"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sewing on a long weekend

Lots going on around here these days - Last 5 days of school start today for me, just finished the long Memorial Day weekend and I'm going nuts trying to get everything finished up on my list of to-do's before heading out on a 3 wk road trip.  Making progress in some areas, others not so much (that vacuum cleaner is still not out of the box....lol).   One thing that did happen was to actually put a couple of quilts for myself on to my list of projects that need to be completed this year.   Been a while since I've actually made something for me.

Finished off two commissions - the tub liner and one of the leather knife sheaths, this one is for one of my coworkers for school.   Three more knife sheaths to go and they will be done.


Embellished a t-shirt for my mom with some kitty fabric for her BD.  Gift is running late.....oops

I also played with my design for the May Block design contest this weekend.   The traditional block is the Drunkard's Path and curved piecing is not something I enjoy.  To get any sort of a design in the final 12" block I ended up with 3" finished sections.  the pieced sections are all made from scraps that I've had leftover from prior blocks.   I free-pieced the the spiky sections based on the size and shape of what I had in my scraps.

I did not keep the itty-bitty trimmings from these blocks!  the block shades from a navy blue down to a bluish-silver.   The quarter circles will be appliqued onto the appropriate square before they are all sewn together.  Block has to be finished and photographed by next weekend so that I can get it uploaded before the contest deadline.

And then there was the 'fun' of getting my old Singer model 66 out to use to sew the leather sheaths and find out that it had been too long since I last opened it up 'cause the belt had broken......Argh.    Thankfully if I go real slow, as in turn the wheel by hand, on my Kenmore I can get the sheaths sewn.   Now comes the fun of trying to find another belt for it while living out here in the middle of nowhere.

1. Sewing machine belts are possible to find for my antique machine....even if they are hard to come by here in the wilds of WY

2. Only 5 more days for me left in school!!!!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Drats and double drats..........

Drat it.....I really hate when I come to a point in working a quilt block that I'm stuck and don't know what to do. Am actually working on my May contest block early for a change because I need it finished early instead of at the last minute.

But the colors are giving me fits at the moment..... The pic here shows what I've improv-pieced for the background of the block. I was going to shade to a super light blue in the bottom right corner.....but guess what I don't have.

So the options that I can see at the moment is (1) to shift everything down towards the bottom right corner and then bring in a different color up at the top left of the block (purple?) or (2) bring in the tan background color at the bottom left and leave everything else as it is.........

The tan will also be in there as an appliqued 'qtr circle on the solid color blocks. What do you guys think?

1. Even tho my platelets dropped this week, they didn't drop below what they were two weeks ago...dare I hope they are starting to stabilize?

2. Beautiful spring weather is here. =)

Found Fabric......Or When To Get Rid Of Scraps

I admit it......I'm a scrapaholic......I like using every little bit of fabrics that I like.    Now I can get rid of scraps when it is something I'm not fond of, but something that I really, really like - that is a total different story all together.

My fairy frost (FF) fab's fall into the really, really, really like category of my fabrics.   And while I've been collecting them for a long time, it's been hard to use them (batiks seem to be the other major set of fab's in this category....lol).   However, the FF's are what I'm using for the contest blocks because they are made by the fabric company sponsoring the contest and what I had in the stash.

Yes, I've saved the tiny scraps I've been trimming off as I've been piecing.   Some of them down to 1 inch at the widest point by 4 or 6 inches long.  I know most people would toss these, and I do on most fabrics.   But these are FF's.....I know I can do something with the scraps....LOL.

In thinking about the May block for the Modern Quilts block design contest I decided I wanted to use these itty-bitty scraps in some way.  So I've started improv-piecing 3 1/2 inch squares using the scraps from previous blocks.  In total, I'll need 6 of these pieced blocks for what I've got pictured in my mind for this block.

And yes, I am actually tossing stuff after piecing the little blocks.....just not letting a lot go to waste.  =)

And here is how they are starting to layout for the background of the blocks.   Still more piecing to come (3 more pieced blocks to make),

This May block is to be based on the traditional Drunkards Path block and the quarter circles of the background fabric (the tan FF) to.  

So how small of scraps do you save and use?


1. Grading is almost done at school and before the end of the semester!

2. Only one final Exam left to think about and write.....maybe......lol.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Decision Time.....

Finished off all four sections of the March contest block last night and played with the possible layouts.  Now it's time to make a decision on how I'm going to sew these together.  Which do you like best?

1. The "1-day" trial I was called for should be over today (day 2)

2. There is a beautiful flowering tree right outside the court room and that means spring is here.  =)

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Catching up....

...........with the Modern Quilt Block contest blocks....finally came up with a design for the March block which had me stumped in March.   The traditional block to use was either a sailboat block or a plane block.  

I finally chose the sailboat block and now have the block half made.   Haven't finalized the layout yet, but will do that after I get all 4 sections of the block made.  

The fabric used in the sail is all scraps from previous blocks and each sail will be different from the others.   Now to get the remaining two sections made so that I can start playing with layouts for the block.   I'll get this finished up this week.

Next up on my plate to do over the coming long weekend -
* finish the commissionedknife sheaths
* finish the commissioned tub liner
* hopefully finish two more scrub tops
* baste and start quilting the tornado quilt

1. Spring weather is finally here
2. 9 more days of school for me  =)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Never-Ending Stash

There are many days wehn i wonder if I'll ever come close to using up my stash in my lifetime.....Why you ask?  

Well as an example, I started with one yard of a cute cat border print.  Had to buy a yard to get enough to put on the sweatshirt shown below.
Used all but about 7 inches or so and of course, can't waste fabric.    So I pulled a few scraps from my scrap basket and made a block to go with the leftover fabric.    Put the two together to make the top of a snack mat.  

The waste triangles from the block became a block that will find a home some where.   And I still have a strip set in the black and blue to do something with as well.

Same thing on the B/W prints I used on the towels set.  After embellishing the towels, I had enough left for the mug rug.  

Will take me forever to use what I've got in my stash.......probably.....but that's why I call it my 401F, and we won't even talk about my 401T (thread), altho I've worked down some on it.

1. Interesting phone calls

2. Friends who will let me stay with them while i'm out traveling!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lots of Finishes.........

School is fast coming to an end for this school year.   Doesn't seem possible that there are less than 3 weeks left and of course things are starting to come fast and furiously.....including  the first of my final exams this week (seniors are out next week).  At least I won't have to grade these because they are on the computer and automatically done.  =)

As for sewing.....This past week / weekend was focused on getting commissioned stuff done so that I can get it out of here and paid for.

The Green and Cream quilt has been totally finished and even named - something I rarely do.    Because of a comment that the lady who is buying it said, it is named "Springtime in Bloom".

Next finished was the final set of towels for a grad gift.   That has already been mailed off to my adopted niece.

From the leftover strip set used on the bath towel, I made a mug rug.   It'll end up on sale at some point.

The blanks for the 4 leather knife sheaths that I'm working on have all been cut out and stained.   Am waiting for the bottle of finish coat to arrive so that I can seal them.  That should arrive tomorrow or Wed. if I have to pick it up at UPS.  Once the finish has been applied and dried then I can sew them together.   That should be done before this coming weekend is over.

I also managed to get two more scrub tops finished up.   Next up more of them!

And my fun right now is planning out a 3-wk trip that will take me to Indiana, Tennessee (gonna be visiting Susan!) and then down to the Dallas TX area.  Lots going on in this trip, and will write more about what I'll be doing as the trip happens.

1. Unexpected phone calls with promising topics

2. God's provisions for all my needs.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Voting in the Modern Quilt Design Challenge has started

Voting for your favorite block in the Modern Quilts Design Challenge has started.   And I'd love it if you'd vote for my block.

To vote, go to the following link and click on the vote button to vote for my block, or another if you like it better.  


You will need a Facebook Account and need to be logged into it in order to vote.

1. I was able to make a big difference in one of my bills thanks to the stipend.

2. Beautiful, sunny day outside!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Block ideas finally flowing....

..........for the March block of the Modern Quilt Block design contest that I've been participating in.  Between work being a zoo, and trying to think of a way to make the two options (airplane and boat) fit with what I'd already done a design just wouldn't cooperate with me back during the March entry period.

I think I've finally come up with a design that I can live with.  =)   Well, actually I have two possibilities on layout....now to decide which ones I like better.  

I am looking at some 3D piecing possibilities as well on this design, but haven't made up my mind on them yet.

Nice thing is that I can piece this block design in just one section (well 4 sections, but one PP'd pattern section) which means it will be easier to deal with.

For colors on the sails, I'm thinking of colors along the lines of what I used in the block in the center of the bottom row in the pic showing my blocks finished to this point.

Which block layout do you think looks better?


1. Even though there is a lot to think about, I have received a contract for the next school year.

2. No rain so far today!

Making Progress

Lots of quilting done this week.

Thankfully my machine decided to play nice as I worked on getting commissions finished up, even on free-motion quilting, something it almost never does.

Three commissioned quilts were quilted - two were panels that someone asked me to quilt, and then the green/cream star quilt that I'd designed and made a while back.   The panels I don't have to bind and they will be shipped off this week.  

On the green and cream stars I started off by doing a combination of stitch-in-the-ditch and echo quilting of the end borders.  And then I did stitch-in-the-ditch around the stars so that they would pop out.  Only the binding and label is left for this quilt and it'll be ready to head off to it's new home in Massachusetts.  Am thinking a binding to blend with the background on the quilt, I'm sure that I have something in my stash that will blend with the umpteen different fabrics used in the background.  =)


1. Three weeks left in this school year

2. Made it home safely on Saturday before the storm hit here.  =)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


What does a person do when they have leftovers from a project and they don't want them back in their stash?   Well if you're me, you start cutting them up into the biggest sized squares you can for a quick donation quilt.    For the flannel scraps left from the memory quilt that was 12" and 8 1/2" squares.   Some quick piecing with the leftover grey backing flannel and the white I'd used on the front and I have enough squares for a donation quilt.     Now to debate on what color border to add to it.....leaning towards the the blue of the elephants, but could also go with a grey, tan or the chartruese.   Whatever I choose will be from my stash because I don't want to buy anything for this one.


1 - Beautiful, Spring weather here so far this week!

2 - For being able to make a large payment on one of the bills with the last of the stipend payment for being a club advisor this year and the no-interest transfer that will allow me to save over $1000 in paying it off.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weekend doings......

Well after not feeling good Friday nite and most of Saturday, I've been able to get a few things done last nite and today.

First up was the tops to a couple of mug rugs that started with a little piece of aborder print from a couple of pillow panels.  Used scraps in red, blue and COC's to make a checkerboard around the print.

Made a couple of sets of leaf blocks for the Block lotto and realized that I misread the instructions on how many fabrics to use for the background.   So I need to go back and fix them.......sigh......Not my fav thing to do, but at least the problem is fixable.

I also made the September block for the Modern Quilts Block Design contest that I didn't get made back last year thanks to the move out here to Wyoming.    Only one more block to catch up on from last month (still waiting for inspiration on that one!) and then to decide on what fabrics to use for this months block.

And I was able to get two graduation gifts made - embellished towels for girls that are graduating and heading to college.  Only one more to go, but need another towel set and have to make a trip to the quilt store when I'm up in Casper on Friday to find fabric that she'll like.


1. Beautiful weather today after gloomy and snowy weather yesterday.

2. 4 wks left in school.  =)