"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

August Block of the month - Jane and Ann

Meet Jane and Ann who are showing the quilt that they finished during the quilt retreat.

You can find the pattern here on Craftsy.

Enjoy the block!

1. Progress in getting things done today.

2. Payday came!

New Goodies

My prize from Aurifil's blog posting a couple of weeks ago came yesterday.    A wonderful set of embroidery floss that I'm looking forward to using.   You can read more about what all Aurifil is doing on their blog here.

And then I picked up the fabric that I had won for turning in my row-by-row quilt this year.   I got to pick the FQ's or yardage that I wanted.   And ended up with 5 half-yard pieces and 15 FQ's.

Most of them will either end up in the scrappy quilts or as backgrounds for my block-of-the-month designs.  But there is one that will end up in a future F2F swap block.

And for using the store's row in my quilt, I received this layer cake from the Moda Quilt for a Cause: Sunshine line.  The fabrics that were included in this line can be seen at this link.


1. Traffic was flowing really well this morning.

2.  I woke up feeling good today - maybe I'm caught up with sleep again.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Scrap Happy August

With my long-arm set up and working I've been able to start finishing off UFO's including this scrappy quilt. 

-- 41-42" square
-- Second quilt made with bonus triangles from a wedding quilt made about 4 yrs ago. 
-- approximately 60 different fabrics in it

And it has been sold already.

To see what everyone else has been doing this month with scraps check out the following blogs:

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Joanne, Jon, Hayley and Dawn


1. for a peaceful day, even if I overslept and didn't make it to church on Sunday

2. for friends who care enough to check on me when I don't show up somewhere I normally would be.

Winnng and a new beginning

2 wks ago I won this partial panel from Melissa who blocks at Pack Rat With a Plan.     I'd swear I had this one in the past, and who knows I may still have it hidden somewhere. 

The first step in putting these bears into a quilt was to cut the bears apart.  That gave me 10 of them, I'll use 9 of them (the 5 large and 4 of the small ones) in the finished quilt. 

My current plan is to work with the bears in a free-form, scrappy log cabin type of block.  Because of the way the panel was printed, the sides of the bears aren't straight as cut.  So a touch of the bears might end up cut off with the sewing.  I'm planning on making a dent in the lighter colored blues that I have in my scrap stash.   Might go into the medium blues depending on how far the lights go (not a lot of them) or see what I've got in the way of light colored FQ's.

I'm planning on trimming the blocks to a consistent size using my 15" ruler.    The block on the right is the first finished block and gives the idea what I'm looking to do with all of them.

1. For other bloggers who share their stash.

2. for having a stash of scraps to play with as I work on various quilts.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fixing Wonky Orphan Half-Square Triangle Blocks

I'm sure that most quilters every once in a while (surely not too often!) have blocks that just didn't quite turn out like they were supposed to.  I'll be the first to admit that not all of my blocks work quite right at times.

An example I'm not sure where these came from but these HST's have been floating around in my stash for a while.  These blocks started with the batik triangles that I had found in a scrap bin at some store once upon a time.   I then had made the HST's from them. 

However, when I laid them on top of the white fabric to sew them together had not left enough room between them for a correctly sized seam.  This is just one of the blocks and the narrow part of the seam allowance there is a scant 1/8th inch......and there were several that were literally only a few threads in width.  Definitely
not a good idea for use in a quilt!

In addition, some of my seams were a tad crooked....oops.....

So to make these usable for a quilt project, I first took an envelope and used it for a straight edge. 
Once I had it lined up, then I drew a line in so I could have something to stitch by.

Next up was restitching the seam line further over and making sure it was straight.
Once done with the stitching, I then trimmed the blocks to an unfinished size of 3 inches and pressed them open.  You can read more about how I  make my scrappy HST blocks in this post.
I then put them together into this snack along with one little block that has a quilty saying on it.

This is a funky picture because it looks like the mat isn't the same size on each and it really is because I trimmed it to size.


1. Had a nice quiet BD yesterday.

2. My long-arm is still working fine, even if the thread is being a pill.  Thankful that new thread isn't outrageously priced as I work to get the row-by-row quilt quilted.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Wrapping up the Week.

Busy week last week.  Worked from home for 4 days which takes a lot more concentration because it's easy to get distracted by all the 'fun' stuff here.   On the other hand, I did get a lot done while waiting for the computer to process things.  =)

The biggest thing accomplished this week was getting my quilt frame set up correctly.   I'm so happy to have it back up and usable for the first time in 3 years.   And even happier that my machine is behaving nicely.

First quilt that went on for me to practice on was this UFO made from swap blocks.  Checking back in my pictures swap was late 2014.  It's now waiting on binding.

Second quilt on the frame was this UFO quilt top.  Quilted in a meander pattern, this one has been sold.

I also put together three snack mats, all of which still need to be quilted.  The first used a UFO piece of cross-stitch for a focal point.   Green fabric and the lime green pleated trims were both remnants and worked perfectly for this.

Another piece of cross-stitch formed the start of this snack mat.  The cross-stitch was done on my road trip taken back in 2016 and started about the point where I visited my friend Susan.   I have a piece of hand-dyed aida from her to make another on using this pattern.  The green fabric was a remnant picked up this year, and the cream fabric with the dandelions on it was bought back in 2016 when I was row-hopping.

This snack mat started with some UFO HST's.   And even tho the pic makes it look wonky, it really is straighter than the pic shoes.

All three snack mats will be listed for sale when they are finished.

I also managed to design and then finished the four spool blocks that I need for the setting I've designed for my Quilting Bears mini-BOM this year.  I plan to release the setting at the same time as I release the August BOM.   There will be one more quilting bear to come in September and then this series will be done.
And finally, I had to stop by Joann's to get something I needed for a project and saw this piece of drapery fabric in the remnant bins.  I couldn't resist getting it (half off of the 50% off sale price).  It is heavier weight than the quilting cottons I've been working with but I think it'll work in the passport wallets.   If not then I'll use it to make travel pouch's or something along those lines for sale.


1. The start of a new decade for me today, been a good one so far.  Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

2. For help in getting the cord swapped out on the dryer.