"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Monday, August 19, 2019

Placket Pin Cushion

Ever wonder what to do with shirt plackets when cutting up shirts for quilting or other projects?   I wondered this very thing recently as I was working with a men's shirt to test making memory bears for a coming commission order.

The front plackets on the shirts are typically not used when cutting them up for use in various projects, but I hate to just toss stuff that could be re-purposed into something useful.

I started by trimming back any of the body fabric so that it wasn't visible under the shirt placket.  I then wove them together on top of a 5" square of cream fabric much as you would strips for a lattice pie crust.

I trimmed the sections as needed to be able to get the buttons inside the seam line.  Placket with buttons went one direction and the buttonhole placket went in the opposite direction.  And then pinned everything down.

I ended up moving the strips as close as I could together so that the buttons were well within the seam allowance.  I then stitched both sides of the plackets down to hold them in place.

And then stitched the front to the back, leaving an opening to turn it right side out.  Stuffed it with polyfil stuffying and stitched the opening closed. 

I'm happy with how it turned out. 

I'll be doing this on a bigger scale for a pillow when I'm working on the memory commission that is coming in.

Back was a leftover piece from the shirt.


1. the pattern I'll be using for the memory bears is easy to sew up.

2. for having been able to work from home and save on what I've been spending on gas while not getting paid

Sunday, August 18, 2019

UFO Weekend Progress

This weekend was UFO weekend for a group that I'm in where all that want to or can participate work on moving UFO projects along towards completion.

This time I worked on one of the campfire quilts that I'm finishing up from some UFO tops that have been in my stash for what seems like forever.

Quilting is now complete (just did stitch-in-the-ditch) and it is ready for binding.

First thing completed this weekend was this teddy bear made from a men's size M shirt.  This was made as a sample for 12 memory bears commission coming sometime this fall.

And once the bear was finished I took the front plackets from the shirt and made this pincushion.   It is 4" square and the back is a piece of the plaid shirt. 


1. Summer may still be here, but the eczema that I've been fighting has cleared up.

2. The flat tire that I found this morning (yes a flat new tire!) was found at home and didn't happen on the interstate.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Mid-August Update of To-Do's

Made more progress this past month than I thought I would since I was house-sitting for friends for 2 weeks.

Current commissions-
  1. Pair of custom Christmas Stockings (Due by the end of July) - Finished and Delivered!!!!
  2. Target T-Shirt Quilt (due at end of Sept) - Quote given to customer, ready to start processing the t-shirts
  3. Wedding Dress Pillow (no due date) - Wedding dress has been cleaned.  Need final say from customer on whether to replace lace that lightened but didn't fully come clean
  4. Ring Bearer Pillows (no due date) - see #3
  5. Purse (Due end of July) - Finished and Delivered!!!!
  6. Blouse (4) and Jeans Alterations - Have clothing in hand to make alternations to
  7. Men's Shirt alterations (multiple, not sure how many at this point) - 
Coming Commissions-
  1. T-shirt Quilt for friend in an online group (no due date, waiting for shirts and specs)
  2. Multiple memory quilts from friend at church (no due date, waiting on shirts/clothing; they are in the middle of wedding prep at the moment)
  3. Memory Teddy Bears from button-down shirts (12 of them)

Possible Commissions -
  1. Airplane quilt - need to make sample blocks before getting back with friend to see if she's interested (most likely for Christmas if she decides to do it)
  2. Music Quilt - long time possibility....rumblings about it happening again - Designed, waiting on down payment
  3. 2 "Floor" mats - 24" by 18" size, same person as #2 rumbling about these, time will tell if they happen - Designed, waiting on down payment from customer
  4. Second purse for same friend as first one
  5. Enhanced tote w/pockets - cats #1 - Designed, Need to find fabric to show customer
  6. Enhanced tote w/pockets - cats #2 - Designed, Need to find fabric to show customer
  7. Enhanced tote w/pockets - dachshunds - Designed, Need to find fabric to show customer

Other projects that need to be done -

  1. 2019 Row by Row quilt - Finished and turned in for a win
  2. Final snail block onto the wide backing for snail quilt so I can use it as a label
  3. Mini Wallhanging for adoption shower gift - Hanger arrived, sleeve added and gifted!
  4. Additional work for the PT job - Ongoing work......
  5. Memory Bear Sample from size small shirt - Finished
  6. Finish 4 UFO's that will be headed to the kids of a family who lost everything in a forest fire in CA - two of four quilted and ready for binding, backing pulled for the remaining two and needs to be pieced before being basted

1. For having been able to work from home (aka where ever I've been staying) instead of having to drive into the office,  Makes saving money when there's no income easier.

2. For the cooler temps the last few days.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

July One Monthly Goal Recap

July's goals for my One Monthly Goal with Elm Street Quilts was accomplished yeah!!!!!

Border is on.   But can't afford to mail it off for quilting at this time.   One of these days that will happen.

Commissioned stockings were finished up and mailed out and delivered.

All info needed to start these has been determined, and the layout decided on.  Still need to give $ figure to customer.


1. For unexpected gifts from friends at church.

2. For the "cold" front going thru the area today.

August ScrapHappy Days

First thing scrappy I finished off were these commissioned Christmas Stockings.  Made from scraps for the front and remnant pieces for the lining, backs and cuffs.  Names were satin stitched onto the cuffs.  These have now been delivered to my customer.

My friend Susan had sent me a gallon sized bag of lots of triangles a while back.   And then more recently some packs of little pp'd patterns.

These patterns are 3 1/2" finished in size.  they'll use up a few of the scraps but not a lot.  =)

Here are the first three completed blocks.   I'm still debating about how many blocks to make.....will decide that eventually.

To check out what everyone else has been working on this month, check out the following links -
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Joanne, Jon, HayleyDawn, Gwen, Connie, Bekki, Pauline and Sue L.

1. For the job possibility that my resume has been submitted for.

2. For the help I've received in getting my resume in shape for job hunting.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Goings on

I house sat for friends that previous two weeks.  And during that time I was able to get a number of projects further along in the process, if not finished.

This UFO quilt is now quilted and will eventually be going with three others to a family who lost everything in a wild fire.  this will most likely be bound in the black.

Backing fabric of the quilt.

Wildfire quilt #2 and backing.  Most likely will bind in black altho I do have more of the border fabric.

Thrifted little candle holder that I added a pincushion too.

And these Christmas stockings were a commission that was finished and mailed off.


1. AC is back after 24+ hrs of being out.

2. Service call on AC was doable even tho not in the budget since I'm still not getting paid at work.