"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Sunday, August 23, 2020

To-Do List, August 23rd

Been busy working too many hours lately

Completions for the last few weeks -
  1. Ship snail quilt out for quilting - Done
  2. June, July, Aug, & Sept F2F blocks - Completed and ready to mail
  3. Complete 3 jumbo (36" square) placemats - finished and mailed off
  4. Finish custom bowl cozies - completed and delivered
  5. Mask orders - lots of masks completed and delivered over the last couple of month
  6. Commercial Quilt repair for KA - Completed and delivered
  7. Owl lap Quilt - top is complete
  8. Mystery Quilt - Blocks 2 & 3 completed
  9. Fabric Listing - FQ set's and Jelly rolls listed and are selling
  10. Scrub Caps - completed custom order for 4 caps and delivered.
  11. Kitchen Wall-hanging - Finished up 2019 RxR kit for kitchen wall-hanging

Goals for the next week or two -
  1. Mystery Quilt - Make one block
  2. make one or two of the setting blocks for the mystery quilt and write up pattern for it
  3. stay up to-date on the mask orders
  4. Get purse made for CN for grad present
  5. Sort out more fabrics to list for sale

Commission To-do's for rest of August-
  1. Quilt and bind Owl lap quilt for TK
  2. Complete final month for the F2F swap
  3. Make the 5 commissioned Dream pillows
  4. Start cutting fabrics for commissioned Queen-sized quilt

Current For Sale projects & Commissions-
  1. Pincushions for sale - make and list
  2. Repair blanket/quilt for KA - commercial quilt received, plan of reworking it decided on, no due date
  3. Owl Quilt for TK, 50" by 70" - Owl fabric has been ordered
  4. Scrappy Tan/Blue quilt for KM
  5. Memory quilt for MF
  6. T-shirt quilt for TA from her Dad's t-shirts
  7. Memory bears for TA from dad's shirts
  8. T-Shirt quilt for CA from his shirts
  9. T-shirt quilt for CA from her shirts

2020 gifts -
  1. Pillowcase(s) for triangle support pillow for PN - For Christmas
  2. Cat pillowcases for MM
  3. Dog pillowcases for HM
  4. Mini cardinal wall-hanging for SR
  5. Farmers Market wall-hanging for LT

Possible Future Commissions-
  1. T-shirt Quilt for friend in an online group (no due date, waiting for shirts and specs)
  2. T-shirt quilt for a friend at church (no due date, waiting for shirts, specs)
  3. Memory quilt for MR
Possible Commissions/Sales-
  1. Airplane quilt - need to make sample blocks before getting back with friend to see if she's interested
  2. Music Quilt - long time possibility....rumblings about it happening again - Designed, waiting on down payment
  3. Teddy Bear Quilt - This needs to be quilted (either for the original order or sold to someone else)
  4. Quilt tops that are for sale (Wolf + more)
Other projects that need to be done -
  1. Keep up with blocks for this years F2F swap. - All done so far except the final 3 that I need to make.   All are waiting to be mailed once the swap hostess deems it safe to mail them.
  2. List items for sale on Ebay or other fitting site
  3. List fabric "Sets" for sale - In Process
  4. UFO Alphabet quilt #4 - Quilt, bind and finish
  5. Prep t-shirts for my own t-shirt quilt - t-shirts are all together (and have been for several yrs) but need to back with interfacing and get ready for quilting (doing quilt as you go).
  6. Downsize quilting fabric stash - Started, lots more to go thru
  7. Find place to donate clothing fabric - Need to take to Goodwill
  8. Get website set up so that I can sell what I'm making and my quilts - started need to finish
  9. Continue looking for and applying for new, paying jobs
  10. Purse for CN for Graduation - same type as 2 Christmas's ago, 8 by 10 in size

1. For having the sort of stash that has enabled me to make all of the masks that I've sewn

2. For somewhat cooler weather

Thursday, August 20, 2020

July and August F2F blocks

Two more months worth of blocks have been completed and the pics submitted.   Blocks will be mailed out when safe to do so.

First up July:

Monthly colors were blues and golds/yellows, with white background


Augusts Blocks went to Kate.   Her chosen colors were light to medium grays, white and pops of any color except yellow.

1. For the encouragement of friends
2. For the encouragement that the songs I've been listening to during work have given me

Stash Reduction, July 2020

I'm continuing to make progress on using/downsizing the stash.

The month of July saw 

  • 78 masks were delivered, for a total of 9.75 yds
  • one comforter was redone using 8 yds of interfacing and 1 yd of fabric for binding
  • My quilter's trek quilt was completed for a total of about 6 yds of fabric
  • 3 F2F blocks were completed using a total of 1 yd of fabric
Total used in July - 25.75 yds

That brings my total for the year to 108 yds gone from the stash.   

Left to go for this year - 92 yds

1. For the provision that helped on the mortgage, even tho it wasn't what I'd wanted

2. For how i know the Lord will lead as I consider what i'm supposed to do next work-wise

Friday, August 14, 2020

ScrapHappy August 2020

welcome to ScrapHappy for August!.

I've been working on two different scrappy projects this month.   

First up is this block which will be an F2F block for September.   I'm pleased with how my fussy cutting and pp'ing of the striped fabric worked out.   

And seeing how well this worked, makes me want to use one of the stripes in my stash to make a full quilt using this block.

Second scrappy project is this UFO.   I pieced it at least 5 years ago using a cross-stitch piece made 7-10 years before that.     The fabrics used in it were all scraps from my CQ stash.   added the embroidered vine and flowers at the bottom and side of the cross-stitch and then put it up for several, maybe 5 yrs, and ignored it.  

the thought behind the colors used were meant to give an impression of bushes and greenery that the kitten is peeking out of. 

I added the tree this week using a couple of different hand-dyed ribbons and thread from my CQ stash.

Next up will be adding a wisteria branches with the trailing leaves and flowers.

And I finished up my Quilter's Trek quilt for this year as well.   All but three of the blocks in the front of the quilt were from scraps.   The other blocks were made from kits that I had purchased.

Check out what everyone else has done this month:
KateGun, TittiHelĂ©neEvaSue, Lynn, Lynda, 

1. For friends and their encouragement

2, For another year on this earth