"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Chasing squirrels...........

With a deadline to getting my challenge quilt done you'd think that I would be focused on working on it and not allowing anything else to distract me.    Ummmmm, nope.....I've been like the dog who is chewing on a favorite toy and then gets distracted by squirrels and races off after them.    I am totally easy to distract.

In my case, it was fabrics that didn't fit into boxes or the big totes as I was working to go through my non-quilting fabric stash.  And if I'm honest, the sorting was also a "squirrel"....sigh.   First two "squirrels" I worked on (and completed!!!) were three tote bags - two of the green tie-dye print and the zebra print one.   These will go into my gift totes for future homes.   Although I've thought about making enough up to be in a craft fair at the end of the year.  

Green print fabric is a heavier weight cotton.

Zebra print with pink done with 54" wide upholstery fabric.

And yes, I did get work done on my challenge quilt which is good because I'm going to deliver it in person to the gal who coordinates delivery to the show personnel.  Canoe is pinned approximately where it is going to go.   I need to find a heavy weight needle in order to hand stitch it on.  Will do that after I get all the water on.   I'll be starting at the bottom with the "calm" water and working upwards as I do that.   The plan for tonight includes making good progress on that.


1. Good weather

2. Safety in driving home even with horrible traffic this evening

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Treasures among the stash

As I've been cleaning things up in my fabric room and sewing room, along with sorting through fabrics over the last couple of weeks, I've found some fabrics that have made me scratch my head and wonder why I bought them.  And then there are the UFO blocks which never seem to get used up.

Two of those came together this week as I took a quick break from working on the challenge quilt.   The fabric used in this hanging towel was one I found in my non-quilting stash as I sorted thru it.   It is a cotton, waffle-weave fabric and a lovely lt green color.  It was a remnant so I'm sure that is why I bought it.  Not sure what I'd planned for it.

However, it has worked perfectly for this hanging towel.  I used 1/4th of the piece so I have enough fabric left for 3 more of the towels.   Just need to make tops for them after I find more fabric that will go with the green.

The patchwork at the top was in my orphan block tote.   A little bit of fusible fleece to give some padding to it and quick work to stitch it all together.  This will go into my gift tote for when I need a quick something for a gift.  =)

1.  Rain instead of snow!

2. The receipt of the new-to-me desk and carpet protector from work as we get ready to move offices.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Making a mess

Sewing got done this week, but don't have pics of all of it.  I know have two F2F blocks done, and pics taken.  Will post them later when all three are done.

I've finished all of the quilting in the background of the challenge quilt and then spent the weekend figuring out how to make a canoe.  However, since my thread matched the background, pics won't show it.

I ended up using a double layer of non-fusible peltex (like used in quilted postcards) that I stitched together to form the base.  Then fused on a wood grain print over that.  Satin-stitched the raw edges of all pieces.  The sides are sewn together with a straight stitch, and then I glued the two sections (bottom/side) together this morning.   I'll add some additional glue inside when I get home to strengthen the hold this afternoon.   Then it'll be ready to attach to the quilt somehow.

I'm going to trim the quilt to size and put the binding and hanging sleeve on tonite.  Then tomorrow I can start adding the "water".

Also this past weekend I did a lot of moving and sorting in my sewing room.  I've gone through all but one box of my non-quilting fabric stash.  That means I've gone thru 10 of the largest totes in my sewing room and 13 xerox boxes of fabrics...........net result is I have a much better idea of what I've got and what I'll actually use.   I've done a lot of sorting out of stuff that I know I'll never use at this point.  Kept things like the pants material that I have, the knits for tops, materials for gifts (need to get sewing to get things made up!), and fabrics for totes.

At this point I'm down by 3 of the large totes and 6 xerox boxes.....woohoo!!!!!!!!!    And two of the items/groups are already listed on ebay for sale.   Am hoping that they sell.  Everything else that is going out will either be listed for sale or donated somewhere.   Still lots to be done in the fabric room, but this is progress....altho it doesn't look like it...lol.  

I do still need to sort through the quilting fabs so that I can get like with like (sorted by color, types, etc.).  But that will be at a later date.

1. a desk for quilting on and a carpet protector for my chair to roll on for free as we get the office ready to move.

2. No tornado touchdown by me during the storm Sunday night.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

New-to-me desk

Yippee - my new desk from work that I am going to use for quilting on is now home.

It's no deeper than what I've got right now, but I'll have about 3 times the amount of space to the left of my machine for the quilt thanks to the style of desk and how the legs are made.

Now I just need to get the bars for the quilt frame out of the room and into the storage room so that I have room my chair when I need to use the desk.

1. Being given the desk at work due to moving to new offices this month

2. A great company to work for.

My Fabric Room.......

.......Well in the fabric room at any rate.   I was feeling good enough over the weekend that I was able to finish getting totes and boxes moved for the present time so that I can actually get to them and find fabric.   Still more work to be done - downsizing my clothing stash, replacing boxes that some of the cottons are in and more organization.  But at least now I might have a chance of finding things instead of having to buy more fabric.

First pic is of the east wall - xerox boxes have cottons, small totes are a variety of supplies and projects.

Second pic is of the east wall.  Lots of stuff over on this side of the room.  Lots to go through.   The big totes you see in both pics contain either cottons or clothing fabric depending on which one.  The very two totes at the bottom right of the second pic (you can just see one of them) are my scraps.

1. Finding a good hematologist here in Dallas

2. Having a stash that enables me to sew even when I can't afford to buy what I need at the moment

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ready for Borders.....

The blocks I started working with earlier this week are now in quilt tops that are ready for borders.

The heart blocks are string pieced, and were from a lotto block swap back in 2006.  The top one will get two borders - a narrow black Kona and then a black w/bright print of some sort.

The bottom one is only 38" by 40" so it needs borders top and bottom before adding one all the way around to bring it up to size.  Although I'm thinking that I may go in and make one more block to make the bottom point on the heart.   Haven't fully decided tho because I don't know if I really want to do that much frog-stitching.

Both of the finished quilt tops will be going to Sunshine quilts.

1. Weather has warmed back up.  =)

2. Praying Friends.