"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Monday, July 16, 2018

6th Annual Piggy Bank Challenge

This year was the first year that I took part the annual piggy bank challenge that Val has been running.    And now that I'm a home owner, my budget is even tighter so that I can continue to pay off bills.   But so that I have money for fun stuff as well I'm going to work even harder to save money at the same time.   I'll be saving my change and also what ever I get in the way of $5 bills.

I have a lovely 23.75 ounce jar that I put my change in, the bills go into another container.   This will fill at least a couple of times through out the year and I'll take it to the bank and exchange it for bills.  I'm looking forward to seeing what my total is next year when we total everything up!

As for what I may use the money for, I'm hoping to take a trip to Scotland & England next year so it will most likely go towards that.

The artwork behind the jar is how I track where I am in paying off my debts.  I'm a visual learner so these really help keep my attention focused on the longterm plan without getting so distracted. 

If you are interested in signing up for the challenge, you can go here to read more about it and sign up.

1. Cooler temps here in N. TX today

2. Good traffic on the commute home today

July BOM - Ben the Army Soldier

Meet Ben the Army Soldier, he is proud to serve his country.   He is currently standing at attention and saluting as he waits for review by his commanding officer.

You can download the pattern for Ben for free until the middle of August here at this link.

I hope you enjoy it!


1. For being able to watch two special young people pledge themselves to each other at their wedding.

2. For a God who supplies all my needs no matter how things look to me.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

12 days of Christmas Blog Hop

The 12 days of Christmas Blog hop has started as of yesterday.  (Yes I know I'm running late posting this ..... sorry about that!)    Through the 25th of July the following bloggers will be posting Christmas ideas on their blogs.   And some of them will be hosting giveaways as well.   So be sure to check them out.   My post will be on the 22nd and there will be a giveaway.   So be sure to come back and check it out!

Saturday, July 14th

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1. A blessed time with friends that I haven't seen for months or a couple of years this weekend at the wedding of one of them.

2. For safe (although slow in places) travel to and from Austin.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Scrap Happy July - Row by Row Top Finished

This years Row-by-Row quilt top is finished.    Finished size is 46" wide by 70" long.  Most likely will be donated.

Quilt stats -

       -- Scraps
       -- Remnants (backgrounds)
       -- Orphan block components (HST's used in the filler blocks).

Fabric Count -
       -- 137 different fabrics were used in the construction of this top.

Row Count -
       -- Rows from 9 different Quilt Shops are in the quilt
       -- 5 different filler rows were used to space things out

Techniques Used -
       -- Paper-piecing
       -- "Regular" piecing
       -- Fusible applique with buttonhole and satin stitching in various blocks
       -- the "Twister" method for dong the "floor" of the upper left most row. 
          A method I won't use again because I didn't like dealing with all of the bias edges.

Embellishments -
        -- 3/8's inch button for the eye of the topmost bird
        -- 5/8's inch buttons for the center of the records.

Bottom half of the quilt.  4 row's in this.

And the completed quilt top.  I plan to use a scrappy binding on it once I have it quilted.

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1. For being able to attend the wedding of a long-time friends daughter to the love of her life yesterday

2. For being able to spend time with good friends yesterday

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Rescued Quilts

One of the people I work with asked me if I'd like to have a couple of quilts that he had.   If I didn't, then he was considering donating them to a place like Goodwill.     I said I'd take them, because I know at some point I'll come across someone that needs a quilt or two.

 First quilt is a log cabin.   Done in blues, cream and red it is a queen-size.  Was pieced on the machine. 

The light blue is a fabric that I have in my stash as a remnant in an aqua coloring.  (Yes, that dates my stash.)

 Hand-quilted with teeny stitches that are about 16-18 per inch.   Poly batting in it from what I can tell. 
 Scrap quilt, again a queen size.   I've seen this block pattern before but am not sure of the name of it.

Hand-quilted as well.
 Close-up of two of the blocks.
A plaid flannel was used for the backing.   The binding was done in an interesting way - the backing was wrapped around to the front on the top and bottom.  The borders were wrapped to the back.  Both were sewn down by machine.

Both quilts are great condition.  Now to see what comes up and where I might use them.

1. For the opportunity to rescue a couple of quilts

2. For the wedding that I'm headed to this weekend and the time that I'll have with friends at it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Piggy Bank Challenge Results

Now that June is over it's time to tally the savings that everyone who participated in Val's (of Val's Quilting Studio) savings challenge this past year.

I saved both $5 bills and my change - both have been my practice to do the last few years.   I lost track of what my savings were in the bills, but it was over $150.   That was part of what I used for my earnest money used to purchase my new house (aka my quilt studio!).  And I've traded in my coins twice because I don't have a big jar, and that totaled up to about $100.  Don't know what I'm going to do with that money yet. 

I'm already starting to fill the jar with change for this year and have accumulated over $30 so far.  Definitely an easy way to save!

1. A good drive home from work yesterday

2. For the  two quilts from one of my coworkers that will be a blessing to someone.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Row Hop, Day 3

The third day of row-hopping here in the DFW greater metroplex.   This trip took me on a 250 or so mile drive around the metroplex.

First up was Common Threads in Waxahachie.  I picked up the free pattern, two neutrals, and the variegated piece at the right.   The varigated piece is for a project that I'm working on that will be shown on my block in September.
The second shop for the day was Corner Square Quilts in Cedar Hill.  They are a smaller shop that specializes in batik.  I used scraps for the notes, and left off the words since this quilt will either be donated or a gift.   No fabric was bought here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
The third shop I went to was Quilt Among Friends in Arlington.  I picked up the free row pattern, two remnants, a black tonal and two nail files.
Two lovely pieces by Northcott Fabrics in their Shimmer line followed me home at Peggy's Quilt Studio.  The row has already been made up and is in my row by row quilt.
Next stop was at Sew Fabricated, and the row pattern was the only thing I picked up at the store.
Cabbage Rose Quilts in Fort Worth was the next stop in my trek around the metroplex.  I love the new line that looks like cork, and picked up 4 different ones for use in a project for my house.
Must Love Fabrics in Grapevine was on the list next.   I picked up the pattern for a friend.  Black tonals and a couple of remnants came home with me.
Quilt Country in Lewisville was next up.  Fabrics for multiple projects came home with me.   And I picked up the row kit for a friend.  and the free pattern for me.

Material Girl Quilt Shop in Denton was my last stop for the day.  I picked up the pattern for a friend.
The next day I went by The Old Craft Store to pick up the row kit for a friend.  A couple of tonals, a background piece and the free pattern came home with me.
Final stop was by Fabric Fanatics to pick up another copy of the pattern for a friend.  2 black tonal batiks and a sale one with kitties came home with me.

1. for safety during my travels

2. for friends who pick up rows for me.

Row by Row 2018 Progress

In between unpacking the boxes that have been in storage for 10+ yrs and putting what I don't have room for in the house into storage totes so that they can be safely stored in the garage, I've been making progress on my row by row quilt top for this year.

The top half is now together and includes rows from 5 different quilt shops.  The filler block sections have been made from orphan HST's and some of the leftover red and blue fabric from making the top left-most row in the quilt. 

The filler strip in the middle are 1" finished triangles that were bonus triangles from a long ago project.....I think the wedding quilt for my nephew.  I don't remember where the one underneath the record on the left came from.   But they finish at  1.5" in size.  Neither of them are sizes that I normally work with.

White buttons (not shown in the pic) to the records to show the center hole.

Second half of the quilt is in process.  Three rows have been completed for this section, with one more in process.   The filler section of Churn Dash blocks was made with more orphan HST's and scraps.

The buttonhole stitching still needs to be done on the redbird row at the left.   The final row which is 12" by 27" finished is in process and just waiting on me to enlarge the applique pattern today.  Final step will be to figure out what I want to do for a filler block section.

1. Friends who buy the tool sets that I'm missing instead of just loaning me theirs (in this case a ratchet wrench & socket set).

2. For getting through all of the boxes that had been in storage for 10+ yrs and only finding relatively minor damage/breakage.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Weekend Progress

A long-time friend of mine from Arizona is also a quilter who does the row by row quilts.  And I've been busy working some of my patterns up in to blocks or rows read for stitching so that I can give her the patterns for the rows that she'd like to have.   To that end, I've managed to assemble 4 more rows (one isn't shown here) and have the pieced sections for a 6th one made (the records at bottom left).

The records are shown by the store in a finished 12 by 27 inch row, but I'm not sure that i'll leave them in that formation.   So for the moment they are just individual 6.5" blocks.  Once I know what other rows I'm adding to the quilt I'll have a better idea of how I need to lay it out.

Row by Row 2018 Sew Musical PatternTrying to decide what other rows I want to add to it.   Part of that decision all depends on where I want to turn it into.   I've got the kit for this one from Stitchin Heaven, to I'll most likely use it, esp. since I'd love to turn it in there.  Which leaves me needing to pick one or two more rows.

I don't have the specialty ruler for the 'dance floor' blocks, so I'll need to either figure out how to make the block w/o it or do something else.....  The figures are laser cut so and I plan to raw-edge stitch around them. 


1. Finding treasures in all of the stuff that I'm unpacking and going through.

2. For the freedoms that we enjoy here in the US.