"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vacation Doings.......part 1

Lots of traveling going on these days and for the last couple of weeks as I work my way to the end of a three-week road trip that has taken me to Indiana, Tennessee, and Texas.   Have driven through several other states including Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas before I finally make it back to Wyoming.  Good thing I like driving!

There has been sewing and stitiching going on while I've been traveling.  I stayed with my best quilting buddy, Susan in TN and got the blocks for two different swaps completed.  In addition I finished off three small pieces of cross-stitch.   Two already have plans for them - a mug rug and a needlebook.   The third one (the fox) will probably also end up as a mug rug.  Did find the perfect fabric to go with the foxes while here in TX.  =)

The current cross-stitch project that is in the works.  this will end up as part of a Christmas gift for someone.  Still need to find fabric to go with this....keep hoping I'll find some owls while shop hopping, but no luck so far on that.  

Swap blocks for a monthly lotto swap that I've been participating in the last few months.

 Swap blocks for an international swap that I'm in this year.

And last, but not the least I've been able to visit 6 of the quilt shops here in the Dallas area that are participating in the Row-by-Row shop hop.   And here are the goodies that I've collected so far.   More shops will be visited on the way home.  =)

Fabric, some but not a tremendous amount.  Several pieces for swaps that i'm in or for Mug Rugs.

Scrap Bags of fabric, all from one store.   Approximately 7 yds of fabric (mainly batiks!) for $17.

And the 6 row-by-row patterns that I've collected so far.  More to come from OK, KS, NE, and WY on the way home!


1. 3000 miles of safe travel so far....only 1200 to go!

2. Fun doing the row-by-row shop hop so far.  More shops to go on the way home.  =)

Monday, June 13, 2016

Contest voting and road trip!

Almost one week into my 3 wk road trip.   Had made some serendipitous travel plans as I've been able to make a couple of unplanned quilt shops including the Missouri Quilt Star Company thanks to driving right by the exits for the stores.   Gotta love the quilt stores that can afford to advertise on billboards and that aren't very far of the US Highway/Interstate systems.     So far the fabric I've bought in the quilt shops has all had a plan for it so that is a good thing.   (We won't talk about the remnants I bought at the one quilt store or Joann's....).   Today I'm headed to TN where I'll be visiting with a quilting buddy and friend for a couple of days.   Am looking forward to fun and relaxation with her.  =)

I did behave myself because I'll be visiting a number of the shops participating in the Row-by-Row shop hop on the way home so I have to be good.  =)   There are enough shops that I'll be visiting that I can put together a quilt with them and then hopefully be the first to turn it in at a shop and when the prize for being the first there with a finished quilt.   =)  

Meanwhile, voting for this months blocks has started.   Voting goes thru tomorrow and my block is tied with the other gal that has won 6 months out of the 10 that have happened so far.  

If you would like to vote for my block (has to be done thru Facebook and you have to be logged into your account) then click here, then (after signing into FB) click on the vote button for the block that is titled "Path to the Stars".  Voting goes through the 14th.

The squares in the background that are pieced were made with the scraps of the other blocks.  I free-form pieced them from cut off triangles, shading the colors from dark to light blue and silver.  The quarter square circles were machine appliqued down.

1. Safe travels so far on my trip.

2. For the job interview that I have scheduled for Tuesday the 21st in the Dallas area.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Finishes for the first week of June

School is coming to a finish and I'm still going crazy with everything going on.

Did tho manage to finish off a few things this week.

First up is the three leather knife sheaths that had been commissioned, including a hanging loop that can be switched between sheaths.

Next were two more mug rugs/snack mats.

And finally was the block for March in the layout that I finally decided to make.


1. Brakes checked out ok on the car, a good thing before my road trip.

2. I've managed to just about make it through my list of to-do's for this weekend - a very good thing!

3. Only three more projects to grade and all of my grading for this semester will be over!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

When you can't sleep ...... sew ..........

Between not being sleepy last night and being awake early this morning I needed something to work on.   So I dug out two more of my little cross-stitch pieces to make into mug rugs/snack mats.

The setting for the patriotic cross-stitch heart started with a few of the floral HST's and some extra fabric to make more that I found in one of my totes.  The navy fabric that it is sitting on is what I'm going to use for the backing of it.  Finished size will be 9" by 12".

The second mug rug also started with a cross-stitch piece and a few scraps.  I don't remember how many years ago I did the cross-stitch, but it's been a lot now.   And I just shake my head because after all the times I've looked at this piece it wasn't until today that I realized there was something wrong with the work.....can you see it?   I'll need to finish the outlining on the one leg.  And then I'm going to look for a button to cover the unstitched area or I might a little bitty flower applique over it.   If I can't find a button I like then I'll see if I can match the thread colors as a last resort.


1. Things are falling into place for my Road Trip this month.

2. Only 3 more days with the kids for this school year.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sewing on a long weekend

Lots going on around here these days - Last 5 days of school start today for me, just finished the long Memorial Day weekend and I'm going nuts trying to get everything finished up on my list of to-do's before heading out on a 3 wk road trip.  Making progress in some areas, others not so much (that vacuum cleaner is still not out of the box....lol).   One thing that did happen was to actually put a couple of quilts for myself on to my list of projects that need to be completed this year.   Been a while since I've actually made something for me.

Finished off two commissions - the tub liner and one of the leather knife sheaths, this one is for one of my coworkers for school.   Three more knife sheaths to go and they will be done.


Embellished a t-shirt for my mom with some kitty fabric for her BD.  Gift is running late.....oops

I also played with my design for the May Block design contest this weekend.   The traditional block is the Drunkard's Path and curved piecing is not something I enjoy.  To get any sort of a design in the final 12" block I ended up with 3" finished sections.  the pieced sections are all made from scraps that I've had leftover from prior blocks.   I free-pieced the the spiky sections based on the size and shape of what I had in my scraps.

I did not keep the itty-bitty trimmings from these blocks!  the block shades from a navy blue down to a bluish-silver.   The quarter circles will be appliqued onto the appropriate square before they are all sewn together.  Block has to be finished and photographed by next weekend so that I can get it uploaded before the contest deadline.

And then there was the 'fun' of getting my old Singer model 66 out to use to sew the leather sheaths and find out that it had been too long since I last opened it up 'cause the belt had broken......Argh.    Thankfully if I go real slow, as in turn the wheel by hand, on my Kenmore I can get the sheaths sewn.   Now comes the fun of trying to find another belt for it while living out here in the middle of nowhere.

1. Sewing machine belts are possible to find for my antique machine....even if they are hard to come by here in the wilds of WY

2. Only 5 more days for me left in school!!!!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Drats and double drats..........

Drat it.....I really hate when I come to a point in working a quilt block that I'm stuck and don't know what to do. Am actually working on my May contest block early for a change because I need it finished early instead of at the last minute.

But the colors are giving me fits at the moment..... The pic here shows what I've improv-pieced for the background of the block. I was going to shade to a super light blue in the bottom right corner.....but guess what I don't have.

So the options that I can see at the moment is (1) to shift everything down towards the bottom right corner and then bring in a different color up at the top left of the block (purple?) or (2) bring in the tan background color at the bottom left and leave everything else as it is.........

The tan will also be in there as an appliqued 'qtr circle on the solid color blocks. What do you guys think?

1. Even tho my platelets dropped this week, they didn't drop below what they were two weeks ago...dare I hope they are starting to stabilize?

2. Beautiful spring weather is here. =)