"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunshine Quilts In Action

For yrs now I've been making quilts for Sunshine quilts (tops that have been quilted by others) and have enjoyed every bit of it. For the first time, I have links that i can share that show some of the quilts (including one of mine!) in action, and some background about what is done. Currently the quilts that the members of Sunshine make are given to two different groups - Wrap Them In Love and Wrap A Smile.

The mission of Wrap A Smile is to do free surgeries for kids and some adults who have cleft lips and/or cleft palate. The quilts that are made and sent are used to cover those that are selected for surgery. The current mission, going on now, is to Peru. If you click here, and then scroll down in the blog post to the video labeled "Bev's Quilts", the next to last quilt shown "in action" is one that I made and another member of the group quilted for me. =) To read more about what happens on one of their missions, click here and then scroll back to read the posts for this trip.

1. For the skills for and love of quilting that God has given me.
2. For the plumbing here in the apartment being fixed!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Orphan Blocks

I went through all of the sets of blocks that I've got today, and the tops that need quilting to make sure that everything was listed on this yrs spreadsheet (and no it wasn't....). And found these two orphan blocks. They are made with hand-dyed fabrics and were made with pp'd patterns that were in the Foundation Piecer Magazine yrs ago. Now I've sold all of the issues that I had owned, and have no desire to make any more of these blocks.............but my problem is what do I do with the blocks. Finished size of them is 6". Anyone have any ideas for me?

Have also been getting all the fabric that has been scattered across this apartment corralled in the stash room, and in the right boxes or totes. Things are looking much better around here and that makes me happier. Still to be done is to go through the lg tote of fabric I'd pulled together for projects back when everything went into storage so that I know what is there, and what needs to be recorded on my quilting spreadsheet so I can keep track of it. Am making progress with getting things done this year and that feels good. Next sewing project tho is to get the commissioned fleece hoods made and sent off.

1. Leaking pipes in basement are fixed!
2. Am current on homework....lol.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Projects in Progress

Have enjoyed the long weekend. =) Started working on getting my fabric and stash room under control. Something that was drastically needed after having the stash in storage for over a yr, buying more fabric, and having it scattered across this apt in piles and totes everywhere. For those that don't know, I normally have it sorted into boxes and totes by color and/or type of fabric. This has not been the case over the last 18 months as i keep finding boxes and totes of "Assorted Fabs" - ugh. So I've got everything pulled out and piles of colors and types sorted out ready to go back into the proper boxes.

Have been sorting out things to sell as I go through them as well. First pile to be sorted out was a large bunch of FQ's that I'm tired of moving around between various totes. I've finally admitted that I'll probably never use these so I'm going to list them for sale and hopefully get rid of them. Need to go through my quilt books as well and see what I can get rid of there.

The only problem with doing things like this is that I'm easily distracted and get caught up in new projects.....lol. One of the "mini-stashes" that I found were large pieces leftover from various quilt backs. I took three of them and made the baby quilt shown to the right. Had the perfect amount of the teddy bear fabric to cut 16 rectangles that were 7.5" wide by 9.5" tall, with nothing useable leftover. Fabrics used for framing were also leftovers. There is enough left of the tan to use for background in something else. Remaining red will be used for the binding. Blocks ended up at 9.5" wide by 11.5" unfinished. I still need to pull fabric for a border, but am not sure about what color I want to use for that. Need to take the quilt with me when I go upstairs to work on stash organization and see what looks good with it. When finished it will be a gift for the daughter of a very good friend who is pregnant with child #1. Will wait to send it until she has a baby shower later in the year.

Also in the works is a quilt for American Heros made from orphan blocks. Some were mine, many in it came from my friends Nancy, Susan, Jane, and Jodi. The pic to the left shows the two fabrics that I was considering, but I don't like either one, so it's back to the 'drawing board' for fabric. Need to head upstairs and see what I've got in the boxes of blue fabrics to see what will work.

Next up to finish off are a stack of quilted postcards that I am going to use as thankyou's for various things. And a pair of commissioned fleece hoods that I've been paid for and need to get made....gotta find the pattern tho first! lol. After that I need to put together the gifts I'm making my dad and mom for their BD's....stitching is all done....woohoo. Have due dates for both of those so need to get busy on them. After that it's onto BD gifts for later this spring. =)

1. Warmer weather yesterday.
2. School holidays! lol

Saturday, January 15, 2011

2011 Goals

I know i'm running "late" in posting this but I've done a lot of thinking about what some of my goals for this year are going to be. One obviously will be to do well in all of my classes in school throughout this entire year. That is one that will prove to be challenging the further I go in the Woodrow Wilson Teaching fellowship / STEM program. It is one though that I'm looking forward to.

I've thought too about whether to post them or not here on my blog, and decided that I'm going to as that will give me a bit more accountability, if nothing else to myself. The rest of the goals can be broken down into 3 main areas as follows:

Life in general -
1. Continue to keep up as best I can with the Bible Reading schedule that my church, CBC, in Phoenix is doing this year.
2. Get my quilt frame and machine set up.
3. Get this apt straightened up.
4. Find somewhere to sell the antique thread chest that I own.
5. Set up spare bedroom.
6. Set up page on blog and website to sell my quilts and quilt kits.
7. List completed Hoods, fabrics, books, etc. for sale where appropriate.

Quilting -
1. Design and submit a block for publication in QuiltMaker's 100 Block Fall 2011 issue - actually do this and not just talk about it.
2. Work up a Quilt Design to be submitted hopefully for publication - actually do this instead of just talking about how I want to do it!
3. Continue designing and making the batik beauty blocks.
4. Design setting for the basket blocks from the batik beauty blocks. Make pattern for publication?
5. Make American Hero Quilts.
6. Make Sunshine Quilts.
7. Start working on a book wit my quilt settings in it using the Orphan blocks I have.
8. Stay up-to-date on the Block Robin that I'm hosting.
9. Complete my Stretching Art 2011 Challenge quilt.
10. Make final CQ blocks (unembellished) for Pink & Yellow Kitty Quilt.
11. Finish wallhanging started in Karen Stone workshop in April 2010 - finish 1st block, make remaining 3 blocks and finish.
12. Make lap quilt for wedding present for Sarah P.
13. Make baby quilt for Krissy R.
14. Put together hugs quilt for TF.
15. Get P's mom's quilt quilted and back to her.
16. Stay current with the heart block swap I signed up for.
17. Work on Susan's stitchery BOM.

Cross-Stitch and General Sewing -
1. Design a quilt setting for the cross-stitch mushrooms done on linen
2. Finish mom's BD Present - due in May
3. Finish dad's BD present - due in Feb
4. Finish mushroom cross-stitch on linen that is in progress.
5. Finish hummingbird for K.
6. Make fleece hoods for RM
7. Finish P's crocheted kitchen towels
8. Finish D's belated Christmas Present.

Seems like a lot, but I've found that I work well under pressure.....lol. And there are several things that I really want done because I'm tired of just talking about them and not actually working to make them a reality. I keep track of all that I need to do, am working on and have completed in a spreadsheet, but I'm also going to put the list in a new page on my blog as a means of keeping track here on my blog as well.

Gratitudes -
1. For the strength that God gives me.
2. For a good start to the second semester of grad school.

Thread Giveaway

One of my quilting buddies, Susan, is hosting a giveaway of some of her hand-dyed embroidery thread. It is wonderful! If you're interested, click the button below to go to her blog and see how to sign up for the giveaway -

1. Warmer weather relatively speaking!
2. God's control over everything that happens in our lives.