"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Scrap-Happy July 2022

 Been an interesting month so far.   My last day of work was June 24th, so I've been at working around the house more as I look for another job, and work on getting the commissioned work and items for sale done.  

First up was Memory Quilt top #3.  This is laying on the top of my 3/4 bed that is 48" by 60" in size.   This was made with 6" and 3" finished squares.
Then came memory quilt top #4.  Lots of 3" squares in this one.   I put it together in rows instead of squares.   Still need to trim the outside squares (and yes that one pesky missing square has been added) and then add a border to this one.

Final memory quilt.  This one used 4" squares.  

All 5 of the memory quilts will be going to a longtime friend, his three kids and his brother.  I used scraps that his mom had leftover from years of sewing (and my WOW or cream scraps).
These strips were made from a bag of scraps that was with all of the ones I'd used on the memory quilts.  These are original 30's and 40's prints from what I can tell, with an occasional feedsack print.  I have an idea for a layout, but it's not high on the list right now to get done.
This is quilt top is one of the "mind worms" as it were.  From my days of sewing clothing for some friends I had some scraps and remnants of real embroidered linen left over.   And I wondered for years "what if they were put into a quilt top".......this month I finally did more than just wonder about it.     Am planning on listing this for sale.
This baby/toddler quilt came about as a result of me wanting to use the scraps that were in one of the scrap bags I used to buy.   These all coordinated.   I did add a few of my green scraps that matched to finish out the border. the WOW background was from scraps and remnants.   Am planning on listing this for sale.
And the final quilt worked on this past month was this one.   This started out with scrappy blue string sections that I had pieced back when I was in Indiana approximately 10 yrs ago.   The center strips in the blocks and the sashing squares are a few of the scraps from the leopard print twill I used to make the wheel chair arm cover a few months ago.  the polka dot fabric used for the sashing and first border is the only fabric not a scrap.   It will also likely be backing and definitely the binding.   Last border was from a remnant.   Am planning on listing this for sale.

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1. For a working air conditioner in this 115 degree heat here in the Phoenix Metroplex, and for being a customer of the cheaper electric company (and only having a small place to cool!)

2. For the time to be able to get some sewing done (for myself, commissioned work, and stuff to sell) while at the same time working to find the next contract or perm job.