"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

ScrapHappy - July 2020

In s=what seems to be the norm these days, the only quilting I've managed this month was the final three blocks for the Quilter's Trek shop hop that is happening now through September. 
These are to be 18" finished squares, but two of the blocks are not sewn together yet because I haven't made a decision on a final layout for the quilt I hope to turn in before the end of the month.
This block used up some leftover strips.  Wasn't colored as the shop had it, but still made the same.
 Blue fabric was leftover from one of the kits that I had bought for this year's trek.   4-patches should have been 9" finished but I goofed when I cut the squares for them.   So I used the final scraps to border two sides of the 4-patches to bring them up to size.

And this star is one of my favorite blocks to make, normally in a 9 or 12 inch size.............making the 3" ones in this was not fun, so glad there were only two of them!

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1. For encouraging news on some possibilities

2. For the continued sales of masks, and the income from the sales.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Stash Reduction Progress, 2020

One of my goals for this year was to downsize my stash by at least 200 yards.   At the beginning of the year I had imagined doing this by going through the stash and sorting out what I didn't want and then selling it. 

And I did go through all of my novelty fabrics and part of my Christmas fabrics, well the two xerox boxes full of them, and sorted out half to get rid of the novelty prints, and a grocery sack full of Christmas to start with (more to come of these!).     Some of the novelty prints did get listed and sold.   Also managed to get thru the two+ totes of precuts and weeded out some of those for selling.

But then C-19 hit and my focus ended up being changed as people began asking me to make masks for them.   I've still managed to continue downsizing the stash and am starting to see a wee bit of difference in some of the piles in my stash.

For the months of April through June, a total of 434 masks were made and delivered for orders/   Each mask takes 1/8th of a yard of fabric.   So during those months I used 54.25 yds of fabric from stash.......yeah for making a difference.

Adding this total with was already gone (28 yds) gives me a total of  82.25 yds gone from the stash...woohoo........

Now to keep the progress moving so that number can continue to increase.

1. The new HVAC system sure feels good with the high temps and heat index here in N Tx right now.

2. Hopeful positive news on the sale of the company I work for.

Monday, June 29, 2020


I've working on downsizing some of my many collections......cross-stitch kits among them.   In doing this I sorted out a large stack of kits in various sizes and themes.  Some had been sorted out for several years, I just had not gotten anything done with them.

A friend from Fort Wayne who I used to work with at Joann's does a lot of cross-stitch.   So I proposed a barter to her - If she'd finish off one kit that I'd had for more than 20 yrs without working on it, in return I'd send her all the kits I was getting rid of.

This is the beautiful piece of work that she did.   I can't wait to put it into a wall-hanging.


1. for friends who do beautiful work and who barter.

2. For the reminder of who is in ultimate control.

F2F block catch up

I've been bad about getting pics of the blocks I've been making posted this year....so here are the blocks for March, April, May, and June.

June blocks -
requested colors were indigo, gold, a touch of fuchsia, and a white background if needed

May blocks - 
Red, White and Blue were the requested colors

April blocks - 
Purple, Emerald, Gold, were among the requested colors

And March Blocks
Colors requested were true blues and browns

1. For Summer days that have not been too miserable so far
2. For the new HVAC system that makes the inside temps much better than last summer.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Scrap-Happy June

 First up this month was using up the final teeny scraps bits of the baggie of Fairy Frost fabrics in these bookmarks.
 Backs were also scraps from my prefused scraps.   And the pellon stiffener inside the bookmarks was also scraps.  Threads were from my stash.
And finally large triangles were sewn onto all of the scrappy triangles I've been working on, but most of them still need to be trimmed to size and then pressed open. 

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1.  In a time where I'm once again back to not being paid for work, I'm thankful for the income from all of the commissioned sewing.

2. for the blessing of having been able to get together with friends for dinner and card games this past week.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Goals - June 2020

thankful for all of the work that I've had lately, both the FT job (even if I'm not getting paid again) and the commissioned sewing).   One of these days I'll even manage to get something done for myself

Completions for the last few weeks -
  1. 50+ more masks have been made and delivered
  2. Interfacing for comforter repair tested and ordered/received
  3. Blocks 2 and 3 for the mystery Quilt - Completed
  4. Kona Gray fabric ordered
  5. Three jumbo (36" square) placemats - Completed
  6. Two custom bowl cozies - Completed

Goals for the next week or two -
  1. Iron 60" interfacing to the commercial comforter
  2. Stay up to-date on the mask orders
  3. Get purse started for CN for grad present
  4. Make quilted pocket for JD
  5. Make custom mask for LT
  6. Make masks for sale at market by LT
  7. Trim FF scrappy blocks to size
  8. Start quilting wall-hanging for Kitchen

Commission To-do's for June -
  1. Custom mask for LT
  2. Custom belt pocket for JD
  3. Rework of commercial comforter
  4. Mask orders as they come in
  5. Teddy Bear Quilt - Start quilting on this (money supposed to be coming in stages for it)

Coming and Current Commissions-
  1. Pincushions for sale - make and list
  2. Repair blanket/quilt for KA - materials on hand
  3. Owl Quilt for TK, 50" by 70" - final fabric on order
  4. Scrappy Tan/Blue quilt for KM - gather fabric for quilt
  5. Memory quilt for MF
  6. T-shirt quilt for TA from her Dad's t-shirts - materials on hand
  7. Memory bears for TA from dad's shirts - materials on hand
  8. T-Shirt quilt for CA from his shirts - materials on hand
  9. T-shirt quilt for CA from her shirts - materials on hand

2020 gifts -
  1. Pillowcase(s) for triangle support pillow for PN - For Christmas
  2. Purse for grad gift for CN

Possible Future Commissions-
  1. T-shirt Quilt for friend in an online group (no due date, waiting for shirts and specs)
  2. T-shirt quilt for a friend at church (no due date, waiting for shirts, specs)
  3. Men's Shirt alterations (multiple, not sure how many at this point) for AJ
  4. Hem dress and alter jacket for CJ

Possible Commissions/Sales-
  1. Airplane quilt - need to make sample blocks before getting back with friend to see if she's interested
  2. Music Quilt - long time possibility....rumblings about it happening again - Designed, waiting on down payment
  3. Quilt tops that are for sale (Wolf + more)
Other projects that need to be done -
  1. Keep up with blocks for this years F2F swap (June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, (Nov - done))
  2. List items for sale on Ebay or other fitting site
  3. List fabric "Sets" for sale on FB - In Process, lots more to go
  4. Ship snail quilt out for quilting - Needs to be boxed up and sent to SN for quilting 
  5. UFO Alphabet quilt #4 - Quilt, bind and finish
  6. Prep t-shirts for my own t-shirt quilt - t-shirts are all together (and have been for several yrs) but need to back with interfacing and get ready for quilting (doing quilt as you go).
  7. Downsize quilting fabric stash - Started, lots more to go thru
  8. Find place to donate clothing fabric - One email sent, waiting on response.  More to send
  9. Get website set up so that I can sell what I'm making and my quilts - started need to finish
  10. Continue looking for and applying for new, paying jobs

1. For being able to continue working from home

2. For having been able to pay off three bills (2 student loans and a card) in spite of everything going on