"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Commission Progress

Pillows #4 & 5 are now done.  I've got three more t-shirts that I think my customer wants as pillows, but am waiting to hear back from her on them before making them up.

Next up are the stockings to be made from this Wrangler twill shirt.  It's a 3X size or thereabouts.  Only the fronts of the stockings will be made from the shirt.
And this is what I'm left with after cutting out all that I can.  I have a couple of large "chunks" to piece together to form one final piece of fabric big enough for a stocking front.  Where I can I'm going to use the cuff's and button placket to add a bit of embellishment to a couple of the stockings. 


1. For the great sales that I've been able to take advantage of in order to pick up supplies for this project at a good price.

2. For the "warm" weather down here in TX compared to what the midwest is having to deal with this week.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Goals for February

Looking at my list of things that I would like to accomplished this year, there are several, ok more than several....lol, that i would like to accomplish in February.  Of them only is a must do because of when the due date is, to keep track of them I've added highlights in green, the yellows are what I want to get finished up.

Commissions -
  1. Memory t-shirt pillows for KA - first 3 completed Jan 2018, waiting to hear if there are more wanted/needed
  2. Memory Christmas stockings from denim overalls for KA - Have overalls (2 pair) and lining fabric in hand, need to pull backing
  3. Memory Christmas stockings from red/blue twill shirt for KA - Have shirt and lining, need to pull backing fabric
  4. Covers for patio chair cushions for LT - waiting for her to buy the fabric for these

UFO's planning on completing -
  1. Eye Spy (H-Blocks) (For family who lost all in Campfire wildfire)
  2. Eye Spy (Snowball blocks) (For family who lost all in Campfire wildfire)
  3. Old time Baseball quilt (For family who lost all in Campfire wildfire)
  4. Grandmother's Butterflies - Mailed to machine quilter, should have back by end of March or sooner
  5. Teddy Bear, full-sized
  6. Scrappy snail (to be sold)
  7. Scrappy kitten (to be sold)
  8. Scrappy puppies (to be sold)
  9. Wolf (to be sold)
  10. Whale and Anchor baby quilt (to be sold?)
  11. Perhaps pull out a set or two of UFO blocks and put into tops
  12. 2019 Stretching Art Quilt - quilting has started on this, needs to be completed
New starts/ Ongoing projects - 
  1. Quilt top from Susan (For family who lost all in Campfire wildfire)
  2. Mystery fabric project - In Progress
  3. Maze (strings and 3-d bowtie blocks) (planning to submit for possible publication) - In Progress
  4. Snail quilt for me - In Progress, 2 blocks made
  5. Finish up the January F2F blocks for this round of the swap - Finished!!!  Jan 2018
  6. Make Feb F2F blocks for this round of the swap - Fabric pulled
  7. Make the planned curtains using my F2F blocks
  8. Batik string blocks, no plan for them yet - In slow progress
  9. Make setting for Bear Family Album and write up for pattern
  10. 2019 Row-by-Row possible....not sure on this theme, but I do like winning....lol....
  11. Develop better photography skills for use in my quilting
BOM - 
  1. Release Marine Bear - Sample block made
  2. Release Coast Guard Bear - Sample block made
  3. Release Air Force Bear - Sample block made
  4. Release Setting
  5. Decide on next BOM Theme
Quilts to Sell - 

Realistically go through my quilts and think about whether I really want them or have a place to use them and sell the ones that I don't.

Think I'll manage to get through what I want to do for February?

1. For feeling better which means that I'm getting more things done most of the time 

2. For the very PT job that God has opened up, even when the software that I'm using doesn't cooperate with me.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Weekend Progress

I had a meeting on Saturday that took most of my time for the day, but was still able to get a little bit of the weekends to-do list done.   First up was a bit of grocery shopping at Walmart, where I happened to catch these goodies in the clearance carts as I walked in the door.

I don't normally buy fabric there, but the quality was decent and for only a quarter I couldn't resist.   And $5 for a cutting mat was a bargain as well.   If nothing else it will make a great quilty gift at some point.

Next up was starting the big commission that I have at present.  The memory pillows are first up, and the first pillow features a scene from the front of a 3X t-shirt.  14" pillow form used for pillow.
Pillow back made with the bottom edges of the t-shirt front & back.  Grain of fabric turned 90 degrees from front to reduce stretch.    Using the shirts like this not only means I reduce the amount that goes into the trash after cutting, but also means I save time in not having to hem the back sections. 
Pillow made with the back of the first t-shirt.  Back made like above.
Pillow 2 - scene from front of shirt.  back made in the same way as above.

Two more pillows to come from another t-shirt from Alaska.  There will be another pillow with the same panel as the one with the outhouse, and then a different scene from the front of the shirt.

Also worked on this weekend were getting the blocks made (sewn and trimmed to size) for a Mystery QAL that I'm doing with three other friends.  We're starting with the same FQ, and then the mystery comes in how each of us actually use them.  Unveiling is supposed to be sometime in the next couple of weeks I think.....lol.   Not sure, need to check on the date.  I plan to get the top together this week.


1. That I had enough meds to make the weekend since the pharmacy never got the prescriptions last week that they should have.

2. For how almost problem free the new PT work has been, and for the little bit of income that will come from it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

2019 Plans, part 2

I did over all goals a few days ago now.   But  in thinking about specifically what that meant quilt-wise I've written down this list -

UFO's planning on completing -

  1. MQG mini swap - Finished Jan. 2019
  2. Bear Hugs toddler quilt - Finished Jan. 2019
  3. London Tea Towel quilt - Finished Jan. 2019
  4. Eye Spy (H-Blocks) (For family who lost all in Campfire wildfire)
  5. Eye Spy (Snowball blocks) (For family who lost all in Campfire wildfire)
  6. Old time Baseball quilt (For family who lost all in Campfire wildfire)
  7. Grandmother's Butterflies - Mailed to machine quilter
  8. Teddy Bear, full-sized
  9. Scrappy snail (to be sold)
  10. Scrappy kitten (to be sold)
  11. Scrappy puppies (to be sold)
  12. Wolf (to be sold)
  13. Whale and Anchor baby quilt (to be sold?)
  14. Perhaps pull out a set or two of UFO blocks and put into tops
  15. 2019 Stretching Art Quilt
New starts/ Ongoing projects - 
  1. Quilt top from Susan (For family who lost all in Campfire wildfire)
  2. Mystery fabric project - In Progress
  3. Maze (strings and 3-d bowtie blocks) (planning to submit for possible publication) - In Progress
  4. Snail quilt for me - In Progress
  5. Finish up the F2F blocks for this round - January blocks In Progress
  6. Make the planned curtains using my F2F blocks
  7. Batik string blocks, no plan for them yet - In Progress
  8. Make setting for Bear Family Album and write up for pattern
  9. 2019 Row-by-Row possible....not sure on this theme, but I do like winning....lol....
  10. Develop better photography skills for use in my quilting
BOM - 
  1. Release Marine Bear - Sample block made
  2. Release Coast Guard Bear - Sample block made
  3. Release Air Force Bear - Sample block made
  4. Release Setting
  5. Decide on next BOM Theme
Quilts to Sell - 

Realistically go through my quilts and think about whether I really want them or have a place to use them and sell the ones that I don't.

So enough to keep me busy this year, and no, that first list won't come anywhere near finishing all of my UFO's, but it's a start.  =)  And i'm sure that I'll add to it since I can't stop designing ideas.

1. Being able to shop my stash when I need a new project

2. For the knowledge that even when things that are unfair happen, God is still in control of all.

Monday, January 21, 2019

UFO Weekend Part 2 - London Tea Towel Quilt is Done

Finished off 2 UFO's on Monday, one of which I can't post a pic of yet.   But the second one was my London tea towel quilt. 

Most of the fabrics in the pieced and appliqued blocks were from ones that I bought at Spencer & Marks while there in London in 1997.  Red flange is by Hoffman fabrics and the scrappy cream tonal background fabrics in the blocks are assorted ones that I've collected over time.  All applique designs are mine.  All total 29 different fabrics are in the quilt.

 Arrows are an adaptation of the London Roads quilt block, and a silhouette of Queen Elizabeth who i got to see arrive for a special commemorative service at St Paul's Cathedral while I was there.
 London Houses of Parliament, flying geese from London fabric, and a British flag.
 Buckingham Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral, a Pearly Snowflake for those Pearly costumes of London.
 The Underground sign, Buckingham Palace guard, a block that I can't remember what design it was from, and a double decker bus.
 Telephone Booth, Buckingham Palace guard, British flag, and the Admiralty Arch.
Two pieced blocks are the London Square block pattern.  Scenes from Westminster Abbey and the Tower Bridge.

1.  For the long weekend during which I was able to get a lot of quilting done.

2. For the part-time job working here at home that I've been able to start that will bring in a wee bit of money.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Stay at home retreat sewing, day 1 & 2

This is UFO weekend on one of my lists, and I've made it into a stay at home retreat weekend.  Started Friday and I've worked on several projects -

 These 14 string blocks were made on Friday.   I'm now through 4 colors of my batik strings in this slow moving UFO project.

I got the label made for the back of this quilt.   Yes it is big and in an unusual spot, but the backing didn't cooperate with me when I quilted it at Christmas so I had a long pucker to cover up.  =)

 The label went onto this quilt and with that this UFO is officially finished and ready to be listed for sale.

I finished the final Christmas for last year.  A little cross-body purse made for a niece.   All gifts for that family will now go out in the mail early next week - woohoo.  Fabric chosen was in the Vera Bradley general style because that's what she likes.

And the last project worked on was to make one more snail block for my quilt.  Made with orphan block parts from my friend Susan and scraps from my stash.  Block finished at 27" wide and 18" tall. 

Now onto finishing the London TTQ and another UFO!


1. If the worst side effects I'm dealing with are a sense of taste that is off, no appetite and occasional leg pain from the meds then I can deal with it, things could be a whole lot worse.

2. Thankful for no symptoms of how low my counts have been.........also a cause for concern because I don't have warning of what is happening.  Mixed blessing here.

Friday, January 18, 2019

A quilt for me

I've been collecting snail print fabrics for a while now to use in a quilt for myself.    I've a small stack (ok, small for me) of about 25 or so different novelty prints with snails on them that I've been planning to use - the right side of the small tote shown here.

The task now will be to make blocks with these fabrics that will

This is the completed block that will be the first one in the eventual finished quilt.    Finished size of this block is 27" wide by 18" tall.   Made with scraps.


1. I didn't end up in the hospital again......

2. Once showing no signs of how low my platelets truly are.

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Those who know me, know that I like working with what a lot of people throw out - that is scraps.  I like making something from what often is considered worthless, much like what God has done with me.

Well yesterday I received a box of of goodies from a dear friend of mine.  In it were several yummy tone-on-tone FQ's, a piece of yardage (not sure what I'll do with that tho, hmmm maybe the large commission), and oodles of scrap triangles, completed HST's and other completed block segments.

Part of what was in the box were a large stack of completed 3.5" red and blue HST's.  I pulled the HST's and the gold print (was a fat-eighth) along with a muslin remnant that I had and made the final HST's that I needed to make my design.  Two more rows to sew together and this block will be done.

Any guesses as to what this block will be when done?  ;-)

It will eventually end up in a quilt for myself......sometime..........lol.


1.  Wonderfully warm weather today and even warmer tomorrow before cold weather comes back over the weekend.

2. For reaching the total-out-of-pocket for insurance because that means I'll be able to get somethings done that I couldn't afford otherwise.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Scrap Happy January 2019

First scrappy thing done this month was to get the binding onto this scrappy quilt.   It was quilted while I was on vacation over Christmas in Arizona.   Still need to put a label on it but I need to decide what to do for that.  Once the label is on the quilt I'll be listing it for sale.

Last month I made these 9 blocks with my batik strings.
The the 9 original orange blocks I've added 7 yellow blocks and 3 red ones.   Those colors are now gone from the strings.

And I added 6 more orange blocks from additional orange strings that I found while doing some cleaning.  That makes a total of 25 blocks finished so far. 

Still to come blues, pinks, greens and purples.

Check out what the others have done with their scraps this month -
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Joanne, Jon, HayleyDawnGwen and Connie

1. For the new commission that I've received and all the work that it will bring to me.

2. For my counts being up, albeit now too high!

First Commission for 2019

This past Saturday I met up with the gal who had been my realtor when I bought my house for breakfast and to talk about some commissioned work that she wanted me to do for her.  All of which will be from clothing from an uncle of hers that passed away a year ago.

As it turns out I'll be making a number of pillows from some of the t-shirts.   Other items that are looking likely are Christmas stockings (20-30 at this point) and maybe some totes.   And yes, the items of clothing that I have fill this large tote that I had just emptied last week. 

thankfully there is no rush on when things are due because I've got several items that I need to get done this month.  Two of the three I've made progress on, but need all three done before the end of the month...lol.


1. For the paying work.

2. For unexpected holiday this coming Monday at work.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Christmas 2019 Projects

Two of the after Christmas goodies that I bought were these two felt stocking kits.   Normally for kids, I thought they'd make cute "gift wrapping" for little goodies that I'll purchase over the year for a swap that I'm in.

The kits were designed for kids to glue them together but I did a simple straight stitch on them.

First up was Santa.  I substituted buttons for the snowflakes, eyes and nose. 
Then came the snowman.  I didn't like the string of lights at the top so left it off.   Then again substituted teeny buttons for the 1/4" felt circles used for the snowflakes, eyes and buttons on the snowman.

These will now go into my quilting tote where they will be ready for me to put my shoebox together in November of this year.  I'm happy to say that these won't end up in never-never land where all my other kits are.

1. Platelets are up, albeit way too high now.  Time will tell how long they take to settle down.

2. Meeting with a friend (my realtor) tomorrow about the first commission of the year.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2019 Plans and Goals

I've finally laid out at least the basics of what I want/need to get done this year.  Basic categories that I'm using this year are below, along with a few of the things that already have due dates or are started.

To look at what all is on the list, go to the 2019 plans/goals  page on the blog.

Donations / Gifts
Hands 2 Help - Last Years Row by Row quilt - due in the spring
5 Quilts for Campfire Victim Family - 4 kids, 1 adult, Hopefully by Feb.

Publication Possibilities


Memory pillows (~15) - Meeting with customer this weekend

MQG Mini Swap Quilt, due mid-February - Designed, ready to start sewing
F2F blocks - due end of January & end of February -
           Fabric purchased some block designs decided on

Remaining Military Bears
Figure out what to do about posting / hosting patterns and for selling them
Next up?

Challenges/My Quilts
Stretching Art 20th Anniversary, due end of Feb. - Being quilted

Scrappy Quilts

Sort thru and downsize in craft room -
        totes are labeled (generally) - being sorted through and contents downsized now

For Sale
Etsy Listings - Passport Wallets
Ebay Listings


1. For the commissioned work that is starting to come in this year

2. For the knowledge that what I end up owing after the time in the hospital should be doable, altho it will take a while to pay off.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Fabric decisions

First choice I need to make is what fabric to use as binding for my quilted London tea towel quilt.

I have two choices if I don't add an additional fabric to the quilt - I can use the leftover cream tonals shown at the bottom.   This would lead to a binding that will blend with the final border and background of the quilt.

Or I can use the tan print shown at the upper left.   This would place a "stop" at the edge of the quilt.   this fabric was used in some of the blocks in the quilt.

I can't decide which I like better.......any ideas or opinions?

The second fabric decision I'm debating on is which of three fabrics to use as background with these print fabrics.  Finished product will be a mini quilt.   Top one is a light silvery grey Kona, the middle is a cream/white mottled tone-on-tone fabric, and the bottom is a taupe sateen.   Prints are various African Shweshwe fabrics.   I think I'm leaning towards the silvery grey, but no firm decision yet.   Any opinions?


1. Headache tonite isn't as bad as over the weekend.

2. I've got a follow up appt for thursday with my hematologist.  Hoping for good news!

Arizona Shopping, part 2

While in Arizona I shopped some of the Christmas clearance sales at Joann's and Hobby Lobby.  And found some goodies that will make appearances in future projects along with tutorials.  Gotta love it when you can find goodies at 75-90% off of retail.

First up is this gift card tin that looks like a spool of thread.   I've an idea for repurposing is and will post more on that....first I need to find my felt (or buy more...lol) so I can attempt the idea.
Then came these little cross-stitch kits.  Eventually these will end up as gifts for someone.
I'm always looking for things that I can use to embellish quilted postcards.   These are a couple of packages of aluminum ornaments meant to be strung on a twine garland that Joann's was selling this year.  But I think they will be great on a Christmas postcard, or winter postcard.  The ornament on the right will most likely end up on a card as well.
I've used large silk poinsettia flowers before on postcards, but until this winter had not been able to find any small ones.  5 cards of them came home with me this year.   The flowers will need some disassembling from their current state to be usable, but that shouldn't be hard.  I'll find some silver and gold buttons to use for the centers on the flowers.

And I've an idea for the bells on flower stems that I'm looking forward to trying as well.
I found these embellishments at Hobby Lobby.  They too will end up on quilted postcards at some point.
These kits from Joann's were too cute to resist and will be used as "gift wrap" for future Christmas gifts.  The kits have glue in them because they are meant for kids to make, but I'll do a quick stitch on them to put them together.


1. That while I may be surprised by things that happen with my health and other issues, God is always in control and is never surprised.

2. All the bruises from the hospital stay are starting to fade.....a good thing after feeling like a human pincushion!

Military Bear BOM - Delayed

The next block for the Military Teddy Bear BOM will be delayed until February because of all the hoopla with the Craftsy debacle, my vacation in December and an unexpected trip to the hospital last week for me.

Thanks in advance for everyone's patience!


Sunday, January 6, 2019

Arizona Shopping, Part 1

While on Vacation in Arizona I did a wee bit of shopping.

I found this etched glass bowl at a second hand store that I'm considering turning into a pincushion.

These two layer cakes by Michael Miller fabrics were found at a great price at Tuesday Morning.  

 These are both Michael Miller fabrics that I found on the bolt at one of my fav fabric stores in the Phoenix area.  And I got them for the great price of $3.99/yd.   These will be used for the next time I need a backing for a MM contest.

These lovely little scissors were found at the same store as the Michael Miller yardage.  Most will end up as gifts somewhere along the way.

Two pieces of quilting cottons, one that will end up in a little purse or a passport wallet.   And the other is a lovely neutral.

And two batiks, one for my stash, one piece for a gift.


1. For safe travels on my vacation.

2. For the swift treatment of my platelets this week, including the night in the hospital.