"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Goodies in the mail

I've been helping a friend to make the quilted postcards that I make via the computer because she lives in NY and I'm down here in TX.
 We've known each other for more than 20 yrs now, having met through an online quilters group back around 1997 or so and she's a sweet friend.

I've been sharing my stash of materials and embellishments for the cards with her.  And yesterday this packet of lovely yumminess arrived in my mailbox.

Lovely trims and embellishments that she'd found this past Christmas, and she shared some with me.   Always fun to have new goodies to work with on my postcards.   Trying to figure out how to use some of them before next Christmas now.  =)

And there was an extra special surprise of a gift card to Hobby Lobby from her as well........such an unexpected surprise, and very appreciated with a budget that is extra tight right now.


1. For surprises from friends

2. For no freezing rain this morning and safety on the drive into work.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Stretching Art 2020 - An idea is 'born'

The theme this year for the Stretching Art challenge is "Community" and what it means to each person that is taking part in the challenge.   I've turned different thoughts over in my mind as to what that meant to me and how to depict the same in a quilt.

Last week I did some searching online for images of 'community' and people.   These are some of the ones that stood out to me.

This first one was that I really liked the figures in.  However, I don't like the way half of the figure are hidden tho, and overall the layout won't work in the 18" wide by 36" tall size.

Saw this image and thought maybe something like this might work.
I like this image the best (well at least the tree trunk), and think something along these lines would work best in the size/shape constraints.

So my current design thought process is that I'll sketch out something similar for a tree trunk, and then using figures similar to the first image fill the "leaves" of the tree in.   I'll need to adapt the arm positioning of the figures of the top image to work in the tree......but I think it'll work.

1. For the community of friends that I have and all that they mean to me.

2. For getting to leave work early yesterday.

Monday, January 20, 2020

State of the Stash, January 20, 2020

Things have gotten out of hand around my house and are really starting to drive me nuts....and when that Work on downsizing and organizing the stash started this past week.  My goal is to organized everything once again as I downsize and get rid of things that I'm unlikely to use.  Some will be donated, some sold, and some given away.  A move is possible in the future depending on what happens job-wise, so I'd really like things to be better organized before that.

To hold myself accountable, I'll post here at least twice a month on how I'm doing.  All that is going out from the stash is being measured in inches.

This week I tackled most of the boxes of clothing and non-quilting fabrics.  Not done were the box(es)/tote(s) of fabrics that have been bought over the years for totes.  5 xerox boxes were emptied for reuse as I work with the quilting cottons, what remains has been better organized.

Also tackled were 3 paper grocery bags full scraps that had been previously pulled out (now given away) and a couple of boxes of quilting cottons.  All solids are now together in one tote.........and I've realized I don't need to buy black or white Kona for a long time with the equivalent of about 6-8 bolts of black and 4 of white on hand.....oops.............

Fabric Out for January 20 - 17.778 Yds
Fabric In for January 20 - 2 yds
Fabric pulled for donation - 115 yds+
Fabric ready to be sent off - 5 yds

Total In/Out since January 1st - 15.778 yds

2020 Goal - 250 yds

To go till goal - 234.222 yds

Linking up with quiltpaintcreate today:

1. For the fun of working with the fabrics in my 401F

2. For being able to pull fabrics for paying projects and gifts from my stash

To-do's - January 20th

The new year has started off with a bang as it were.........at least that's how my house looks....working on getting the disaster zone cleaned up tho.

Completions for the last couple of weeks -
  1. Valentine Postcards - Finished and delivered to store for display!
  2. Owl print quilt for sister of TK - Fabric ordered
  3. 2 boxes of books - documented and donated!
  4. Sorted through all of the clothing fabric stash and downsized drastically.  115+ yds ready to be donated 
  5. Alterations (3 sweatpants) for CS - completed and delivered

Commission To-do's for January -
  1. Commissioned tote #1 - cats - Nothing more done
  2. Commissioned tote #2 - dachshunds - Nothing more done
  3. Repair antique Sun Bonnet Sue quilt for SR - started, fabric bought to cover damaged section
  4. Sew Cross-stitch blocks together as needed for SR
  5. Make fleece doggie coat from red/white print fleece remnant for SR - have remnant and pattern.
  6. Postcards for sale as I can make them - Valentine, Easter, and spring ones need to be started

Current For Sale projects & Commissions-
  1. Owl print quilt for sister of TK - Fabric has been ordered from a shop on Etsy (coming from Slovakia and has been shipped), design is complete
  2. Pincushions for sale - make and list

Christmas gifts -
  1. Pillowcase(s) for triangle support pillow for PN - Draw up pattern and dig fabric out so this can be made
  2. Embellish Sweatshirt for DN
  3. Send gifts to the N family

Future Commissions-
  1. T-shirt Quilt for friend in an online group (no due date, waiting for shirts and specs)
  2. T-shirt quilt for a friend at church (no due date, waiting for shirts, specs)
  3. Men's Shirt alterations (multiple, not sure how many at this point) for AJ
  4. Hem dress and alter jacket for CJ
  5. T-shirt quilts for CA and CA
  6. Memory bears for TA
  7. Memory Pillows and stuffed pigs (2 each) (customer = friend of my realtor friend) to be done after Christmas
Possible Commissions/Sales -
  1. Airplane quilt - need to make sample blocks before getting back with friend to see if she's interested
  2. Music Quilt - long time possibility....rumblings about it happening again - Designed, waiting on down payment
  3. Teddy Bear Quilt - This needs to be quilted (either for the original order or sold to someone else)
  4. Quilt tops that are for sale (Wolf + more)
Other projects that need to be done -
  1. List items for sale on Ebay or other fitting site
  2. Ship snail quilt out for quilting - Ready to ship, but have to wait till I get paid again 
  3. Additional work for the PT job - waiting for an issue to be resolved.
  4. Finish 4 UFO's that will be headed to the kids of a family who lost everything in a forest fire in CA - three of four quilted and ready for binding, backing pulled for the remaining one
  5. Prep t-shirts for my own t-shirt quilt - t-shirts are all together (and have been for several yrs) but need to back with interfacing and get ready for quilting (doing quilt as you go).
  6. Downsize clothing fabric stash - Sorted through, donations boxed up.  Need to find somewhere to donate to. Several pieces sent to others.
  7. Find place to donate clothing fabric - One email sent, waiting on response.  More to send
  8. Get website set up so that I can sell what I'm making and my quilts - free website with Square started
  9. Continue looking for and applying for new, paying jobs

1. For having savings when there's no income

2. For the community of IRL and online friends that have supported and encouraged me over the last 18 months and continue to do so.

Re-purposing UFO/Orphan Blocks

More than 5 yrs ago a gal on one of my quilt lists gave me a handful of embellished crazy quilt blocks.  Two of them were given to someone else because I never figured out what to do with them.   Part of me wishes I hadn't done that now....but too late....lol, and it's not like I don't have anything to work with here at the house.

One of them was this baby themed block with machine stitching embellishing the seams.  Almost gave it away, but at the last minute decided to re-purpose it.

 I've a double baby shower (one boy and one girl) coming up in 10 days and need cards of some sort for it.   So I started the process of making them by ironing two pieces of pellon fusible stiffener onto the back of the block and then trimmed around them.

I then took the largest of the pieces left and sewed it to a third piece of pellon.   The addition of a few gold scraps to fill out the needed space and the card was covered.

Some lace, ribbon, and a silk flower and the postcard tops are completed.  Next up will be adding the backs and the edge-stitching.

The top right and the bottom cards will be used for the shower.  The other one will be either saved for the future or displayed for sale.


1. For the new glasses really improving the issues I was having with the old pair

2. For the smooth commute to the office today

Friday, January 17, 2020

Stash Goals for 2020 and progress

Those that have seen my fabric stash (and everything else I've got craft wise) know that I have a big stash....and in all honesty I have to admit I've got more fabric than some of the quilt shops that I've been in.   Oops.....

It has been accumulated over many years, some of which I was working in a fabric store (not helpful when you tend to collect too much....but oh that discount....lol).  Even moving frequently did not get the stash under control like it really needs to be.

One of my goals for this year is to downsize at least somewhat.........no not dramatically, but to where I know where things are (in other words get it organized) and get what I don't want anymore out of here.

I've got everything from yardage (lots and lots!), FQ's, Precuts, scraps, clothing and quilting fabrics.  I've a couple of totes full of fabrics that were for scrub tops, but between trying to survive and not hearing from the gal these were for several yrs, I'm not sure what to do with this fabric.   I do know I need to figure out what is up with her and if these are still wanted.

In addition, I could possibly end up moving again in order to find a better job.   And I really don't need to continue to haul all of this around. No, I'm not going to get rid of it all...........nope, no way no how will that happen, lol.   However, I do need to downsize and get rid of the things that no longer give me joy or that I no longer work with.

I've gone through most of my non-quilting fabric stash, and have just the tote fabrics left to go once I find which tote or box they are in.     So far I've three packing boxes filled with clothing fabrics that are ready to be donated somewhere (hopefully not just to a thrift shop).   In these boxes are about 115 yds of fabric ready to go to some group that can use them.

I've also gone through my precuts and have pulled several precut sets out to sell.   Just need to get them listed somewhere so I can sell them.

 Out of the 5 xerox boxes that I emptied, were these 5 pieces that I'm keeping at this point for quilts or for tops.  One batik, and 4 pieces that are embroidered.  Time will tell what I do with these.

Lots more to go thru, sort and put into some sort of order.   But at least I've made a start.


1.  My new glasses (that weren't in the budget) have arrived and have really helped with the vision problems I was having.......now to find some place that can do the final adjustment needed on them.

2. For not getting the freezing rain that the panhandle got yesterday.