"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

T-Shirts for Reunion, part 1

This year is my 40th HS reunion.....it doesn't seem possible in many ways that is possible to have been that many years since graduation.    But that's beside the point.....  A few months ago when planning started for the reunion, I said that if someone could get me some HS t-shirts I'd make some t-shirt pillows for the silent raffle.  

Well the t-shirts came 10 days ago or so....and I'm now in the midst of making 5 or so pillows.   Also included in the box were 2 embroidered hats, that I'm still thinking about how to use.   At the moment I'm thinking they will end up appliqued on the backs of a couple of the pillows.

I've finished two of the pillows and like how they turned out.    Am currently working on the next two of them and have enough for 2 more pillows.  

The real fun will be trying to get these compacted enough to fit in my carry on suitcase..........lol.....that could be real run.    And yes I thought about getting the forms after I get to CA next weekend, but I had 60% off coupons that needed to be used and that saved me a bundle on them (the cost of the material is my donation......).

1. The edema I've been fighting is somewhat better, I'm learning that I've become super sensitive to salt (was always sensitive), hoping that watching that even closer will help.

2. Another bill has been paid off!

Monday, September 19, 2016

More Setting Blocks

I worked a bit more on using the leftover PP'd block patterns from this pattern.    I had made the quilt for myself years ago in many blue and shirting fabrics.   My friend Susan quilted it for me on her Long arm.

McCalls was generous in the number of block patterns that they supplied, and even after making a quilt that was almost king-sized.   It is those extra patterns that I'm using now to make blocks that I'll use to fill in on the 2-3 Am Hero quilts that I'm in the process of making using the F2F blocks that I'm receiving and all of the RWB blocks that I've accumulated over the last several years as I've tested my block patterns.

Todays work included two strips of HST's, a large HST that just needed trimming to size, and a diamond block.   All of these started with scraps that were already cut to the approximate size that I needed for the blocks.  =)

I also started working on the tshirt pillows and then realized I'd forgotten to put the interfacing on the back of them.....ooops...........


1. Good friends here in the Dallas area.

2. The new job that I'm enjoying.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Playing with scraps and designs

Had time this morning before church to get another block done for the American Hero quilts that I'm working on.    Played with one of my designs to see what else I could do with it.    End up with three more designs to make.....and an idea for a fifth one.  

Meanwhile here is the block I finished this morning.   Tentative name is Southwest Wings because the red reminds me of the stylized western sun you see in art in the Southwest US.

This afternoon I'll start working on putting these t-shirts into pillows for silent auction goodies for my 40th HS reunion.


1. A lovely rain storm went through this morning, so the humidity should be a little less now.

2. Church and small group today....good times to come with friends.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

One of those quilts..............

Ever have one of those quilts that just doesn't want to come out square no matter what you tried.....

Well, I've been working on one of those quilts this week as I've put together these flag blocks into what will be an American Hero quilt.  I could have sworn that the blocks were all trimmed to the same size........ummm, that would have been nope.

So once I trimmed enough blocks to make the middle columns and the blocks for the two outer columns were double checked to be the same size, I put the columns together.   And then proceeded to sew the columns together to form the top.   Sigh...........as it turns out the left hand one is longer than the right one.....so gold was added to top and bottom of the right column.  

Is it square, that I don't know 'cause I'm not about to try to figure it out...lol.  At the moment it is 54" wide by 78" long which is just a little smaller than the 63" by 87" that they want the quilts to be.   So I'm going to add one more border using the striped fabric to the right to bring it up to size.  And yes, the type A side of me will try to match the strips so that they flow correctly around the border.   =)


1. My platelets are up to 127K which means I get to stay off of the prednisone.

2.  I don't have to get bloodwork for 2 months....woohoo.............

More F2F blocks

Blocks were received this week from Lynn and Sandra in France for the F2F swap and I love them all.   I'm looking forward to putting in the quilts I have planned for American Heros.


1. The TX weather hasn't been horrible since I've been here....maybe I'm biased after having lived in Phoenix for almost 30 years.

2.  The edema I've been fighting has been a little better this week.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Scrappy block fun....

Used a few of my scraps today as I made a couple of blocks that will evenutally end up in American Hero quilts.    The scraps I worked with today came out of the pile of scraps in the wire basket on my cutting table and what was in front of it.  Those  are all from quilts that I'd been working on before I moved.   Haven't found the bins of scraps yet so I haven't been able to put them up where they should be.

the first block I made was this one.   I saw the block that was my inspiration for it on someone's blog but can't remember whose blog it was.   oops....

The striped fabric was leftover from embellishing a couple of kitchen towels.  Still have a bit of it left so it will be seen again.  The blue and red were also out of the scrap basket, but have been used in multiple projects/blocks.   The WOW used for the background was one I picked up on wmy rob-by-row hopping this summer.   Which is good 'cause I haven't found those fabrics yet....sigh....

With the scraps of the striped fabric I made this little 2" by 6' finished strip of flying geese.  There will be at least one very scrappy sampler quilt made for American Heroes this year using these blocks and some of the F2F blocks that are being made for me, and probably 2 of them.  

How will it (or they) turn out?   Who knows....I have a bunch more PP patterns to use up before I will have finally finished all of them from the pattern.

Years ago I had bought a PP'ing pattern made by McCalls (well actually several of them, but this is the only one I've actually used).   The quilt that is normally on my bed is from this pattern, and there were a bunch of extra pattern sections leftover.   Have never been able to get rid of them, so the plan is to slowly get them made up and into quilts.


1. Good friends moved the boxes I needed moved out to my storage room and wrangled the washer and dryer into it as well.

2.  That I know all is in God's control even when the issues with the edema seem out of control to me and is draining and frustrating to me.