"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Calico Zoo.....Delayed

A designer let me know that the lion block was similar to a quilt design she had published, so I will not be releasing it in the BOM this year.   As a result, it's back to the drawing board for me to design another block to release as the first block in the series.  Not sure of the timing on that since I'm also prepping to move before the end of July (have to find a place to live first).

1.  There are lots of animals that I can choose from for my BOM

2.  The place I rent is on "high" ground with all this rain we've had here in the last week.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Weekend Progress

Lots of progress over the weekend on the two current 'big' projects.

First up with finishing the top and signature back for this wall hanging in time for the baby shower on Saturday.  I wasn't able to be there for the but I was told that the parents-to-be and everyone else loved it.  Now just need to get it finished up. 

But first I have to finish my project that is being published by  QuiltMaker magazine.  These are the pp'd sections in the project.   And the last picture I can show until the magazine comes out sometime this spring.   Fabrics are from one of Hoffman's new Christmas lines and are totally yummy.   I've now got the top for the project finished and it is basted.   Quilting will commence this evening.
I also found a couple of fabrics that are possible choices for my next morning sewing project.  These pics show some of the scraps with potential background fabrics.  I'm leaning towards the top one........what do you think?

1. The rain has stopped for the present time.

2. A house possibility has come on the market.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Signature Wallhanging

Almost done with this signature wallhanging that is needed for a baby shower Saturday afternoon.

The lion is the same pattern as the first block for my BOM in 2018.   The block will be released on March 1st.    I will be writing up a pattern for the wallhanging and releasing it at the same time.   It is one that may be used with any of this years BOM.

Still to be added to the front is a small border, most likely in gray with binding in one of the blues used for the lettering.

The back is where people will be signing.  For that I plan to cut a square of one of the coordinates that I have for this, and then border it in the same grey as the front.  I'll then iron to freezer paper to make the signatures easier.   Once the shower is done then I'll finish the wallhanging.


1. Much warmer temps today before the much colder weather tomorrow.

2. For the extended family that I'll be seeing at a memorial service on Saturday.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Scrap Happy Fifteenth

It's not like I don't have enough scraps of my own, but I also can't resist buying them especially when there are enough of them to do something with them.

Since last month these blocks have been finished, and i'm trying to remember what I had planned for the remaining blocks needed for the quilt.   They are drawn out on the papers I'm using for piecing but for the life of me I don't remember the layout....lol.   Gonna have to do some sketching so I can remember.   Hoping to have these into a quilt top by next month.

Next up are these flannel scraps.  My local quilt store had a big handful of green and red flannel scraps.   I cut 5" squares first of the greens and then pieced more 5" blocks to use up all of the scraps possible.    And they coordinate wonderfully with this 1 yd piece of flannel that was in the stash.   By next month these should be into a quilt top.

And finally I also found all of these pieces in the same scrap barrel.   the are from charm squares and from the variety of prints, I suspect at least a couple of different fabric lines.   I'm planning on sewing them to a solid or tone-on-tone of some sort and then trimming to either 4.5" or 5" blocks. 

I'm not sure what color tho would work best with them, maybe a brown?  Any ideas of color?

1. the replacement fridge that I had to buy unexpectedly was delivered the same day that I bought it.

2. Payday came early this week!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Calico Zoo - 2018 Block of the Month - Fabric Requirements

The 2018 Block of the Month, Calico Zoo, will be starting on March 1st.  One block will be posted each month from March 2018 through Feb. 2019.    The blocks will be free the first month that they are posted, and then once the next block has been posted will be offered for sale for $2 each.

The fabric requirements (amounts are generous) for the BOM are listed below, with pictures of the fabrics that I'll be using in my blocks.

The patterns this time will have instructions for both a traditional fusible or hand applique block and for a block with 3D elements in it.

Block Backgrounds - 

12 squares of assorted greens and blues that are roughly 11"-14" or so in size.  These will be trimmed to a finished size of 9" after the applique is added, so you have some leeway in what size you start with.

There will be one or maybe two blocks that have some blue in the backgrounds.   These are what I've pulled for them.

 Block Border - 

Used to represent a "cage", you'll need 1 yard.  The wood/bark print at the bottom of this pic is what I'm using for this.

Sashing -

Used to represent the walking trails and paths between the "cages", you'll need 1 yard.   The middle fabric (grey print) is what I'll be using for this.

Cornerstones -

Used to represent " trees and grassy areas, and the final border of the quilt - you'll need 1 yard.  The green at the top of the picture is what I plan to use for this.

Binding -
1/2 yard

Backing - 
3 yards

If you would like to add a blog button to your blog for this BOM, you can use the one below.

And then you can link it back to this page.

I do hope you'll consider making the quilt as we go along this year!

1. Payday finally arrived!

2. One final month of dental coverage as I go in for a reworked bridge this month

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Morning project

My before work sewing this at this point is working on the next purse that I'm making to sell.  I'm currently in the process of quilting the fabric piece for the outside of what will be another cross-body purse.

The outer 'fabric' is pieced from silk strings that I had left over after cutting silk drapery samples up for swatch sets years ago.   The strings range in size from 1" to about 1.5" after stitching.

I'm using this oriental print for the lining of the purse body.   And am quilting it from the back so that I can follow the pattern and give extra dimension to the front.   Two more rows to quilt on it and the quilting will be finished on the outer body.

I'm also working on a pocket for the inside of the purse.  I still need to pull lining fabric for it and then do some minor quilting on it to hold the layers together. 

The binding around the edges at the top of the purse and flap, and the strap will be from a linen/rayon upholstery fabric that has a metallic gold print on it. 

I have more silk scraps and swatches that I'm planning to use to piece more purses with.   And because I'm really liking how the quilting is turning out on this one, I'm planning to go through my stash to look for lining fabrics that I can use in a similar manner to this.   And will have to think about it as well for even quilting regular quilts.....and yes I know I wouldn't be the first to do so, but this is the first that I've done it!

1. For money in savings when payday will come some day but is running a week+ late and bills are due.

2. For staying relatively healthy in this warm-cold-warm-cold North TX weather.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Modern Mini Quilt Swap Recieved

I received my Modern Mini Quilt from the swap that the Modern Quilt Guild hosted this year and absolutely love what I received.

I totally love it and my partner did a great job of making something that I love.  =)


1. For a great swap experience

2. For having some money in savings

Small Finishes

Had to stop and clean the sewing room this weekend before it drove me nuts.   But in doing so I unearthed a couple of small UFO's that I've now finished off.

First up was putting the binding onto this potholder made from a UFO block that I don't even remember where or when I got it.   

Second UFO finished up is this hanging kitchen towel.  The solid green is a waffle-weave fabric that I'd found as a remnant at Joann's and is the weight of ready made kitchen towels.  The top and strap of the towel were made from a UFO piece of 30's prints and WOW squares.   And nope, I don't remember what the rest of them were used on....  The top is 6" finished wide.  The button is one of the oodles I'd bought 6 or so months ago when Joann's did a major clearance of buttons.

Both of these will go in my gift stash.

I've got more of the green waffle-weave fabric, probably enough for 3 more towels, but need to either pull more UFO's for the tops or need to piece something for them. 

And finally, I was at Ross Dress-For-Less over the weekend and saw this hand towel that I loved.   It will be my spring kitchen towel.   Something I really need to remember with the stresses of all that is going on at work presently and the house hunt on top of that.


1. Praying friends

2. Supportive family

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Baby Gift Finished

A young couple at church are expecting their first child in March, and this is the first part of what I'm making for them.

I appliqued zoo animals onto assorted washcloths and then added the extra wide bias binding around the neck openings that I had cut out for the ties.    The one on the left was an embellished fingertip towel that I'd picked up at some point to make a bib from.

Next up is the wallhanging for the couple....top and back need to be done for the shower.   Attendees will be signing the back so I don't have it totally finished....Yeah!   Also to be worked on is the design that is being published....have 3 weeks to get that one finished off completely and two wks on the wallhanging.

1. Knuckle is healing where it argued (and lost!) with a pair of scissors as I was cutting the neck openings on the bibs

2. For a beautiful weekend