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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunshine Quilts In Action

For yrs now I've been making quilts for Sunshine quilts (tops that have been quilted by others) and have enjoyed every bit of it. For the first time, I have links that i can share that show some of the quilts (including one of mine!) in action, and some background about what is done. Currently the quilts that the members of Sunshine make are given to two different groups - Wrap Them In Love and Wrap A Smile.

The mission of Wrap A Smile is to do free surgeries for kids and some adults who have cleft lips and/or cleft palate. The quilts that are made and sent are used to cover those that are selected for surgery. The current mission, going on now, is to Peru. If you click here, and then scroll down in the blog post to the video labeled "Bev's Quilts", the next to last quilt shown "in action" is one that I made and another member of the group quilted for me. =) To read more about what happens on one of their missions, click here and then scroll back to read the posts for this trip.

1. For the skills for and love of quilting that God has given me.
2. For the plumbing here in the apartment being fixed!

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Amy O. said...

I love the idea behind Sunshine Quilts! Thanks for sharing. :)