"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Friday, June 22, 2018

Sewing Again!

I've finally gotten things arranged / unpacked enough that I can think about doing some starting to quilt again. 

Since I still haven't found the missing materials for the projects I need to work on I've started picking up row-by-row patterns for this year.  This is the first one and I got it at Rockin Bobbin here in Dallas.  Everything is fused down, I just need to dig out the threads I need to do the stitching on it.

I'm playing hooky for a few hrs this weekend to row-hop and pick up more of the rows.   Should have enough of them by the end of the weekend to make a quilt to turn in.
The larger totes minus the ones that have FQ's or fancy (silks, linens) fabrics in them.    The left hand side of the room that can barely be seen has multiple stacks of the smaller totes and 7 xerox boxes of stuff that needs to be gone through and dealt with.   Hopefully the stuff I'm missing is in one of them!
West wall of the fabric room.  41 xerox boxes of yardage along that wall....
The closet that is full of batting.........and yes I have one box of batting that doesn't fit in there.....gotta use some of it up!

Two drawing/paintings that I've been able to hang up once again.  The left one is from my time in Boston, and the one on the right is the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.   I bought it when I was on a tour of the Holy Land and then framed it once I got home.

Found a place for my ironing board!  I've got it set up between the second desk shown here and the bakers rack that holds my spice racks and cookbooks.   I pull it out to use, and then push it back to the wall to tuck it out of the way.
Metal wall decor from Hobby Lobby and mini-clothes pins from Michaels.  I'll be using this to hold the pics of friends and family that I get through out the year. 
And the first decorative piece for my kitchen, with one of my life verses on it.  This also came from Hobby Lobby - that place could be dangerous to my pocket book!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

ScrapHappy June 2018

The past three weeks have been filled with the stress of moving, and of course, with that comes having to pack everything up.  And one of the things I had to do was to get all the bags of scraps back into the two totes where they normally reside.  Several of these had migrated to the sewing area of where I was living where I had left them instead of putting them back after pulling fabrics from them.

Well when I went to put everything away I found that I had more than would fit, so I ended up pulling on bag to work on using over the three weeks.  This particular bag was filled with strips and strings of various sizes, widths and colors.  Here is what the pile looked like before I started sewing with them.

I first sorted them by color, ending with with piles in reds/pinks, blues/purples, greens, cream background prints, and yellows/golds/oranges.

After my sewing over the last 10 days or so I've sewn up all but the latter two groups.  Pinks and reds were first up.

Blues and purples were next up.

The greens were the final color grouping that I was able to get sewn together. 

The yellows/golds/oranges will be my next ones to work with.

I have an idea of what I might do with them, but nothing is set in stone at this point.   And i'm not sure when I'll get to work on them again because I've got several pressing projects coming up.

1. Things are slowly finding a place in the house.

2. I'm slowly finding the things that have seemed to go awol in the move....lol.

June Teddy Bear BOM

The teddy bear is Leah and she is busy sewing up a storm at the quilt retreat with her friends.

The pattern can be made with fusible or hand applique.

With this pattern just a little tweak in where you place the sewing machine will give you a different look to the finished block.

You can find the pattern here in my Craftsy store.  It will be free until I upload the next Teddy Bear pattern in July.

Enjoy the pattern!


1. For the fun that I have in designing new blocks.

2. For others liking what I design

Monday, June 11, 2018

After move pics of the house.....

The move is over but the unpacking and arranging........... here are a few pics of what the place looks like as of last night.    I managed to get more put up this evening while the cable debacle was going on, but no new pics.

 The fabric room....the last one that will be arranged. 
 And yes, I do have enough to stock a quilt store.....
 My catch-all room - most of the smaller totes are in the shelves.   Cross-stitch, beading kits, quilt stuff are all in here, along with cards, batting and gift stuff.
 Other corner of the room.   Batting will be stored in the closet.
 Bedroom......still to go in somewhere is a 4 ft tall bookcase that I'll use to hold clothes that don't get hung up.
 Living room, unpacking progressing in there.
 Sewing corner and where my computer is.
looking towards the kitchen.  Second machine will be on that table where the chair is.  Cutting table moves to where-ever is open for it.


1. I have internet!

2. I work in an air-conditioned building.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Playing with layouts..........

............ furniture layouts that is.     I've learned that moving goes much easier when you know where the furniture is going to fit before it all gets to where ever I'm moving into.

First up is what will be my bedroom.  Still to be placed in here is my cedar chest which will mean that I have to rearrange things a little (turning the bed 90 degrees).

 Then comes bedroom 2 - I've two sets of metal shelves that will go in here, along with most of the umpteen small totes of assorted quilting and crafting things.
 Bedroom 3 - the bulk of my fabric totes and boxes will be in here.
The dining room - where I'll be setting up my sewing machines and cutting table.  It sits next to the kitchen (off to the right side of this picture). 

I'm considering putting up 1 or 2 shelves in this room so that I can display things on the and use my stocking holders.
 And the living room - yes, I'll have one, but that doesn't mean that I'll be able to have company over.  The sofa, 4 different bookcases, and my quilt frame will find a home here. 

And yes, I bought a "Quilt Studio" that just happens to have a bedroom and kitchen in it....lol.

I plan to put up a curtain rod on the wall behind the sofa so that I can hang quilts for display there. 


1. The move is almost here - Yeah!!!

2. The budget is looking good for getting a couple of bills paid off by the end of the year.......wooohooo.......

Friday, June 1, 2018

Making Lemonade from Contrariness

I had been wanting to make myself a 'painting' to help keep me focused as I work to lose weight and get healthier.   A friend from church had made me a wall art stencil that I was going to use on a canvas that I would then embellish...........well things don't always do don't quite work out.....

It ended up with the stencil not wanting to stay attached to the canvas.   So  changed plans....I ended up positioning the words on the canvas and then painted over them with a green acrylic paint. 

Once the paint was dry, I pulled off the words, and was left with the lettering being white. 

Once that was done, I then took a black marker and colored in the words and ended up with this.  I've also finished painting the canvas green.  At some point after I move I'll add flowers to the canvas in the same manner as what I've done for paying off my bills (and now I need a new one for the house!). 

Current progress in paying down the bills......I'm getting closer on some of them!

1. Hives are better with the high dosage of anti-histamines.

2. I move in one week..........yippee!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

UFO Weekend

Made progress on several projects over the long weekend when I wasn't hauling stuff to the new house. 

First project up was finishing off the HST's used in this quilt top and then putting them together.  These were a UFO that I bought from the scrap barrel from my local quilt shop here.  I added a remnant  of a Kona red that I had in my stash and cut the needed triangles and squares.  This is 32" square and still needs a border or two to finish it off.   It will be donated at some point.

I then switched over to working with these rail fence blocks that came from somewhere.   I don't even remember where now.   Fabrics are both batiks.   Blocks are 4" finished, so this is definitely not finished at this point.  I'll need to add multiple borders to this to get it up to a size for donation, but have no idea at this point of what I want to add.   Stash-diving here I come to find something.  =)

And the last project that I worked on this weekend were adding a border of WOW fabric to these blocks.   Made with 30's repro fabrics they are from a long ago swap with online friends.  They will be set with scrappy 30's repro sashing and cornerstones cut form more of the WOW used as block borders. 


1. Between switching back to 100% cotton sheets (from microfiber ones) and antihistamines, the hives rash seems to be well on the way to being routed.

2. I'm glad for almost 2 more weeks to go before the big move is upon me.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Footsquare Freestyle, Round 3 Starts

Footsquare Freestyle (F2F), Round 3 is starting in June and I'm looking forward to being in this new round after being in round 2.

Here are two of the fabrics that i'm planning on using in the blocks I make for myself.    Main colors used are various shades of browns - from assorted tans, golden browns, and dark browns.  Background is a cream, and I'm wanting various cream tonal fabrics.

Close up of the print.  Large eggs are a light grey blue which is what I'd like to have used for an accent color in the blocks made for me.

And the blue-grey fabric that I'll be using in my blocks.

A pic of the kitchen which is right beside where the patio door is in the dining room.  Current plan for the blocks are to be used ultimately for the border of curtain panels over the patio door.  I plan on using some sort of a cream for the main part of the curtain panels and will border them with these blocks.

This is the tile backsplash in the kitchen - browns, creams, grey are the main colors in the tile.  These are the colors in the kitchen and the cabinets are a taupe color.

Gratitudes -

1. For allergy meds which are helping to get an allergic hives rash under control.

2. For friends who are willing to help me move one more time.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Scrappy possibilities

I've been considering what I want to work on as my next scrappy quilt.    Some of the things I've considered include these free charts that I've found online -

A Panda bear (need more TOT blacks for this one) -
 Another wolf.  This one would require scaling down someway to keep from having to use 1" finished squares.
 This could be split into two different ones.......
 Love this scene, but I would have to work with it to get it to a doable size.

I like this horse head, but need to figure out if I'd have to resketch it to get it to a doable size.

The tribal style in this wolf might be fun to work up.

 And for a change of pace these tulips.  Size would have be adjusted though for the length for a doable size.

Still mulling around ideas........might have to dig out my cross-stitch books and charts to see what i've got.

You guys have any ideas of things that might translate well?


1. I have the keys to the house!

2. A long holiday weekend is coming up.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Wolf flimsy is finished

I finished off the wolf quilt top this weekend...woohoo.......  It now goes in the to be quilted pile that will be worked on once I'm in the house and have my quilt frame set up.

Stats on the quilt top -

Pattern used -

Free cross-stitch pattern found on the internet of a wolf (altho I've had one person tell me it looks like a malamute dog they used to have)

50 rows in the quilt, with 33 squares in each, for 1650 total squares.  2" finished squares were used to make the quilt.

Over 110 different fabrics used in the quilt in various shades of black, grey and creams.  Fabrics were from scraps, FQ's in my stash, and long-third yardage that I bought to get enough different fabrics for the quilt.

Finished size - 66" wide by 100" long

Quilt will be sold once finished.


1. House closes tomorrow!

2. Lots of progress made on packing, and the first load to go to the house is in the back of the car

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May 2018 Block of the Month - Sherry the Bear

This month's block of the month is Sherry.  She was not able to go to the quilt retreat with her friends, and is out walking her puppy to have some fun.

Click here to download the Pattern for Sherry the Bear.



1. Only a few more days till the house closes!

2. Packing is progressing.

Monday, May 14, 2018

ScrapHappy May

 Several weeks ago I had made these three appliqued, string blocks.  The are 10" finished blocks and eventually will end up in a donation quilt.  The flowers were cut using a pair of inexpensive, plastic cookie cutters as a template - gotta love the dollar store for things like that.  =)
However, three blocks wasn't enough for a quilt and I still had a large pile of strips (from a few inches long to WOF), and strings.  I sewed those up into larger chunks that were at least 11" long.  And then sliced them into sections that ranged from 2 inches to 4 inches in width.   Then sewed them together into blocks that are roughly 11" to 13" in size.   These will be trimmed down to the 10" finished that the first three are once I get the appliqued flowers added to them.

I'm still deciding whether to just make the same flowers and perhaps vary the size of them or to add some different flower shapes to these blocks for more interest to the final quilt. 

Still to be decided is what to do for sashing once I have these blocks completed.   Tossing around perhaps a scrappy brown or a green sashing.


1. Lots of scraps to play with.

2. Closing on the 21st.....woohoo