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Monday, July 9, 2018

Row by Row 2018 Progress

In between unpacking the boxes that have been in storage for 10+ yrs and putting what I don't have room for in the house into storage totes so that they can be safely stored in the garage, I've been making progress on my row by row quilt top for this year.

The top half is now together and includes rows from 5 different quilt shops.  The filler block sections have been made from orphan HST's and some of the leftover red and blue fabric from making the top left-most row in the quilt. 

The filler strip in the middle are 1" finished triangles that were bonus triangles from a long ago project.....I think the wedding quilt for my nephew.  I don't remember where the one underneath the record on the left came from.   But they finish at  1.5" in size.  Neither of them are sizes that I normally work with.

White buttons (not shown in the pic) to the records to show the center hole.

Second half of the quilt is in process.  Three rows have been completed for this section, with one more in process.   The filler section of Churn Dash blocks was made with more orphan HST's and scraps.

The buttonhole stitching still needs to be done on the redbird row at the left.   The final row which is 12" by 27" finished is in process and just waiting on me to enlarge the applique pattern today.  Final step will be to figure out what I want to do for a filler block section.

1. Friends who buy the tool sets that I'm missing instead of just loaning me theirs (in this case a ratchet wrench & socket set).

2. For getting through all of the boxes that had been in storage for 10+ yrs and only finding relatively minor damage/breakage.

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