"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Scrap-Happy September 2022

Had to think this month about whether I'd actually done some scrappy work amid all of the commissioned work that I've been doing these days.   And the answer was yes, for which I was thankful.

First up were 20 or so string pieced scrappy blocks that were trimmed to 6.5" in size.   These used all of my little scraps and the various strings that had been collected over the years.
The rest of the scraps of WOW's and Cream tonals were cut up into 2.5" and 3.5" squares ready for my next scrappy project.
Finally was this scrappy quilt made with 6.5" and 4.5" cut squares of assorted puppy fabrics.   The yellow used to bring the 4.5" squares up to the 6.5" size ended up scraps from a commissioned quilt where the customer had not sent enough fabric to make the blocks (she was 1 2.5" strip short...sigh) and I had to buy a replacement fabric because I couldn't match the dye lot.    This will either be sold or donated at some point.

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1. It looks like I've got a job (contract position) after over 2 months of unemployment, just waiting on final details to work out.  Along with waiting to see what happens with several permanent job openings that I've been submitted for.

2. For all the assorted commissioned work that continues to come in this year.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Scrap-Happy August 2022

 Lots of working on scrappy stuff this month.

First up were 10 of the prairie point blocks I'm making using leftover bits of binding and B/W fabrics.

Finished off (quilting and binding) the 5 memory quilts for my friends.   These will be delivered this week.

String quilt.....blocks were made with green strings.   Flowers were scraps of prefused fabric, border, sashings and backing (pieced) were all from scraps.   This quilt has already been sold.

To cover an oops in the 'green fabric' I'd made for the blocks, I added 4 butterflies cut from a scrap leftover from the hordes of masks that I'd made in 2020.  
Another of the additional butterflies I added to the quilt.
This top was a UFO made a while ago.   Center is a large hand-dyed piece just over a FQ in size.   borders are some of the batik, Moda Marble and other similar looking strings sewn into about 6" widths.   Will put this one up for sale.

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1: For the interviews that have started to trickle in, even the ones that are just strange and very obviously won't be going anywhere.

2. For the steady commissioned work that is coming is during this time of unemployment, including being able to sell some of my UFO's.

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Scrap-Happy July 2022

 Been an interesting month so far.   My last day of work was June 24th, so I've been at working around the house more as I look for another job, and work on getting the commissioned work and items for sale done.  

First up was Memory Quilt top #3.  This is laying on the top of my 3/4 bed that is 48" by 60" in size.   This was made with 6" and 3" finished squares.
Then came memory quilt top #4.  Lots of 3" squares in this one.   I put it together in rows instead of squares.   Still need to trim the outside squares (and yes that one pesky missing square has been added) and then add a border to this one.

Final memory quilt.  This one used 4" squares.  

All 5 of the memory quilts will be going to a longtime friend, his three kids and his brother.  I used scraps that his mom had leftover from years of sewing (and my WOW or cream scraps).
These strips were made from a bag of scraps that was with all of the ones I'd used on the memory quilts.  These are original 30's and 40's prints from what I can tell, with an occasional feedsack print.  I have an idea for a layout, but it's not high on the list right now to get done.
This is quilt top is one of the "mind worms" as it were.  From my days of sewing clothing for some friends I had some scraps and remnants of real embroidered linen left over.   And I wondered for years "what if they were put into a quilt top".......this month I finally did more than just wonder about it.     Am planning on listing this for sale.
This baby/toddler quilt came about as a result of me wanting to use the scraps that were in one of the scrap bags I used to buy.   These all coordinated.   I did add a few of my green scraps that matched to finish out the border. the WOW background was from scraps and remnants.   Am planning on listing this for sale.
And the final quilt worked on this past month was this one.   This started out with scrappy blue string sections that I had pieced back when I was in Indiana approximately 10 yrs ago.   The center strips in the blocks and the sashing squares are a few of the scraps from the leopard print twill I used to make the wheel chair arm cover a few months ago.  the polka dot fabric used for the sashing and first border is the only fabric not a scrap.   It will also likely be backing and definitely the binding.   Last border was from a remnant.   Am planning on listing this for sale.

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1. For a working air conditioner in this 115 degree heat here in the Phoenix Metroplex, and for being a customer of the cheaper electric company (and only having a small place to cool!)

2. For the time to be able to get some sewing done (for myself, commissioned work, and stuff to sell) while at the same time working to find the next contract or perm job.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Scrap-Happy June 2022

 It's been a scrappy kind of month for me.

Finished the top for a series of 5 memory quilts I'm making for some very sweet, long-time friends.  The prints are all fabrics from the bankers box of fabric scraps that Mom/Grandma had when she passed away.  The assorted WOW's used for the background were all from either scraps or remnants.   Prints are 3.5" squares, the background is cut into 3.5" wide by whatever length was needed.
This is Memory Quilt #1.   Just a simple one patch made with 3.5" cut squares. Backing was a large remnant, and binding is from the leftover bits of the backing.   Batting was also from a remnant.
I had an order for 13 memory pillows to get completed this month.   All of them except 2 ended up with custom pillow forms needed to fit the size of the t-shirts that I was working with.  I pulled a handful of remnants from the stash of solid fabrics to make the needed forms.   This was just 6 of them, forgot to get pics of the others.  Sizes of finished forms ranged from 15.5" to 22".
This scrappy quilt was quilted and given to a friend here in Arizona who continues to fight cancer.   All of the blocks were made with scraps and strings.  Backing and batting were also scraps.
And lastly, I played around with an idea for a new block.   I've got oodles and oodles of leftover binding strips that need to be used.   Some of them end up in scrappy bindings, but there are always those prints that don't necessarily work even in scrappy bindings.  

To make these blocks I cut the leftover binding (cut at 3" before folding) into approximately 5" lengths, then folded it into prairie points.  Raw edges were enclosed in the seams.   Blocks are 8.5" unfinished.   I played around with placement of the points.

These were fun to do, and there will be more of these blocks coming.

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1.  For ending up with only minor bruising and soreness from a head-on collision on Memorial Day, even tho the car was totalled out.

2. For a manager that has been willing to let me work from home more than normal as I've dealt with the aftermath of the accident.

3. For the chance to have worked this contract position and thus show current work on my resume as I begin the hunt for the next job.  (Contract ends on 6/24)

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Scrap-Happy May 2021

 Several projects this month have been completed.

First up were a pair of bowl cozies.  These were made with the focus fabric being taken from a kitchen hand towel (one of a pair).  The navy fabric was cut from a remnant and the batting used in it was left from the last bunch of cozy orders.  The cozies and 2nd hand towel went to a friend in TX.

The big project for the past month has getting this queen-sized t-shirt quilt made and sent out.   The front of the quilt has the fronts from 42 T-shirts.  

I made it in 3 panels consisting of 2 columns of blocks.  And then quilted those panels before sewing them together with sashing .

The quilt back was made from shirt backs for the columns.  Leftover leopard print fabric that I'd used last month to make the arm cover was used for the sashings on the back.  
And finally, I took a stack of blue strings, most of which were already sewn into strips and made them into blocks.   I used some pre-made papers I'd bought for string blocks to stabilize the blocks.  

Debating layout and sashing fabrics for the quilt now.  Have more string 'fabric' already prepped to use for at least part of a border.

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1. For making progress on the commissioned orders and a little time to work on fun projects

2. For the progress I've been able to make on assigned projects at the job

Friday, April 15, 2022

Scrap-Happy April 2022

 I thought I hadn't done a lot of sewing/quilting this month until I started looking back at the photos I'd taken.  As it turns out I had done more than I thought.  

First up was this cover for the arm on a wheelchair that has a joy stick on it.  My friend wanted something that would help protect it from spills, so I made one side with clear vinyl.  The leopard print is scraps from a piece of stretch twill and the vinyl was a remnant. Velcro was from the stash.
A set of 16 bowl cozies was finished up and shipped out.  All fabrics were from scraps and remnants.  Batting in them were from left over pieces from prior projects.

First up this month were a set of three cozies made from the left over fabric from a prior order. 

Then a wee bit of actual quilting work for myself - I made a set of 6 swap blocks for a swap with a theme of cups.   The fabric I used for the cup was a larger scrap that I'd had for years without getting anything made from it.  The background WOW fabric was taken from a remnant in the stash.  

And this picture shows the cup blocks I received back from the swap laid out on my design wall in my new place.  The center block with the coffee pot and vase is an older UFO block I made 7+ years ago when doing some pattern testing for a designer in Europe.   I still need to make two more cup blocks to finish the planned layout for the quilt.  More WOW scraps will be used to sash the blocks into the proper size and orientation.   I hope to show that progress next month....maybe....lol.
Made a pincushion for a friend who likes lighthouses using a crystal candleholder.  This is how it looked last night after I thought the glue had set.  Fabric was out of my CQ scraps and is a pretty blue with metallic gold accents.
And this morning when I got up....lol.   The glue is set now, but needless to say I need glue that sets much faster so this won't happen again.  I still plan to send it to my friend because it is still usable, even if a little funky looking.....lol.
And the second pincushion for another friend.   Fabric was a 5" square piece of batik that I'd set aside for CQ work many yrs ago.   

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1.  I'm moved into the new-to-me place and slowly getting settled in.

2.  The contract job is going well and has been extended out to 6 months from 3.