"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Mid-November Goals & To-do's

How is it possible time is moving so quickly these days?   It's been 2 weeks since I looked at my to-do list and 

Blog / General -
-- Art Quilt Blog Hop Post, Due November 2018 - still need to decide on which quilt I want to feature in this post 
 - Done!
-- Go to quilt Store and pick up Row-by-Row quilt - Done!
-- Military Teddy Bear #2 release post, pattern to Craftsy - Done!

Pattern Designing / 
Quilt Challenges:
-- Military Teddy Bear #2Released

-- Military Teddy Bear #3 - Block made
-- Military Teddy Bear #4 - Block made
-- Military Teddy Bear #5 - Block made
-- Military Teddy Bear Setting
      -- Pattern needs to be written, reviewed and released
-- MQG Michael Miller Challenge - due last week of November for submission to QuiltCon
      -- Piece backing - Prepped
      -- Decide on quilting - motif or quilt from the back based on backing fabric
      -- Quilt top on small machine
      -- Bind quilt
      -- Enter quilt show online
-- Stretching Art Quilt Challenge, theme= "20", due January 2019
-------- First design top has been completed
-------- Decide on design, Was getting closer, but have a second design drawn up now
-- Ready and ship Quilt for entry into Road to CA if juried in
-- MQG Mini Swap Quilt - Received partner's info and have sourced the desired fabrics
-- Mystery submission for either Fons & Porter or Make Modern - design complete, top in process

Quilting -
-- Applique saying (Bear Hugs) onto filler strip of Scrappy teddy bears

-- Make November F2F blocks (3) and mail - gotta find fabrics first!
-- Quilt and bind Scrappy Snail quilt, list for sale
-- Quilt and bind Scrappy Kitten quilt, list for sale
-- Quilt and bind Scrappy Puppy quilt, list for sale
-- Quilt and bind Hatbox quilt (for sale?)
-- Quilt and bind Teddy Bear quilt for Valerie
-- Giftie for Shoebox swap - due the middle of November
-- Quilt and bind whale and anchor baby quilt, list for sale
-- Make first set of curtain panels the F2F blocks will go onto

Commissions -
-- 4 12" pillows from customers wedding dress, due mid-December
-- Wolves Passport Wallet - Remade and delivered to customer
-- Passport wallets for sale - 2 in process

Ebay/Etsy Postings:
Completed passport holders (8) - Done!   All are listed on Ebay, now to keep up as I get more made
-- Completed passport holders (8) - Still need to list on Etsy

-- Completed scrappy quilts made for sale
-- Completed tablerunners and quilts
-- Quilt Magazines
-- Embroidery Floss

-- Finished Quilts
-- Vintage daisy and button, Fenton glass collectables (canoe, shoe, top hat, pitcher, cauldron, xxxx)

-- clean up dead branches and trim trees/bushes in the back yard

-- figure out how to deal with the front door and how to pay for it.  Will need help with this one
-- Rearrange craft room for easier use - Done!
-- Rearrange fabric room for easier use

1. For it looking like there will be data coming in at work around the middle of Dec which means work for next year

2. For days when I don't have to drive in rain on the commute (not today....sigh)

Final 2018 F2F Blocks

The remaining blocks for this round of the swap came in yesterday.

Blocks from Kate -

I totally love this scrappy dresdan plate.   And it makes me want to do this with some of my scraps!

Blocks from Nanette

Blocks from Robin


1. No trouble on my commute to work this morning, even with the low temps and icy patches many places

2. For my home

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

F2F Blocks

These are the second round of wonderful blocks that I've received from this years swap.  And all are beautiful.

From - Claire

From - Esther

From - Sue


1. For friends around the world to swap blocks with.

2. For no snow or ice with the cold weather that N. TX is having right now

Weekend Progress

Progress was made in several directions -

Finished the remake on the commissioned passport wallet and that has been taken to my customer at work.

Got the 8 wallets that I've been able to get made so far listed for sale on Ebay.  The listings can be seen by clicking here.   The wallets still need to be listed on Etsy but I'm getting there.

I also rearranged the craft room for better access to what is in there.  I moved this metal rack from the
 Metal rack holds totes with quilting related, beading/CQ, and/or quilted postcard making stuff.   

Totes and boxes in front of the metal rack need to be gone thru as well and hold mixed contents.
Right hand side of the room -
By the window you can see the 12 totes that have mixed fabrics in them and that need to be sorted out.  Totes on right side hold the FQ's that are sorted by colors or type.  Also on that side are the 4 totes of gift stuff.   All needs to be downsized.

The second door knob is the closet where most of my batting is stored.

1. A heater in the house that works, esp. with temps that dipped to below freezing this week!

2. For friends who think of me at Thanksgiving and strive to make sure I've got a place to go to for dinner that day.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Studio organizing - 2019 Plans

Warning pic heavy and long post....lol

Shelly Pagliani who blogs on Prairie Moon Quilts has been doing a studio organizing challenge for several years now (you can see it here) and someone recently posted on one of my quilt lists a link to an older post by her. 

I'm the sort of person that works best if everything has a place and needs to be in it for me to find it.   Yes, there's that much that I need it organized in order to be able to find what I want instead of buying more!  However, for the past few years because of frequent moves the organization of my stuff has suffered.  So the idea of an organizing challenge really touched a chord for me.

Sewing area and where my laptop is.  Design wall is to the right of everything.

 Long arm and living room area.....any wonder why I don't entertain?
Cutting table, second sewing machine and then kitchen.

Craft room with some of the many totes that are in there.  Big totes to the left are filled with FQ's.
 Other side & corner of the craft room.
 Fabric room, left hand side looking in from the doorway.
Right hand side of the room.

The plan for the rest of this year and next year my plan is to do what I've listed out below.   It won't happen all at once, but my plan is to make a spreadsheet to "map" out what needs to be done so that I can keep making progress and not get too sidetracked.

In the Fabric Room -

++ Make spreadsheet so that things can be kept track of
     Nov. 2018 - Done.
++ Number all the boxes and totes of fabric so that I can better keep track
      of what I have and what needs to be gone through
++ Replace the xerox boxes as needed as I go through them
     (bankers boxes or totes?  yet to be decided)
++ Replace totes that are broken or damaged as needed
++ Sort the fabric stuck hither and yon in boxes, totes and everywhere
      so that once again like colors/themes are together
++ Downsize the fabric that I have as I go through things.
++ Arrange the boxes and totes to where I can get to things as needed
++ Go through the contents of the drawers in the chest

In the Craft Room -

++ Rearrange the totes and other items on the shelving units for
     easier accessibility to what I use most often -
     Nov. 2018 - This has already been started........
++ Repeat above steps as appropriate for what is in the craft room
     (rearranging, sorting, downsizing, etc.)
++ Sort through and downsize totes of gift items (3 huge totes of "gifts"
     bought or made over the years)

Also included in this will be listing what I down size for sale, or otherwise disposing of it.  The idea is to free up room and space.  =)


1. A three day weekend thanks to a day of vacation on Friday

2. For a bed to sleep in, even when most nights that I wake up 2-3 times

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

More Stretching Art Designs for this year

My first idea for this year Stretching Art Quilt Challenge was something based on Fibonacci's Sequence.  A Fibonacci Sequence is defined as

"a series of numbers in which each number ( Fibonacci number ) is the sum of the two preceding numbers. "

And being an engineering grad and ex-engineering teacher I thought that this would be fun to play with in a quilt for the challenge.  I've two layouts sketched out and both of which already have told me how they'd like to be quilted (Note - this is not a normal state of affairs for my quilt designs...lol).

1st Layout with only a sequence of 6 which is a total of 20 if you add all of them up.

2nd Layout with the sequence repeated/flipped on both ends which has two groups of 20 in it.

I like both layouts and both would fit the theme of this years challenge.   I'll definitely be making a version of the second layout.

Now the question becomes - do I make one for the challenge and not continue on with the Fractals one in process....or just do both, or is that all three...lol.


1.  The heavy thunderstorm that woke me last night was gone by the time I left for work.

2.  Fort he peace that comes from knowing that I don't have to fight to be in control of everything because I have a advocate who is and always will be.