"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Friday, October 19, 2018

Making Progress

Made progress yesterday on projects....

This scrappy top was finished before I headed into work.

54" by 72" finished size
65 - 6" finished 4-patches
43 string-pieced setting blocks
Approximately 140 different fabrics all from scraps used in it.

 And almost finished off the final commissioned passport wallet.  Just the binding and button closure to go on it now.   Will be able to deliver all three on Monday when I come into work.....yippee!


1. Two mornings drive in without rain

2. It's Friday and that means the weekend is coming.  =)

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Squirrel Tracks...........

I found this still shot taken from the movie " " when doing a google search for something and thought it was all too appropriate for me and how my quilting usually goes.  The scene is one from the movie "Up" captioning added by someone else (found on TheMetaPicture.com).

This reminds me of what I'm like as a quilter.

A remnant of embroidered, light-weight denim.  Embroidery is along one selvage.  I fell in love with this piece.   Current plane is to fussy cut the sections (there are 3 of them) and then applique each of them onto a cover for a passport wallet and the finish as normal.

This has me wondering what other embroidered denims might be in my stash that would for the wallets....hmmmm, time to go stash diving sometime.
Top two here are quilting cottons and the bottom print is a home dec weight cotton.   I thought the thread spools and the bottom one might appeal to quilters.
Lovely travel prints - black/white one was a remnant.  Both of them are home dec fabrics.
Left-hand fabrics are quilting cottons, right hand one is a home dec fabric.
And lastly, the quilt license plate fabric from last year......again to appeal to quilters.  =)

So many cute fabrics to act as squirrels for me.....lol.


1. I may need to make things to sell, but at least I've got cute fabrics to work with.

2. For good possibilities to sell what i make.

Mid-week Progress

Slow progress this week.........

This has been trimmed to size........but I need to do a wee bit of squaring up on that left side 'cause it isn't straight....argh.   Or I may just leave it and finish as is.  Still thinking about thread color and I'm thinking about using a variegated grey Aurifil thread for the top, and maybe a black or dark grey for the back.

This is the Michael Miller backing fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby.  Colors are perfect for the required colors.  I'm was tempted to quilt this one from the back, but am sticking to my initial plan with the motif that fits with the blocks.

Hand basting session coming up on it because I don't want to deal with pins while quilting it.

I've started the final commissioned passport wallet.   Everything is ready for me to start the stitching and putting it together.
More progress has been made on this.   And two more rows have been sewn on since this picture was taken last night.   Just the top row remains (all 4-patches).

I'm thinking of submitting this design for possible publication to Make Modern Magazine which is a digital quilt magazine. 

I'd have to make another sample, but it goes together quickly and I've plenty of scraps to make it out of.  Any ideas for color combos should I need them?


1. God got me safely to work in the rain, in spite of a windshield wiper that was doing its best to totally come apart on my drive in at 5 am.

2. For a new wiper blade that works wonderfully!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Quilt Shop Anniversary....

The closest quilt shop to me is Stitchin Heaven (an hour away) and they celebrated their 22nd anniversary this past weekend.  they were running some great sales to celebrate - buy 11 yds of fabric - get 11 free, buy 11 notions/thread/books - get 11 free, and buy 11 FQ's - get 11 free.   

 I did take advantage of the FQ's and the thread sale.   And picked up a couple of pieces of yardage.   I'm thinking the license plates fabric will make some cute passport wallets.

In addition to the sales, from what I've found out each year they give away something in the same amount as the years they've been around.   This year it was 22 quilts.   For the last 6 weeks everyone who made a purchase of a certain level got a raffle ticket.   To win though you had to be present on Saturday.  People could win more than one quilt. 

I was fortunate to win two quilts.   The first one being this Christmas quilt.    It is a lap quilt size.   And even more fun, it has miniature lights as part of it.   It'll be a fun one to display at Christmas since I don't have a tree anymore.
And the second one that I selected was this wallhanging.   I need to do a wee bit of stitching on it because the "in progress" words are only ironed on and they aren't holding well.  But that is a minor thing.   Need to find a place to hang it as well.


1. Lots of rain which was needed here (altho we didn't need the flooding!)

2. For God's enabling of me to continue to pay off debt in spite of all that is going on these days.

Scrap Happy October

While looking for something else I ran across several bags of squares that I'd cut from scraps years ago, so long that I've forgotten exactly when I cut them.   I do know I've moved them 3-4 times so that's at least 5 yrs now. 

Rather than put them away again I decided to actually use them, so I drew up this scrappy quilt to help use up the red & blue squares that I found.   

First step though was to work with the scrap strips and strings that I had of various COC's to make strip sets and string blocks to use in the quilt. 

Once they were trimmed to size, I started making 4-Patches from the red and blue squares.   Blocks are 6" finished.
Once I got a bunch of them made I started putting them together to see how the quilt would look. 

Stats at this point for fabric counts -

COC's - 79 or 80

Red's and Blue's - about 30-35 each.

I stopped at this point in order to make more of the 4-patches.  I should be able to finish it up this coming week by sewing on it before I head to work in the mornings.

It most likely will be donated to American Hero's.


1. For being able to drive safely in yesterdays torrential rains while I was out running around.

2. For the new roof that was put on before I moved in here.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Mail Surprise

This week was  a blessed one -

I arrived home from work on Tuesday after a rainy drive home to find a surprise package on my doorstep.  Inside was a wonderful wall-hanging as a sweet house-warming gift from a sweet group of online friends.

 Full pic of the quilt

The idea for the quilt from KTJ
 Top panel - from Roseanne
Sides - from Margaret
Side - from Margaret

Bottom - from Edi

Center - from Susan

And a label made by Susan listing all of them. 


1. For friends who do sweet surprises like this!

2. For my vacation being approved for Christmas time, along with the 5 weeks where I'll have a Friday off.....woohoo.....