"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Easy to Forget......

It is so easy to forget why I've made decisions and walked down certain paths in my life, especially when things are frustrating and life becomes filled with things I'd rather not have to fight.   And it is easy to not see progress made over the course of a few months or a year if you look at things

But FB reminded me of a picture that I had posted a year ago this morning of the 'paintings' that I'm using to remind myself to keep on plugging away at paying off my debt.   Three bills paid off, a fourth that will be paid off by the end of the year, Lord willing.  I knew I'd been paying off debt over the last 9 months since I've been here in Wyoming.......but it wasn't until I looked at the pics from a yr ago and now that the difference really made an impact.

Still a long way to go to be debt-free, but I'm so thankful to have this visual reminder of God's faithfulness and manifold blessings in my life.

Here's to making more progress over the next year as I move to Tx for my new job and to continuing to live on a budget in order to do so!

1. Packing is proceeding

2. Keys are turned in at school and everything is tied up there.

Winnings from May Design Contest

In the last couple of weeks I've finally received the prizes I won in the May block contest.  

Four new books - I'm planning on exploring the Patchwork Quilt Blocks book to see if there is anything interesting for the F2F swap blocks that I need to get made for August.

And then there is a really nice set of FQ's.   Haven't explored the Michael Miller website to see which line it is, but I'll do that one of these days.


1. Progress is being made on packing things up here.

2. My key for school has been turned in and I've nothing else to do there.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Goals - Week of 7/18

I know I've made progress....but sometimes it feels like I haven't done as much as I need to.   Gotta use these to keep me on track the final 3 weeks before leaving here.


1. Start getting boxes out of storage room and to Apt - Not done
2. Gather stuff for Goodwill and take to store in Cheyenne. - Second car load taken to Goodwill, third load of stuff in progress
3. Turn in resignation at school - DONE!
4. Turn in notice at the apartments - DONE!
5. Msg with friends about looking at rental possibilities for me - Done with one person, need someone else for a different town
6. Email with realtor about rental possibilities
7. Turn in address change at PO
8. Reserve moving van
9. Arrange for utility turn-on after getting rental house

Rooms to Pack:
1. Bathroom - Almost done, just the basics left to toss in a tote at the last minute
2. Storage - Completed
3. Fabric Stash Room - 2/3's completed
4. Kitchen - Not started
5. Pantry - Not started, but I am using up stuff in it
6. Sewing Room - Just barely started
7. Living Room - Not started
8. Bedroom - DONE!


1. Clean bathroom (tub) - still not done
2. Email Ann - Still not done
3. Clean ceiling fan
4. Finish cleaning floors
5. Clean baseboards - Not started
6. Clean ceiling fan - Not done


1. Continue making Rows for the Row-by-Row 2016 quilt - Done!
2. Make at least 15 scrub tops to send to customer -  Still at only 7 total completed, aiming for at least 4 more for this coming week
3. Make the 3 August blocks for the F2F swap - Not started
4. Cut just received fabric for scrubs up (this will give me 33 total cut out) - DONE!
5. Put Row-by-Row quilt top together - DONE!
6. Quilt Row-by-Row quilt - Quilt is pin-basted and ready to quilt
7. Turn in Row-by-row quilt for prize (turn in TX)
8. Make and upload final block for the Modern Quilts block design contest - Done, but I didn't win!
9. Make the 54 'petal' units needed for the sashing on the final Mod Quilts quilt top - started, 3 of 54 made
10.  Make Mod Quilt Entry
11. Make backings and bindings for quilt tops for Sunshine - not started


1. Will be receiving full mileage for the trip to Purdue along with the stipend for attending the conference there

2. For the housing possibilities and knowing that God will provide the right one for me

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Row-by-Row Top finished

Finished my row-by-row top today.....there are a total of 9 rows in the quilt - 9 on the front and one on the back that I'm using as the quilt label.  The top finished out at 45" wide by 72" long.

The rows are from:
Vertical row, upper left - Spool,
1st Row - Snowy River Quilts, Laramie WY
2nd Row - Stitches Quilt Shop, McPherson KS
3rd Row - Lickety Stitch Quilts, Lusk WY
4th Row - Around the Block Quilt Shop, Cheyenne Wy
5th Row - Watt A Find, Mesquite TX
6th Row - Texas Quiltworks, Rockwall TX
Vertical Row, Lower Right - Scrappy Shack Quilt Shop, Torrington WY
Row on Back (Label) - Quilters Connection, Dallas TX

I'm debating about what batting to use for the quilt - dig out some cotton batting (would have to move multiple totes out of the way in the storage room.....) or use the poly/silk batting that I have sitting beside my sewing machine..........sigh, I'm not fond of poly batting but I really don't want to dig thru what I've already packed and stacked......lol.

1. Everything is wrapped up at school in my office.  

2. May be able to take a small vacation to visit with friends this coming weekend.

Row by Row progress

I've now finished all of the rows that will be going into the Row-by-Row quilt that I have in progress.   Yes I have more patterns that I haven't made up yet, and there are more that I want to collect...but this quilt is now headed to assembly.   I have a dark brown mottled/spotted batik that i'm planning on using as sashing between the rows.

Row 8 was from Texas and features a mocking bird (state bird) and a nest in the shape of Texas.  All placed on the state flag.  The flag was pieced and the rest is machine appliqued.   I did a raw-edge, straight stitch around the edges to hold everything down.

Row 9 was from Tennessee and features a castle taken from Harry Potter.    I'm not into HP, and have never read the books or watched the movies, but I really liked the saying that was on the row.  The castle is machine appliqued with a buttonhole stitch, and the words were fusible transfer.  

And yes, the last word is upside down and backwards.....oops.    Oh well, gonna stay that way 'cause I can't redo it.   And it fits me since I've never marched to the beat of the same drummer as most everyone else.   This quilt is for me so it really doesn't matter anyway 'cause I still like it.    I really wanted this row in my quilt because it reminds me of my faith and where I have always and will always find the light for all of my days.

I'm now at the point where I can put the rows together into a finished top.   There are two layouts that I'm considering.   The first one is the one I'm leaning towards.   

And a closeup of the layout with the sashing fabric shown between rows.

And the second possible layout under consideration.

1. Last day of row-by-rowing went well for the most part.

2. Packing is going well with 2 complete rooms down, and a third one almost done.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Can't decide which to use...............

As I posted before I have 7 rows finished out of 8 for the row-by-row quilt.  

Most of the rows play nicely together, and the one that doesn't fit will be my quilt label.

I've got one more vertical coming from my friend Susan in TN, and several rows coming from my friend Susan in PA.   Not sure what orientation the ones from PA are.   I want to add another row or two from TX, but not sure which ones to.   What I have a choice of is shown below..........

The first possibility - a paper-pieced version of the dallas skyline.

 Then two applique possibilities - the first with a mockingbird, nest and eggs on the TX flag.   Am leaning towards adding this one.   Also have a row that features the Dallas skyline and other things from around Dallas.   Both are machine appliqued.

the last pattern is one from a store in Kansas.  I like this row and the pieced blocks in it, but think the coloring is too light to really fit well with the other rows.

What say you about the choices that I've got?


1. Everything went well when I turned in my resignation and notice at the apts today.

2. Final amt due for teh apartment is only for the rent for the days I'll be here....no penalty!   What a blessing.