"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Saturday, January 14, 2023

ScrapHappy - January 2023


This month lots of prep work was happening with scraps for the most part.

First up was taking a lot of strips and short bits of leftover binding and making prairie points for more blocks.
Next up was cutting up my black on white fabs into the backgrounds for the two sets of blocks I have in progress.
Then it was time to prep the remainder of the prints I need for the circles in the circle quilt.  More brights and novelty prints have been found as I've been going through fabrics in the stash to downsize.   They'll show up at a later time.

Last in the prepping realm was taking three pieces of leftover cotton batting (yes, with cotton scrim) and cutting 9.5" squares for bowl cozies out of it.

Thanks to having the strips and prairie points prepped I was able to get another 16 of these blocks completed.   That makes a total of 33 blocks made so far.   I'm doing a 7 by 9 block setting so I need 63 total, leaving me with another 30 blocks still to be made for the quilt.

Check out what everyone else has done this month - 

1. For the job at ASU, it truly has been and continues to be a blessing to work somewhere that is willing to work with me as I need time to help do things for my dad during work hours.

2. For the many good friends that are in my life, those here in town and those that are scattered around the world.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

2023 - Status of the Cross-Stitch Stash and first finishes for the year

 After working through to make sure that I have everything listed in my quilting/cross-stitch spreadsheet for this year here has given me the following stats for what I've got on hand:

  • 187 assorted kits
    • 35 are beaded ornaments
    • 152 cross-stitch or embroidery kits
  • 129 assorted UFO's
    • 28 are beaded ornaments
    • 101 are cross-stitch or embroidery pieces, finished sizes range from about 3" square to 11" by 14" or larger

I've already started working on finishing up some of the cross-stitch UFO's that have been stitched for years (at least 10+ years ago!). So far this year I've finished up a 18 beaded ornaments that I had stitched at least 10 years ago and never finished.  Most are for Christmas, but some are spring themed.   Still have 7or 8 more to finish up.

Numbers above will change slightly as the three kits I've ordered arrive.   These will be worked up as gifts for Christmas gifts this year. Aiming to make more progress on getting things into finished pieces this year amidst everything else on my plate.


1. For finally having the time to make progress on the cheerleader quilt and for it going well.

2. For the rain over the weekend and today that made pulling weeds this afternoon easier.   Still have more to go tho.

2022 -- Cross-Stitch Wrap-Up

Lots of cross-stitch pieces were done this year, especially compared to the last few years.  This little 3" square hedgehog was finished early in the year.   Still thinking about how I'll use it.
This piece finishes out to about 5" by 7".   Will use it to make a mini wall-hanging for friends who have a pet-sitting business in Texas.
This little 3" square piece was finished mid-year.   Still thinking about how I'll use it.  Might make a little ornament out of it....or?   Anyone have ideas on what I could make from it.
This little 3" square piece was finished mid-year.   Still thinking about how I'll use it.
Old world Santa Ornament done on perforated paper.   Finished off and mounted on green wool felt.
This little 3" square piece was finished mid-year.   Still thinking about how I'll use it.
Saw this kit in a store and couldn't resist it because of the snail.   I'll finish it off as a 
This was a little kit that stitched out at 3" square.   I finished it as a little ornament and gave to a friend for Christmas in 2022.
Finished the stitching off on this piece.   I'm planning on finishing off and giving it to a friend for a birthday gift in 2023.
These little ornaments have cross-stitch and beading.   All were kits by Mill House Beads.   They were stitched many years ago, probably 10+ to the best of my memory.    I trimmed the perforated paper they were stitched on and then glued them to wool felt to finish them off.

I finished these 11 Christmas ornaments in December.   These were all stitched years ago, one of them was dated 1999!   About time I got them finished.   I machine button-holed stitched them to a wool felt backing to finish them off.




Friday, December 30, 2022

Prairie Points Block - A Tutorial

I've been asked several times about how I made the Prairie Points blocks that I have in progress.   So here is a quick tutorial for the block.   I'm still thinking about final layout for this quilt, so that will come later.

MATERIALS -- needed are given below in terms of what is needed for one block.

Background --
One 2.5" by width-of-fabric strip for each block, I used black on white fabrics for this, with one fabric per block,  (Note: there are occasional fabrics with pops of color, what can I say I don't like to follow the rules, even if they are mine....LOL.)

Prairie Points -
The first blocks were made to use some of the leftover bits of binding that I had left over, but scraps strips can be used as well.   I am using strip ranging from about 2.75" to 3.5" in width.  You will need about 4" in length for each prairie point wanted in your block, so anywhere from 12" to 20" in length per block depending on how many points you want. 

For each block you will need to cut 4 strips of background fabric that are 2.5" by 8.5" in size.   They can be all the same fabric, or all different, whatever you prefer.

And you'll need to cut enough 4" long strips for the number of points that you want - I've been doing 3, 4 or 5 per block.


First off, I'll say this is not the 'traditional' way to make prairie points.   This method uses strips instead squares for the point.

Take your strip (in your desired width) and press in half if not using binding.   Start by folding down one half of the strip so that the folded edge is in the center as shown in the picture.  Pin in place.
Fold the second side down, folded edges meeting in the center.   Pin in place.  Then Stitch an 1/8th inch in from the cut edge of the folded point.
Press your points flat and trim the extra length off even with the raw edge of the strip.  Your prairie point should look like the picture.
"Back" side of your finished prairie point.  
Sew your prairie points to one edge of Three of the strips.  Play with how you arrange them.   This is very much random for me and partially depends on how many points I'm putting in a block.  The solid side of the prairie point should be facing up from the background fabric.
Sew the 4 strips together with the prairie points facing in the same direction.  Press the block flat.  
Some finished blocks - 

And more finished blocks:

1. For a job that I am loving, and a great boss who is willing to work his employees to help them get what they need.

2. For finally being over bronchitis, and for a new allergy med that seems to be helping open up my sinuses and ears.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Cross-Stitch Finishes - November 2022


More cross-stitch pieces have finally been made into finished items.   In this case, 5 mini pieces that I stitched years ago are now finished off as Christmas ornaments.   These will be given to friends as gifts this year.
This little cutie was stitched and finished off as an ornament for a friend.   I forgot to take a pic of the finished ornament.
This piece will eventually be finished into a mini wall-hanging for myself.

Standings on my cross-stitch - 
Started the month with 116 cross-stitch kits of various sizes and 13 Booklets with pieces I want to stitch

Finished stitching two of them..........and then bought 2 more.

So I remain at the 116 kits to stitch up.


1.  For the bad case of bronchitis I've been fighting almost being gone

2. For the beautiful Bernina sewing/embroidery machine that a quilt friend gave me 10 days ago when I was in TX for a very short weekend.

Scrap-Happy December 2022

 How can it already be December, it just doesn't seem possible that the year has flown by so fast.   Here are the scrappy things I worked on this past month.

4 plaid cozies were made from shorter pieces of plaid homespun fabrics I'd had forever and a day.

My bag was finished.   Turned out bigger than I thought, so i'm not sure I'll use it as a purse.    All fabrics in the bag were remnants and scraps.  The fleece used for the padding were the only things bought.

Inside of the bag, also made with scraps.

Circle block #3 - center was made from a scrap that I'd held onto for years because I couldn't figure out what to do with it.  Background was leftover after cutting strips for a different block on this one and the next.

Circle block #4 - center also another scrap I'd had for years.

Be sure to check out what everyone else has done this month:

1. For a department director at work that is understanding and works with the employees to deal with illness and family troubles

2. For my 90-yr old dad being out of the hospital and on his way to full recovery.