"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Little Green Apples Blog Hop - My Day

 Hi Everyone - today's my day to post on the blog hop.  

I've had fun working with some of my UFO's to get them finished so I would have something to post.   The tops for these were finished several years ago.   They are now quilted and bound!  And most-likely will be donated.

5+ years ago I bought a large package of coordinating pink and ,assorted coordinating green scraps. I ended up adding a couple of green remnants and cream tonal prints for the background fabric.   this is the first of two quilts that came from the scrap bag.
And quilt #2 from those scraps.
I had fun with this one just laying out scraps and trying to make a fun little quilt.

1. For being able to work on my projects and not just on commissioned projects at this time.

2. For the knowledge that more commissions will come in when the time is right.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Time for Something a little Different

 My commissioned work has slowed down at this point, but not gone away.   Type of projects in the pipeline have changed and range from quilt repairs to cross-stitch pieces and others.

First commissioned piece finished off this weekend was this custom cushion for my dad's office chair.   Custom measured to fit around the arms of the chair so that when he sits down it will stay in place.  I used an upholstery fabric (man did that stuff shed/ravel) over 3" high-density foam.   And put a zipper in the back panel so that the cover can come off if needed.   Next time I'll use denim for the cover!    

A tip for you if you ever work with foam - use an electric knife to cut it.   So, so much easier than trying to use a regular knife.

And the second finished project was to take this cushion bought in a second-hand store and cut it down to fit the passenger seat of my car.   My dad, at 91, has been having trouble getting out of the car because of the depth of the seat.   So this will help raise him up and make it easier to get out of the car.

1. For all the rain that we've been getting here in the desert, and the spring temps that are now here.

2. For my family and friends - they truly are blessings I don't take for granted.

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1. for the opportunity to be a small part of the wonderful community of quilters

2. For the mild winter, albeit somewhat wet, that we've had this year.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

ScrapHappy March 2023

 Lots of scraps were played with this month, in a variety of projects.   These two postcards had been started several years ago.   pulled a long ago completed piece of cross-stitch, and one of the many embellishments I've stashed for postcards out and finished them up.  Not the fanciest ones I've ever done, but better done that still languishing in a tote unfinished.

2 more quilted postcards were finished up.   And another piece of cross-stitch out of the UFO tote.  The postcard on the right was made with the remnant of a pieced strip someone had given me years ago.
Got this Scrappy quilt top made.   Dog prints were scraps I'd cut from scraps years ago, black & white prints were from scraps I'd been using in the other two B/W quilts I have in progress currently.   Setting triangles and borders were from remnants.
Quilted and bound this scrappy quilt.   Top was made several years ago.  So glad to have it out of the multitude of UFO tops I have.
Backing was a remnant that was border print.  

Last but not the least, was this little beaded ornament that I managed to get stitched.  Started with what I thought was a full Mill Hill Ornament Kit, only to figure out that all I had was the pattern, picture, and a few beads....oops.   Have not idea how that happened because I don't remember making it at anytime.  I was determined tho to make this "kit" so I sent digging through my stash of 'scrap' beads, aka all the beads i'd save from kits that I'd made years ago.   Ended up with 3 or 4 different colors of red, but I like this better than it would have been.   

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1. For a boss and job that work with me as I need to help my dad with medical appointments.

2. For the lovely spring weather out here in Phoenix (aka being thankful I'm not in WY this winter!)

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Scrap-Happy - February 2023

 Lots of scrappy fun happening this month thanks to getting the commissioned cheerleader quilt (2nd of 2 quilts for that customer) finished up.

In no particular order, I made a little bow tie for a stuffed peacock for Valentine's Day for a friend.   Tie was from a scrap, elastic out of my stash.
Made a snuffle mat for the daughter of the quilty friend the first one was for.  Scraps of denim (the base), and remnants of fleece were used to make it.
I finished up three spring time ornaments.  These were long-time UFO's stitching/beading was done at least 10 yrs ago.   Backs were made from scrap wool felt in the stash.
More beaded and cross-stitched ornaments were completed.  These were long-time UFO's stitching/beading was done at least 10 yrs ago.   Backs were made from scrap wool felt in the stash.
Another UFO beaded piece was used to embellish this scrappy postcard made from strings on the top, and a scrap of striped fabric for the backing.
This postcard was also a UFO.   Scraps  used for top and back, with an iron-on applique embellishing the top.
More Black-on-White and White-on-Black scraps were used to make the Square-in-a-Square blocks with scrap squares of dog prints.  Still debating about what I want to use for the setting triangles.   Currently thinking about black tonal fabrics (remnants or scraps).  This will likely be a donation quilt.
This was the first of two mini wall-hangings I made this month for my cubicle at work.   The 3 floral pieces were UFO cross-stitch pieces.  All fabric and batting was from my scrap/remnant  stash.

Second mini wallhanging.  Center is a UFO cross-stitch piece that i'd designed and stitched a lot of years ago.   It was made with scraps bits of floss, seed beads, and little pearls.  All fabric and batting were from scraps.

This quilt top was put together with a yellow remnant printed with road signs.  the pieced panel  is from scraps and was found in a scrap barrel at one of the stores I used to love visiting in Texas.   When finished it'll be a donation somewhere.

And the final project of the month was finishing this scrappy quilt.  Leftover bits of binding was used to bind it.

Don't forget to check out what everyone else has done this month - 

1.  I'm loving my job at ASU, and so very thankful for my manager who has been very willig to work with me as I've been needing to do more things for my dad.

2.  For the time to be able to complete projects of my own.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

ScrapHappy - January 2023


This month lots of prep work was happening with scraps for the most part.

First up was taking a lot of strips and short bits of leftover binding and making prairie points for more blocks.
Next up was cutting up my black on white fabs into the backgrounds for the two sets of blocks I have in progress.
Then it was time to prep the remainder of the prints I need for the circles in the circle quilt.  More brights and novelty prints have been found as I've been going through fabrics in the stash to downsize.   They'll show up at a later time.

Last in the prepping realm was taking three pieces of leftover cotton batting (yes, with cotton scrim) and cutting 9.5" squares for bowl cozies out of it.

Thanks to having the strips and prairie points prepped I was able to get another 16 of these blocks completed.   That makes a total of 33 blocks made so far.   I'm doing a 7 by 9 block setting so I need 63 total, leaving me with another 30 blocks still to be made for the quilt.

Check out what everyone else has done this month - 

1. For the job at ASU, it truly has been and continues to be a blessing to work somewhere that is willing to work with me as I need time to help do things for my dad during work hours.

2. For the many good friends that are in my life, those here in town and those that are scattered around the world.

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

2023 - Status of the Cross-Stitch Stash and first finishes for the year

 After working through to make sure that I have everything listed in my quilting/cross-stitch spreadsheet for this year here has given me the following stats for what I've got on hand:

  • 187 assorted kits
    • 35 are beaded ornaments
    • 152 cross-stitch or embroidery kits
  • 129 assorted UFO's
    • 28 are beaded ornaments
    • 101 are cross-stitch or embroidery pieces, finished sizes range from about 3" square to 11" by 14" or larger

I've already started working on finishing up some of the cross-stitch UFO's that have been stitched for years (at least 10+ years ago!). So far this year I've finished up a 18 beaded ornaments that I had stitched at least 10 years ago and never finished.  Most are for Christmas, but some are spring themed.   Still have 7or 8 more to finish up.

Numbers above will change slightly as the three kits I've ordered arrive.   These will be worked up as gifts for Christmas gifts this year. Aiming to make more progress on getting things into finished pieces this year amidst everything else on my plate.


1. For finally having the time to make progress on the cheerleader quilt and for it going well.

2. For the rain over the weekend and today that made pulling weeds this afternoon easier.   Still have more to go tho.

2022 -- Cross-Stitch Wrap-Up

Lots of cross-stitch pieces were done this year, especially compared to the last few years.  This little 3" square hedgehog was finished early in the year.   Still thinking about how I'll use it.
This piece finishes out to about 5" by 7".   Will use it to make a mini wall-hanging for friends who have a pet-sitting business in Texas.
This little 3" square piece was finished mid-year.   Still thinking about how I'll use it.  Might make a little ornament out of it....or?   Anyone have ideas on what I could make from it.
This little 3" square piece was finished mid-year.   Still thinking about how I'll use it.
Old world Santa Ornament done on perforated paper.   Finished off and mounted on green wool felt.
This little 3" square piece was finished mid-year.   Still thinking about how I'll use it.
Saw this kit in a store and couldn't resist it because of the snail.   I'll finish it off as a 
This was a little kit that stitched out at 3" square.   I finished it as a little ornament and gave to a friend for Christmas in 2022.
Finished the stitching off on this piece.   I'm planning on finishing off and giving it to a friend for a birthday gift in 2023.
These little ornaments have cross-stitch and beading.   All were kits by Mill House Beads.   They were stitched many years ago, probably 10+ to the best of my memory.    I trimmed the perforated paper they were stitched on and then glued them to wool felt to finish them off.

I finished these 11 Christmas ornaments in December.   These were all stitched years ago, one of them was dated 1999!   About time I got them finished.   I machine button-holed stitched them to a wool felt backing to finish them off.