts from them for the grandkids and the her son.

To see what kind of scrappy goodness everyone else has been working on click on the links below:

1. For friends who've volunteered to come help me get my house ready to put on the market.

2. For a working AC system in this TX heat and humidity


  1. Ah the transformation from scrap to square stage; I need to do so much more of that!

  2. moira what a beautiful stitchery legacy your mom left you....they are stunning every one....sweet treasures and heirlooms...

  3. 4.5" squares = 12" churn dash blocks, or Deanna's latest pattern! Lots of great scraps there.

  4. I also try to cut my scraps into squares in different sizes. Good luck with sewing the quilts!

  5. I'm in awe at how organised you are! I can't imagine looking at a pile of organised scraps and know what I needed to make in order to use them up!

  6. very organised ^^ and sounds like you have to be if you're moving house again soon!

  7. Moira, you’ve often been in my thoughts, though I haven’t stopped to comment! You are heavy into the sorting out process, and are making excellent progress too. Praying about those job interviews and opportunities, too. Your mother’s stitching pieces are beautiful, wishing you much creativity as you co spider what to keep and gift, and what usable things they can be incorporat3d into. Lots of work ahead for you, but you are tackling it well. So glad to hear there are friends on hand to assist!


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