"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

2017 Goals

This page is meant to serve as a means of me tracking online where I am in working towards my goals for 2017.   There are three different main areas where I've made goals.   As I make progress and complete anything, I'll make notations on this list.

Life in General -

1. Find somewhere to sell several things that I have here and at the moment don't need or can't use - things like the sleeper sofa, washer/dryer, my quilt frame (yes the frame, it's too big to use here and I need to get something smaller).  I do plan on replacing the sofa with a love seat of some sort.
2. Set up page on blog and website (and on Etsy) to sell my quilts and quilt kits - still need to do this..........This is in process (early even - see new page on my blog!) as I write this, keeping everything updated will be an ongoing process through out the year.
3. Stuff put up on Ebay - Always a work in progress, esp. since I have two boxes of stuff that I'd set aside to sell on ebay.  Need to first sort thru them and see if it is realistic to sell them or just need to donate them. - 7/5 - Making progress here.  First round of stuff was listed and half of it sold.  Audio CDs that did not sell will be taken to the used bookstore and sold to them.  Pictures of clothing that needs to be sold (vs just being donated) have been taken and now need to be listed on eBay.  More stuff to be listed and sold yet to come.
4. Get the fabric room organized so i can find what I need, when I need it. - 6/15 - well the room was arranged, but it really needs to be organized because I can't find what I need.
5. Go through the various boxes that are in the storage room and downsize as appropriate.

5. Sort through and downsize the clothing fabric stash.  At this point I'm planning on keeping the materials for pants, knit tops, fabrics for gifts for others and the fabrics I have for totes and purses.  Out will be going the fabrics for button down tops (I don't wear that type anymore!), the embroidered linens (why did I even buy them in the first place?), and i'm sure lots of other stuff.  Plan is to sell what I sort out, but may end up donating some of it.
5/2 - DONE!  340 yds gone over the Easter weekend, and a couple more to a friend along with several different pieces of laces that I'd never used after buying them. 


My Business -

3. Set up Blog for the business so that people can find me
4. Think about setting up a Facebook page to use for the same purpose

1. Decide on business name - 3/31 - Name has been decided on.
2. Order business cards - DONE!   And I've got them in hand...woohoo
5. Set up a Craftsy account so that I can start selling my pattern and block designs - 3/31 - Done and patterns are going up for sale in Craftsy


Designing And Publishing -

2. Make sample May Pole quilt/pattern for submission to a quilt magazine (have the design done, just need to make the quilt!)
3. Design and write the BOM patterns for the applique Teddy Bear BOM that I'll be putting up on my blog.
5/2 - All 12 blocks have been designed and I have 7 of the patterns written.

1. Submit a new block design for QuiltMaker's 100 Block design magazine Vol. 15 DONE! Design was accepted!   Will be published in early May.
4. Submit a new block design for QuiltMaker's 100 Block design magazine Vol. 16 DONE!  Sample Block made and sent off to QuiltMaker.  Have not heard back on status as of 7/5.
5. Submit a new block design for QuiltMaker's 100 Block design magazine Vol. 17 DONE! pattern has been submitted to QuiltMaker. Have not heard back on status as of 7/5.

Quilting -

1. Make myself a quilt for my bed from my stash of snail fabrics.
2. Make a quilt top using my Grandmother's handkerchiefs. - 5/2 - hankies have been chosen, trying to get tension issues worked out on new machine so I can use it for stitching the blocks.
3. Make the top for a t-shirt quilt for myself.
5. Put together the Sunshine challenge blocks that I have here.  5/2 - 2 out of three tops have been completed.  One more set of blocks to go and all of the old sunshine blocks will be in tops.
6. Make a replacement pillow cover for the one that is falling apart.

4. Put the blocks I received in the 2016-17 F2F swap together into two quilt tops for American Heros. 3/31 - both tops have been completed.
7. Finish the last 2 months of the F2F swap w/o a problem.  3/31 - swap has been completed!
8. Make a dent in the UFO's.  2/3 - 11 UFO quilt tops boxed up for Sunshine and American Hero Quilts and shipped out. ****************************

Commissioned sewing  -

1. Finish all scrub tops that I currently have fabric for this year - 27 of them total. 2/10 - still haven't started on these
2. Finish the two cotton house dresses that I have fabric for from the same customer as the scrub tops.
3. Get Val's teddy bear quilt done and to her before the end of March 2017.
1/25 - First two bear blocks are designed and fabric pulled for the first one.
4. Continue to complete commissioned quilts as orders for them come in. 2/10 - block designed for next commissioned quilt.  Need to make a sample to see if it is what she wants

My Health -
1. Find a doc who's willing to think outside of the box since I've never done anything like everyone else all my life.
2. Continue to work on my diet to take out all of the junk food, sugar, and other foods as necessary to get rid of the inflammation in my system. - Sodas and white bread/tortillas are now out of the house.   
3. Lose weight - not putting a number here.   It is sufficient to say that i'm at my heaviest and there's a lot to lose thanks to 9 months of prednisone and other issues. - 6/12 - Have started the Trim Healthy Mama plan and while not doing 100% of it (I can't stand the taste of alternative sweeteners even if they are natural!), it really is a lifestyle that I can live with and keep in my life.  And better yet, it basically is just a matter of eating healthy foods in a couple of different meal types.