"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Friday, December 30, 2022

Prairie Points Block - A Tutorial

I've been asked several times about how I made the Prairie Points blocks that I have in progress.   So here is a quick tutorial for the block.   I'm still thinking about final layout for this quilt, so that will come later.

MATERIALS -- needed are given below in terms of what is needed for one block.

Background --
One 2.5" by width-of-fabric strip for each block, I used black on white fabrics for this, with one fabric per block,  (Note: there are occasional fabrics with pops of color, what can I say I don't like to follow the rules, even if they are mine....LOL.)

Prairie Points -
The first blocks were made to use some of the leftover bits of binding that I had left over, but scraps strips can be used as well.   I am using strip ranging from about 2.75" to 3.5" in width.  You will need about 4" in length for each prairie point wanted in your block, so anywhere from 12" to 20" in length per block depending on how many points you want. 

For each block you will need to cut 4 strips of background fabric that are 2.5" by 8.5" in size.   They can be all the same fabric, or all different, whatever you prefer.

And you'll need to cut enough 4" long strips for the number of points that you want - I've been doing 3, 4 or 5 per block.


First off, I'll say this is not the 'traditional' way to make prairie points.   This method uses strips instead squares for the point.

Take your strip (in your desired width) and press in half if not using binding.   Start by folding down one half of the strip so that the folded edge is in the center as shown in the picture.  Pin in place.
Fold the second side down, folded edges meeting in the center.   Pin in place.  Then Stitch an 1/8th inch in from the cut edge of the folded point.
Press your points flat and trim the extra length off even with the raw edge of the strip.  Your prairie point should look like the picture.
"Back" side of your finished prairie point.  
Sew your prairie points to one edge of Three of the strips.  Play with how you arrange them.   This is very much random for me and partially depends on how many points I'm putting in a block.  The solid side of the prairie point should be facing up from the background fabric.
Sew the 4 strips together with the prairie points facing in the same direction.  Press the block flat.  
Some finished blocks - 

And more finished blocks:

1. For a job that I am loving, and a great boss who is willing to work his employees to help them get what they need.

2. For finally being over bronchitis, and for a new allergy med that seems to be helping open up my sinuses and ears.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Cross-Stitch Finishes - November 2022


More cross-stitch pieces have finally been made into finished items.   In this case, 5 mini pieces that I stitched years ago are now finished off as Christmas ornaments.   These will be given to friends as gifts this year.
This little cutie was stitched and finished off as an ornament for a friend.   I forgot to take a pic of the finished ornament.
This piece will eventually be finished into a mini wall-hanging for myself.

Standings on my cross-stitch - 
Started the month with 116 cross-stitch kits of various sizes and 13 Booklets with pieces I want to stitch

Finished stitching two of them..........and then bought 2 more.

So I remain at the 116 kits to stitch up.


1.  For the bad case of bronchitis I've been fighting almost being gone

2. For the beautiful Bernina sewing/embroidery machine that a quilt friend gave me 10 days ago when I was in TX for a very short weekend.

Scrap-Happy December 2022

 How can it already be December, it just doesn't seem possible that the year has flown by so fast.   Here are the scrappy things I worked on this past month.

4 plaid cozies were made from shorter pieces of plaid homespun fabrics I'd had forever and a day.

My bag was finished.   Turned out bigger than I thought, so i'm not sure I'll use it as a purse.    All fabrics in the bag were remnants and scraps.  The fleece used for the padding were the only things bought.

Inside of the bag, also made with scraps.

Circle block #3 - center was made from a scrap that I'd held onto for years because I couldn't figure out what to do with it.  Background was leftover after cutting strips for a different block on this one and the next.

Circle block #4 - center also another scrap I'd had for years.

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1. For a department director at work that is understanding and works with the employees to deal with illness and family troubles

2. For my 90-yr old dad being out of the hospital and on his way to full recovery.

Monday, November 14, 2022

ScrapHappy - November 2022

 This month has primarily been focused on finishing up custom orders, but did get some scrappy work in and even managed to work on a project for me.

One more circle block was completed.
One stuffed elephant toy was finished for a belated baby gift.  Fabric used was from a prior project.
A fleece snuffle mat for hiding doggie treats was finished for a customer.   All of the fleece and the denim used for the base were from remnants.

Both exterior panels of a new purse for myself after assembly 

Better look at how I pieced the outside panels for the purse.  Fabrics for the most part were purchased as remnants and are by Benartex.

Inside lining and pockets of purse were completed.
Interior lining panels were all from scraps.

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1. New job at the University is going well.

2. Finally feeling better after fighting a sinus infection

Friday, October 14, 2022

Scrap-Happy October 2022

 Returning to work at the contract job I've been working for 4 wks now, while a good thing for the checkbook and budget, sure did cut back into my sewing time.   No finished projects this month, but I did get some blocks made.

Happened to see a tutorial on Instagram about how to easily piece a circle with in a block.   Yes, I said piece, and yes, that is something I once upon a time said I'd never do.  

Well I had to try the technique and while a little time-consuming, it was easy and worked great.   

If you want to check it out, here is the link to the video -
Pieced Circle Tutorial
Got 7 more of the prairie point blocks made (bottom 7 in the picture).   

I'm currently pondering either a 5 by 7 layout or a 6 by 8 layout for a finished large lap quilt.   To do those I'll either need 18 or 23 more blocks to get it up to size.    I'm leaning towards the  6 by 8 layout.


1. For being offered (and accepting!) a new, permanent job here in the Phx area.

2. For all of the support and prayers that I've been gifted over the last 3+ years from friends and family as I worked through not being paid for work and unemployment.

Cross-Stitch Finishes - September and October 2022

 I've been working on several of the umpteen cross-stitch kits that I have around here.   And have managed to finish up quite a few over the last month.  

The Love is  will become a table mat/mini wallhanging, Santa will become an ornament, the rest will end up in some of my quilted postcards at some point.

1. I was able to get things taken care of for the background check today.

2. The weather has finally started cooling off here in AZ.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Scrap-Happy September 2022

Had to think this month about whether I'd actually done some scrappy work amid all of the commissioned work that I've been doing these days.   And the answer was yes, for which I was thankful.

First up were 20 or so string pieced scrappy blocks that were trimmed to 6.5" in size.   These used all of my little scraps and the various strings that had been collected over the years.
The rest of the scraps of WOW's and Cream tonals were cut up into 2.5" and 3.5" squares ready for my next scrappy project.
Finally was this scrappy quilt made with 6.5" and 4.5" cut squares of assorted puppy fabrics.   The yellow used to bring the 4.5" squares up to the 6.5" size ended up scraps from a commissioned quilt where the customer had not sent enough fabric to make the blocks (she was 1 2.5" strip short...sigh) and I had to buy a replacement fabric because I couldn't match the dye lot.    This will either be sold or donated at some point.

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1. It looks like I've got a job (contract position) after over 2 months of unemployment, just waiting on final details to work out.  Along with waiting to see what happens with several permanent job openings that I've been submitted for.

2. For all the assorted commissioned work that continues to come in this year.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Scrap-Happy August 2022

 Lots of working on scrappy stuff this month.

First up were 10 of the prairie point blocks I'm making using leftover bits of binding and B/W fabrics.

Finished off (quilting and binding) the 5 memory quilts for my friends.   These will be delivered this week.

String quilt.....blocks were made with green strings.   Flowers were scraps of prefused fabric, border, sashings and backing (pieced) were all from scraps.   This quilt has already been sold.

To cover an oops in the 'green fabric' I'd made for the blocks, I added 4 butterflies cut from a scrap leftover from the hordes of masks that I'd made in 2020.  
Another of the additional butterflies I added to the quilt.
This top was a UFO made a while ago.   Center is a large hand-dyed piece just over a FQ in size.   borders are some of the batik, Moda Marble and other similar looking strings sewn into about 6" widths.   Will put this one up for sale.

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1: For the interviews that have started to trickle in, even the ones that are just strange and very obviously won't be going anywhere.

2. For the steady commissioned work that is coming is during this time of unemployment, including being able to sell some of my UFO's.