"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Scrap-Happy - April 2021

Welcome to Scrap-Happy day, the day when a group of us post about the scrappy projects of any sort that we've worked on over the last month.

My project this month used up large scraps, aka remnants.   

The center panel was included in a scrap bag that I'd bought back in February.   

The stars had been made back in 2010 for a swap.   However, because I was using remnants I wasn't able to get the full number of blocks I needed for the swap so these sat in my UFO block totes for 11 years.   As it happened, the blue in the blocks exactly matched the blue in the window frame in the panel.

Current size of the quilt is 34" wide by 44" long.   I still have a remnant left of the background that I'm going to use to add wide top & bottom border, and narrow side borders to make the quilt a little larger.   

It'll be either sold, gifted, or donated somewhere when finished.  

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1. For finding somewhere to stay while back in Phx the next couple of weeks

2. For having somewhere to donate the cotton fabrics that I no longer want and knowing they'll be put to good use

Monday, March 15, 2021

ScrapHappy - March 2021

Welcome ome to ScrapHappy day....the day when a number of us post about what we've been making with our scraps.

Not a lot of scrappyness going on after being out of state for almost 6 weeks.  Only two projects for me this month.   First up 4 bowl cozies made from the leftover fabric from other projects.  The top left one even started with a square that was too small for a bowl cozy so I added a scrap strip of red around the outside of it so that I would have a big enough square for it.  One is a commission, two are for a gift, and the two color has no home yet.

And finally three fingertip towels made with sting pieced strips made from purple scraps that I'd sewn together years ago, and three finger-tip towels that were originally made to be cross-stitched on.   The towels came from some of the cross-stitch stuff I brought home from my mom's stash (well what I've gone thru to this point).   Have no idea where or who will get these at this point.

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1. For good weather on the drive back to my home in TX after almost 6 wks in Arizona

2. For all the encouragement and thoughts sent my way after the loss of my mom.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Stash Enhancement

 You'd think with the size of my stash that I wouldn't need to buy anything, and that is very true especially since part of my mom's stash is headed home with me (no not a lot.....just the FQ's she bought on trips to Indiana).

However, with all that has been going on the last month I decided to visit a couple of quilt shops....and yes ended up buying a little bit at each.

the second store I hit the jackpot in the remnant bags.  Got three panels and 4 yds of a floral that will work for a quilt back.

Love this deer/window panel.   Might have blocks in my UFO block bin that would work for borders on this.

Bugs.....and yes, before anyone asks i bought this because I wanted the snail.   Will use the rest of the panel for a donation quilt.
Bambi will make a sweet baby quilt.
I"m thinking I might have a top already done that this might work with for backing.

Also purchased, but not shown here were 7 FQ's for backgrounds at the second quilt store.


1. the death certificates have been received and now the most urgent of remaining matters can be handled before I return to Tx

2. For the job interview that I had on Monday, now for patience as I wait to see if they want a second interview.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

New projects and other things

 I'm back in Phoenix after almost a week in TN for my mom's funeral.   And one of the things I'm working on each day is sorting through and donating/tossing (whichever is appropriate) to make the house safer for my 89-yr old dad.   To say it is cluttered is a huge understatement.   here's the initial look into the bedroom my mom had used.

Yes, those piles are taller than I am and it's about 9 ft from the stack of boxes to the outside wall of the bedroom.

After many trips to donate books, clothing, clothing fabric and all sorts of other things, this is what it looks like as of this afternoon....  The floor is empty all the way back to where the blue and white box is.....a distance of about 5 ft deep........... going thru all of this really does make me want to keep my stuff under control!

I've started a couple of small projects when I'm back at the house where I'm staying with a new friend.   Both are table mats that will be gifts.   This one is being made with  fairy fabric by Michael Miller fabrics for the gal I've been staying with.   She loves fairies so this was perfect for her.  

1. For actually being able to see visible progress in getting thru things that my mom had, and making the house safer for my dad.  

2. for the job interview that I have Monday afternoon, and for being 1 of only 2 people selected to interview for the position with University of Texas in San Antonio.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Scrap-Happy February 2021

 In early February I had to travel to Phoenix because of my mother's health, and ultimate passing on the 5th.   Travel yet to come to Tennessee for her burial and then ultimately returning home the end of the month.   Had sorta planned ahead when packing quickly and put my machine and supplies into the car with me in case I had a few minutes to sew for sanity with all that is going on and all I have to do while here.

Did have time to get this scrappy top together.   All of the blocks are from scraps, border was a bolt-end from the stash, bought several yrs ago while I was going to grad school in Indiana.  The finished quilt will be bound in the same fabric as the setting triangles.

it's approximately 40" by 60" in size.

Close up of one corner of the quilt - 

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1. My mother's home-going was peaceful and pain free.

2. For God's provision and timing through out this trip.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Scrap-happy January 2021

 Lots of scrappy goodness happening around my place this month since I returned from vacation in Arizona.  First up was finding these postcards which I'd started a couple of years ago as I was putting away other goodies.   These still need to be completed and that I'll show in a future month.

Next up with deciding to pair some of the 70 or so UFO string blocks that I'd made from batiks and Moda Marble fabrics back in 2009 with a sun-painted batik panel that I'd been given by a friend quite a few years ago.  (Yup, those blocks have been moved cross country many times since then.)     Top finished about 42" by 54" in size so it will be good for a toddler quilt.

And because I didn't want to put the remaining string blocks away, I put together this quilt top.  Size is approximately 50" by 54", and I'm still debating whether to add top and bottom borders to the quilt.   The background is from scraps and a remnant.

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1. First unemployment payment should come thru this week.

2. For praying friends