"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

2018 Goals

This page is meant to serve as a means of me tracking online where I am in working towards my goals for 2017.   There are three different main areas where I've made goals.   As I make progress and complete anything, I'll make notations on this list.

Life in General -

1. Find somewhere to sell several things that I have here and at the moment don't need or can't use - things like the sleeper sofa, washer/dryer, my quilt frame (yes the frame, it's too big to use here and I need to get something smaller).  I do plan on replacing the sofa with a love seat of some sort.  Thanks to my house purchase and move a couple of months ago, I've only got one piece of furniture to figure out how to sell - an antique thread chest.  So I'm considering this one done.  =)
2. Set up page on blog and website (and on Etsy) to sell my quilts and quilt kits - still need to do this..........Still a work in progress.   Although I have been selling passport wallets faster than I can get them made.
3. Stuff put up on Ebay - Always a work in progress, esp. since I have two boxes of stuff that I'd set aside to sell on ebay.  Need to first sort thru them and see if it is realistic to sell them or just need to donate them. - Lots to do this year
4. Get the fabric room organized so i can find what I need, when I need it. - Done for now, probably will be redone in the future.
5. Go through the various boxes that are in the storage room and downsize as appropriate.  Done!!!!  However, will need to go thru the collectables at some point in the future.


My Business -

1. Set up Blog for the business so that people can find me
2. Think about setting up a page somewhere to use for the same purpose
3. Get patterns written up and listed on Craftsy for sale that have been designed.


Designing And Publishing -

1. Make sample May Pole quilt/pattern for submission to a quilt magazine (have the design done, just need to make the quilt!)
2. Design and write the BOM patterns for the applique Teddy Bear 2018 BOM.

1. Finished sample quilt for design being published by QuiltMaker


Quilting -

1. Make myself a quilt for my bed from my stash of snail fabrics.
2. Make a quilt top using my Grandmother's handkerchiefs. - Get finished top quilted and bound so that it can be hung where ever I end up living
3. Make the top for a t-shirt quilt for myself.
4. Put together the Sunshine challenge blocks that I have here.  
5. Make a replacement pillow cover for the one that is falling apart.

Commissioned sewing  -

1. Finish all scrub tops that I currently have fabric for this year - 27 of them total. Still needs to be done so that I can send them all to her!
2. Finish the two cotton house dresses that I have fabric for from the same customer as the scrub tops.
3. Get Val's teddy bear quilt done and to her before the end of March 2017.
Top is done, but no deposit made so quilt has not been quilted.