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Monday, July 13, 2015

Finished Quilt Top and a Block Tutorial

The last quilt top I put together for Sunshine Quilts started with 4 blocks that a fellow member of the group had made from a FQ that I sent her.  Once the blocks were made, she then sent them to me to put into a quilt.   This is what I ended up making from the four blocks.

Normally I would have paper-pieced the alternating blocks, but didn't feel like doing the 32 blocks needed this way or wasting that much paper and ink.

The blocks that I used for the alternate blocks are composed of two different fabrics - the first being down the center of them on the diagonal, and the second on the corners of the block.

The first step to making this block is to figure out how long to cut the strip that goes down the middle of the block.   The easiest way to do this is to measure across the size of block you will need.   In my case I needed 6" finished blocks for my alternating blocks.   So I used a 6.5" square ruler and measured diagonally.   The length was approximately 10".   To make it easy, I cut strips that were 3 inches wide, and then sub cut each strip into 4 even pieces (approx. 10.5").  This technique can be used on any size block but remember to add about one inch to the measured length of the strip so that you have room to square them up without problems.

The second part of cutting the fabric for the block is to cut the corner triangles.  I cut 5.25" squares of the background fabric and then them in half diagonally one time.

The first step in assembling your block is to mark the center of the long side of the stip and the center of the long side of the triangle.  For my blocks, I just finger pressed the mid points and then matched them up.

Next sew the triangles onto each long side of the strip using a 1/4 inch seam.

Once the Triangles have been sewn on, then press the blocks flat.  I pressed the seams to the strip because that is the darker fabric in my blocks.   After pressing the block should look like the one shown at the right.  The center strip will stick out but that is ok.  

Note - when you measure top to bottom or side to side, the dimensions should be at least 1/2 inch bigger than the unfinished block size that you need in order to be able to square them up properly.

Once pressed, lay your square ruler on top of the block as shown to the right making sure to center the ruler on the block.

To make it easier to trim the 32 blocks that I needed for this quilt I used a couple of pieces of tiger tape to mark where the seams between the triangles and strips should line up on the ruler.  This allowed me to quickly line up the square ruler on each block in order to keep the corners centered down the middle of the center fabric. If you wish to do something similar, a narrow painter's masking tape would work well on your ruler.

Your finished block should come out looking like this.   Have fun playing with fabrics used and how you lay them out.


1. Driver's Ed (DE) license came through quickly and I'm now a DE instructor and have my first 3 students.

2. Visit to ENT last week had the news that there was no sign of an infection.   Hallelujah!   Just need to keep taking the allergy meds to keep things under control and I should be good.

Friday, July 10, 2015


It's hard to believe that summer vacation is almost over for me.    Life has been nuts this summer for me as I've been working the equivalent of about 3 jobs - the PT job at the store (double+ the normal hrs), the commissioned sewing, listing stuff for sale on ebay and looking for and applying for jobs.   All while trying to get the drivers ed stuff in line for certification so I can start doing that as well.   Did finally get my DE license and now have my first student lined up for driving lessons...a little scary to think I'll be doing this on my own now and not with someone else in the backseat making sure that I don't forget anything.  

As a result of everything going on this summer has been the commisisoned garment sewing.  Am now on the last two garments in the stack that had been cut out a year ago.   Once these are done I'll have finished 29 different garments.    Still have fabric for at least another 27 garments.   And I know there is more fabric than that, just need to cut the first round of scrubs so I know what is left in the way of the fabric she sent me in June.

Another thing that I've been doing is a wee bit of cleaning and then sorting through fabrics and other stuff to sort out and list more things.   Have made it thru half of my stash of FQ's and pulled out a bunch to list for sale.   Just need to get pictures of them and then list them for sale.

In my cleaning forays (called emptying bags....) I found a stack of 5" wide strips that I came home with after a customer abandoned them (what can I say, they were counted as remnants and cost very little).   12 different fabrics that I've had for several months.........they are now out of a bag, but I have no clue what I want to do with them.   Did see one possible quilt but am still thinking about possibilities.

Colors are peaches, turquoise, gray and white....the peach and gray not my normal colors to work with.     Any ideas for quick and easy baby/toddler quilts that I could do from 5" strips?


1. Sinuses all seem to be clear w/no signs of infection - the surgery worked!  So thankful for this.

2. Summer has been mild in terms of heat this year.....if more than a bit soggy because of all the rain.