"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Take Two Steps Forward and One Back......

Remember the old-time children's game of Simon Says, where the kid playing "Simon" tells the others what they can do.............well this last weekend was like that for me.

Two big steps forward were accomplished this week -

I finished up the sample for the Christmas Carol Row Along and have all pictures of the process and finished product taken so I can now finish writing up the pattern for it and start the blog posting for it (scheduled to go live on the 14th of September).

And I also finished up the quilting on the swan commissioned quilt.   I've figured out how I'm going to handle the pleats on the backing and have pulled fabric for the binding.   Will iron that tonite after work and get that made and sewn on.  Another couple of evenings should see me getting that sewn down.   My aim is to get that mailed off by the end of the week and that looks to be very doable with things like they are right now.

And then there was the one step back -

I cut up some of my scraps so that I could test a pattern I was considering for using the red/white fabrics that my friend Susan and I have challenged each other to use.   I saw a picture of a quilt somewhere that I'd really liked, but I didn't want to start cutting into the fabrics I've collected until I had figured out the best way to make it.

So I raided some of my novelty scraps and the solids scraps.....and after laying it all out decided that I did not like how it looked.   I also realized it was going to be more work to layout than I had realized at first look.  So this is a bomb to me.  =(   Back to square one in finding a pattern that will look good and be quick to piece.

I was also able to get the next commissioned quilt designed and the border fabric for it ordered from the only online dealer that I could find who still has it (at least I'm hoping they still have it).  

Yeah for progress.......


1. Having a job at this point

2. Being able to work with new designs for the commissioned work and my sale quilts.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Christmas Carol Row Along is Coming!

I'm stretching my designing skills and participating in the  Christmas Carol Row Along blog hop that will be taking place during September and October.   Similar to the row-hop that is currently going on in quilt stores, but online.

I can't share my complete row before it is revealed on September 14th, but here is a sneak peek at one corner of my row.  =)

A special thanks to Northcott Silk Fabrics who gave all of the designers fabrics to use in their rows.  I'll post a pic of the fabrics that they sent later.

The blog hop itself starts on the 5th of September and if you want to read more about the row along, then click on the picture of the bell to the right and you'll be taken to the main site for the hop where you can read more about the bloggers that are participating in it and the prizes that will be up for grabs in it.

1. the worst of the rain yesterday came after I got to work for a change

2. I had plenty of room to dodge a wrong-way driver on an off-ramp this morning

Monday, August 14, 2017

Scrap Happy Fifteenth

I've been able to make progress on this quilt.  

30 alternate blocks were made after adding the brown to the scrappy string strip sections.

Next up - the remaining three hat box blocks.  Fabrics on the left are the main fabrics for the boxes, the two dotted fabrics will be used for the left side of the attic window block.  A COC fabric will be the bottom of the block, but I haven't pulled anything for that yet.   Need to look through my larger scraps for the center part of the attic window and the bands for hat boxes.

1. for the plentitude of beautiful fabrics to work with

2. for the blessing of quilting friends who share blocks that spark ideas for quilts.   =)

Road trip - picture intensive

Made a road trip this past weekend through the hill country of Texas.  I row-hopped through a number of towns and shops, saw family and revisited memories of yrs gone by.  Below are just a few of the pics that I took on the trip.

Headstone and burial plot of my maternal grandparents in Moody TX which is my hometown.

The outside of what was my Grandparents home in Moody.  Pic taken as I was driving by.

A couple of shots as I was driving through the Hill Country, headed north from Fredricksburg TX.

My cousin Debbie and her DH Joe who I stayed with in San Antonio.

The Tower of America in San Antonio.  The top rotates and is a really nice restaurant.  We had dinner there on Friday night and yes I even looked out the glass wall in the elevator on the way down - not bad for someone who does not like heights.

A shot of San Antonio taken from the restaurant on top.

1. For family, near and far.

2. For safe driving and hotel clerks who work to get reservations straightened out.

Surprise mail call

Found a surprise package in the mail when I got home on Sunday.

My friend, Susan, who blogs at DesertSky Quilts sent me this lovely surprise package.

There was 6 lovely FQ's and a kit to make two decorated kitchen towels.  The shop she ordered it all from sent the package of buttons as a bonus.  =)

It truly was a nice way to end the weekend.


1. Good friends who send surprises

2. For God being in control when all seems out of control.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Mail call

Today's mail brought lots of goodies for me.   the first two packages were the batik jelly rolls that I bought to use for the sashing for the blocks that I showed in this post.    I'm still debating whether these will give the look I want or I may end up buying something else.....lol.   It will be a while before I make a decision because I've got several other projects to get done first.  These were bought with the gift certificate that I won a few weeks ago from Annie of AnniesRubySlipperz.

And the final package came from Baum Fabrics, makers of Wyndham fabrics.   These were a selection of fabrics and pattern that I had won as a result of commenting on a blog post by Hunter's Design Studio.

I had expected just enough to make the wall hanging as shown in the pic......but what I got was far more.

The stack on the left is made of pieces that are 3-4 yds in length, the middle stack are pieces that are about 1/2 yd in length.   These are all from the Wyndham Fabrics Santa's Little Helpers line.   And they also sent a FQ bundle of 12 FQ's from one of their other Christmas lines.   A lot of fun here in these stacks.  =)


1. Good mail days with unexpected blessings

2. Short work weeks - off to shop-hop this weekend....woohoo.