"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Monday, February 20, 2017

More UFOs finished

Today I put together a couple of sets of UFO blocks that were made for Sunshine Quilts.   Both of these will hopefully make some little boy happy.  These finished out my UFO weekend.


1. Thankful that my UFO blocks can be used to bless someone else.

2. Time spent with friends in my small group.

Commissioned Bears - Progress

Two more teddy bear blocks were made this weekend.  

First up is Charles who is getting ready to plant his summer garden.   And second, is Maria who is enjoying the summer and dancing up a storm.

I've three more drawn up, and three more to design for the quilt.  I'll be able to start putting it together soon!


1. The storm here last night did not do any damage.

2. One more day till I leave for my weekend at QuiltCon.

UFO work and finishes

This weekend has been UFO weekend in one of the quilting groups that I'm in.  Over the weekend we are supposed to put in 8 hrs of work on an UFO that has been stalled for 6 months or more.

 This weekend, I worked on two different UFO's.   The first one was this table runner.   The center block and a couple of oddball fabrics was all that made.  I also had a fat-eighth of the oriental fabric left to work with.   Because I've got a commission coming up that will feature origami swan blocks I decided to test the pattern that I'd drawn up for it, and also added an origami swan block to it finish out the runner.   The border fabric was used in the two applique blocks and finished off the fabric from the pineapple table topper.  The corner blocks are the 4 sections from one of the extra blocks that had.   I'll quilt it at some point in the future.

The second UFO project I worked on was sewing these 4 patches together.   They used up the blue/lime and purple/lime HST's that had been made months ago.   The HST's are made from batik fabrics and I used a WOW from my stash with them.   They will now go back up because I have not decided with how to set them together.   I might go through my novelty print fabrics to find something that would work with these blocks and set them in a double 4-patch setting.  

All fabric for these were out of my stash.  =)


1.  It's a long weekend with a holiday today, and a very short workweek for me!

2.  Cool, rainy weather today.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

UFO Day.........

Because I do a lot of block designing, I will make test blocks from most of my patterns to see how they work out before posting them or submitting them somewhere.  And that often results in a lot of UFO blocks that can accumulate.

To help with that problem I've been making them in a RWB palette most recently so that I can use the block in an American Hero quilt at some point in time.  =)    However, there are some older sample blocks that I didn't do this with and my sewing today started with one of those.

The center block on this table runner was a sample block from several years ago.   Today I made the two applique blocks  on either side of it using the bits of fabric that I still had of that oriental print.   The block on the left is an origami swan and the one on the right is an origami crane.   this now will go with the rest of my completed tops and I'll get it quilted at some point.  I'll probably end up selling it after it is finished.

I'll be using the swan pattern on the next commissioned quilt, and the crane as an applique on a t-shirt for a friend (commissioned by him).   I also have a friend who wants the swan pattern so that will need to be written up soon as well.   I'll release it to Craftsy.

And I've also got an idea for a quilt made from the center block.  Need to play around with designs on that so I can think about making it for a sample and a pattern.

Gotta love it when I can get a double punch when I design block patterns.


1. Celebrating the 50th birthday of a good friend tonite at an open house

2.  Got home safely today even though traffic was a bear

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Commission Quilt Progress - Setting Blocks

Here are the first 11 of the third style of setting block.  Yes, it's similar to the first one, only the size of the inside block is different (and thus the width of the border).  First eleven are done and fabrics have been pulled for more blocks.   Won't have enough for the remaining 13 blocks of this type and the final 8 blocks, but I'm getting closer!


1. 6 more days till QuiltCon.  =)

2. First 6 months in the new job are done as of yesterday and I'm still loving the job.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Commissioned Quilt Progress - Bear #5 and setting blocks

I've finished making the 5th bear and have started working on the setting blocks for the quilt while drawing up the next few patterns.

This is Colette and she is wearing her new Easter dress and is waiting for the Easter egg hunt to begin.  =) (Yes, I know this is a repost on the pic....lol)

There will be three different setting blocks in the quilt.   I've finished all of block 1 (qty 5), started working on block 3 (11 of 24 made, but not trimmed to size yet), and still need to make 8 of block 2.  No pic yet of the latest setting blocks, but it will be coming.

As I was working on pulling fabric for the setting blocks, I was looking for blue prints that would go with the focus print fabric I'm using in setting blocks 1 and 3.   And fast came to the conclusion that the blues I like tend to not be the light to mediums that are in the print.   I've tons of medium to dark blues, teals, and turquoises.....but not the lighter ones....sigh.   Hmmm, maybe I should ask for those next year for my shoebox....lol.

At any rate, this quilt is progressing and I hope to have a good bit of it done by the time that I leave for QuiltCon next week.  =)

1. QuiltCon is almost here, and that means I'm closer to spending time with a long-time friend.  =)

2. Love the way my new camera is working.  =)