"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mystery Quilt - Second Corner and instructions

Finally figured out what I wanted to do for the second corner of the border for the mystery quilt.

I decided to do a border that had been based on an adaptation of the simple 9-patch block.  Because the width of the final border is 4.5 inches unfinished the center strip is 2.5 inches unfinished, and the outer strips are 1.5".

Or at least on paper that is what the measurements should be to add up to a 4.5" unfinished border.   Sigh...........the best laid plans of mice and quilters don't always come to fruition, and it seems that the two border sections have actually worked out to be about 4.75" unfinished.   Grrrrr................  Then of course there is the directional print that i used that didn't cooperate for me when making the second section.

Net result is that I'm going to end up remaking the strips so that they finish out at the correct size and with the print going in the correct direction on both sides of the corner.

In the meantime, here are the directions for the corner.

2nd Corner Instructions -

Cutting -
2 - 1.5" strips of the background print
2 - 1.5" strips of the focus print chosen for the border section
1 - 2.5" strip of the background print
1 - 2.5" strip of the focus print chosen for the border section

Sew a 1.5" strip of the background print to each side of the focus print as if you were making a strip set for 9-patch block.   Press seams towards the focus print.

Sew a 1.5" strip of the focus print to each side of the background print in the same way.  Press seams towards the focus print.

From the strip set that has the focus print in the center position, cut 2.5" sections.   From the strip set with the background fabric in the center position, cut 1.5" sections.   Sew them together alternating the order of them as shown above.

I used 11 sections of both strip set, but am still debating on if I need to make them a little shorter.  You will need to play with how many you make depending on how big you want that corner to be.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Surgery and sewing.............

I've never been one that can just sit around and twiddle my thumbs when waiting for something else to happen.   So Thursday morning while waiting for time to leave for my scheduled surgery, i finished off two tote bags from the same fabric.   One will be a BD present for one of my best friends.   The second one will be posted for sale.

The fabric I used is a drapery fabric that I found on clearance.   was so nice to sew with.   Am glad I got it all because I still have some more to make more bags with.  I'm hoping that the one sells quickly.  =)
Once I got home from the surgery I ended up sleeping the rest of the day/night....well till about 4 am or so at any rate.   Started going thru a tote of stuff because I was wide awake at that point.....found these strip sets that had been leftover from other projects done years ago and started these quilted postcards with them.  Added the silk flowers to the postcards, and then did the finish stitching this afternoon.

Nice to have another UFO done and out of the totes.

Gratitudes -
1. Sinus surgery is over and so far everything is going well.

2. Good friends who are there to help and encourage when needed.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Back from my quilt retreat......

I was fortunate to be able to go to a quilt retreat last weekend in Wisconsin with a great group of friends.   Lots of fun, laughter and sewing were had by all over the weekend.   Did manage to finish three projects - two totally, and one to the completed top stage.  

The pumpkin quilt is now a finished top.   I got all of the buttonhole stitching done on the top panel.   6 or so hours later I was able to put all of the remaining borders on it.

When I bought this my intent was to have a fall quilt to display on the wall.  Well that was two domiciles ago and a lot of yrs ago.  I no longer have a wall tall enough to display my quilts on at this time and can't put up a rod here either.   So I'm not sure if I'm going to leave it as is or add a border to it to make it big enough for my bed.  That will be decided at some point in the future, but not now.   If I do add a border, I'll most likely make it similiar to the block backgrounds.

The gingerbread man is a potholder made from a kit that I'd gotten at least 10 yrs ago.  Fabrics in the top are from the kit, binding and bow are from a FQ that someone put on the 'free-to-anyone' table.

Serendipity had the print in the hanging loop match up exactly with the binding at the point where I sewed it on.  Bowtie turned out good - esp. since the pattern showed it but gave no instructions on how to do it.

The final project completed was a little wool ornament.   The kit was gotten on a shop back in Arizona at least 10 yrs ago and most likely longer than that.  Couldn't tell you what store I'd gotten it at either because it wasn't on the pattern.  A combination of hand and machine applique was used to make it.

1.  Sinus surgery date is here tomorrow and hopefully all will go well.

2. 5 wks left in school this year.

Monday, April 6, 2015

2015 Mystery Quilt - Border Ideas and instructions

Because the instructions for this quilt were meant to help people break out of the box and start to design, I will be sharing what I'm doing for the border on my quilt top.   I will include sizes and amounts of fabric but like all other directions please customize the border to what speaks to you!

Some time ago I had seen a quilt that had a pieced border and all 4 corners were a different block.    I fell in love with that idea, and even though I can not find the picture I had saved of it at the present time.   For this quilt I first added a solid border of a white-on-white fabric so that the blocks will float.   And then will be added the pieced corner sections to the quilt one at a time.   There will be solid white-on-white sections between the pieced sections.   I will be using up fabrics left over from making the top of the quilt.

Instructions and fabric requirements for the floating border and first pieced section -

First border (solid border) - 

Fabric Used -11" of background fabric or similar fabric

Cut 5 - 2-inch wide strips.   Sew three of them together, end-to-end.   Use them to add the side border to the quilt.   Then use the remaining strips to the top and bottom of the quilt.  Square up the corners.

First Corner - Checkerboard

Fabric Used - 1 - 2.5" strip of background fabric and of one of the coordinating fabrics.

Sew the strips together along the length of the strips.   Press open and then cut into 2.5" sections.   Sew these sections together in a checkerboard layout.   Be sure to turn the sections at the corner so that the pattern will continue on around.    Make as long as desired on both sides.

Note: I will be removing one or more sections from both the top and the side strips of this border because it turned out longer than I wanted.   But if you choose to do this the final length is up to you!f

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mystery Quilt Step 6 Reveal and Viewer Linkup

For those that are still working on the mystery quilt, how are you doing so far?  I hope you've enjoyed this non-traditional mystery quilt.   I'd love to hear what you think of it as you've been working on it.   And  I've included a linkup at the bottom of this post and would love to see pics of your quilt.   Please consider posting to the linkup at the bottom of the page so that everyone can see what you've been doing.

The two things to be added in this step were 5 stars, and a rectangle across two blocks.   I played with the instructions for my quilt and ended up actually adding a total of 8 stars.   But I didn't want just random stars floating around on the top.  So I cut stars in multiple sizes and fabrics, and then added circles out of a yellow & gold plaid fabric.   Then made flowers from them by layering stars and circles.    All of it was fused down and then button-hole stitched.

I took more 'liberties' with my rectangle as well and didn't stick with the traditional rectangle shape - two pairs of equal sides with 90 degree angles.   Yes that is the engineer/math side of me coming out.....lol.  

Instead I made my 'rectangle' a trapezoid......both are quadrilateral figures....and for me that was good.  I then added a circle at the bottom of the figure and made an exclamation point to finish off my saying.   =)  

I have plans for a pieced border that I'll be posting in steps starting next weekend if you want to follow me as I do that.  

To link up for this mystery, add your link by clicking below:

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ponderings.....What do you think?

As the end of the mystery quilt instructions approaches, I've been thinking about what to design for posting next.   Another mystery quilt, a planned design, quilt ideas with how to do them, or just some block designs.....or something else altogether?

For myself, I've got a quilt designed that I plan on working on while at a quilt retreat in April that will be submitted for publication.   So that won't get posted on here.   And am working on my next block submittal for QuiltMaker's magazine as well at the retreat.    Do need to get that design decided on so I can pull fabrics for it.

However, I love to design and always have more than one design in the works.   I do want to continue to share designs on my blog and website, but need input from my readers and those that are interested.  

What would you be interested in seeing me design and post next -

  • A mystery quilt - traditional, non-traditional?   If so what size would you be most interested in?
  • Block patterns - what type (applique, pieced), theme, size?
  • One or more quilt design and instructions for them (non mystery) - style/theme?
  • Something totally different - if so what?
Thanks in advance for your feedback, it is much appreciated....

1. Having the fun of being able to design my own quilts and patterns.

2. Spring break has been wonderful even if I didn't get anywhere near all i wanted to do done.  =)