"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

2019 Goals

This page is meant to serve as a means of me tracking online where I am in working towards my goals for 2019.   There are three different main areas where I've made goals.   As I make progress and complete anything, I'll make notations on this list.

Donations / Gifts
Hands 2 Help - Last Years Row by Row quilt
5 Quilts for Campfire Victim Family - 4 kids, 1 adult
Christmas Gifts - work on the multiple ideas already in my head throughout the year.
Quilted Postcards - work on through out the year.

Publication Possibilities
Quilt - in Progress, need to clean up sketch and submit

London Tea Towel - quilted, ready for binding
Bear Hugs Baby Quilt - quilted, ready for binding
Teddy Bears, Queen Sized - top done, need to quilt and finish
Butterfly Hanky Quilt - Top done, need to quilt and finish

Outdoor chair pad covers
Memory pillows (~15) - Meeting with customer
Memory baby quilts (3) - Possible

MQG Mini Swap Quilt, due mid-February - Designed, ready to start sewing
F2F blocks - due end of January & end of February -
           Fabric purchased some block designs decided on

Remaining Military Bears
Figure out what to do about posting / hosting patterns and for selling them
Next up?

Challenges/My Quilts
Stretching Art 20th Anniversary, due end of Feb. - Being quilted

Scrappy Quilts
Batik Strings -
       strings sorted by colors, blocks have been started, no final quilt design in mind at present
Scrappy Triangles

Sort thru and downsize in craft room -
        totes are labeled (generally) but need to be sorted through and contents downsized
Get fabric room gone thru, downsized and arranged

For Sale
Etsy Listings - Passport Wallets
Ebay Listings