"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Friday, June 28, 2019

Ice Cream Shake for a Summer Day, Row-by-Row Progress #2

The third row is complete except for the final embellishment of button "cherries" on top of the shakes. 

Pattern was from  The Quilt Asylum in Van Alstyne, Tx.  Nice store, but too far north for me to regularly stop there.

I used tonal fabrics from my scrap bins for all three shakes instead of the solids the sample used, and the drinks are sitting on a marble counter top.  The background fabric will be used in at least one other block to help bring continuity to the final quilt.

Row will be 12" by 27" when finished.


1. For ice so I can have cold water on a hot summer day.

2. For the enjoyment found in quilting.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Row-By-Row 2019 Progress, #1

Working on the patterns that I've collected so far is underway and I've completed two rows at this point.

This row was from the Blue Ribbon Quilt Shoppe in Wylie.  It finishes at 9" by 36".  However, I may adjust the width of the row if all of my other rows that are similar in shape are the 12" by 27" size.

This row was from Stitched with Love in McKinney.  It is complete except for the black buttons needed for the seeds.  Those are pulled but I don't have them stitched on yet.

And the basic layout that i'm planning this year is below.  I'm still thinking about what to do for the small areas that the rows will wrap around.  I'll be something scrappy I'm sure.  Meanwhile, I'll have one more day of row-hopping to get the two remaining rows that I need (both 18 by 18 ones) to finish the number that I need to turn in a quilt.


1. Paychecks are current for the first time in months

2. For the remote possibility of a bonus at work

Monday, June 24, 2019

Row by Row 2019

I went row-hopping over the weekend - one store Friday after work and 6 different stores on Saturday.  Just one more store and I'll have the minimum number of rows for my quilt.

This year they can once again be one of 4 different sizes, so that will make things interesting when putting them together.   I do plan on eventually donating the finished quilt somewhere.

First stop on the hop, Friday after work, was "Not Your Mama's Quilt Store" in Plano.  It's a small shop but has a nice selection of modern fabrics.   There I picked up this really cool background print that has text on it.

At the bottom of the pic are a handful of cream tonal FQ's to go in my stash and to use for a commission I need to continue working on.   The RxR website said the shop they came from was on the hop, but it wasn't actually participating this year because they are in the middle of a move.

I then went row-hopping on Saturday to the stores on the north side of the DFW metroplex.  First up was Pinkey's Too in Farmersville.   Cute little store, and less than a year old. 

One of the fabrics I picked up might be headed to a friend..... 

Their row is a cute little train showcasing the town history.

Next up was The Quilt Asylum in Van Alstyne.  Their row is the top pattern featuring ice cream sodas.  Bought the striped fabric for the straws. 

Next came Stitched With Love in McKinney.   Their row is the watermelon.  Picked up a cream tonal that I might use for part of a commissioned project.

The final shop I went to was Blue Ribbon Quilt Quilt Shoppe in Wylie.  Along with the pattern I also picked up a lighter teal by Jenny Beyer that I'll use for the background of a couple of the blocks.

The 4th shop I went to was Fabric Fanatics in Plano and I always love their selection of fabrics because they only carry batiks.  Here I bought the kit because their row has lots of little pieces, and the kit has them prefused and precut.     And they had everything together in a cute popcorn box.

The final shop (and #5 for the day) was Urban Spools in Dallas.  Smaller shop and modern fabrics, nice staff.  But I don't usually find a lot when I go to it.  Did pick up a remnant of a nice teal.   And their row pattern which is pp'd.   May end up using another row instead of this because the instructions for the row are confusing.

And I was able to get one row completed out of the 8 that  need to be able to turn in a quilt for a prize.  This just needs some black buttons for the seeds and it'll be complete.

Two more row patterns to collect and I'll have all I have to have for the quilt.   I know what shops I'll be visiting to get them with one more additional a possibility.


1. Last night's storm only brought rain, thunder and lightening.

2. I have money to pay bills.....including enough to pay the next one off.

Weekend Sewing - June UFO Weekend

Not too many projects worked on this weekend because I was also row-hopping here in the northern stores of the Dallas area over the weekend.

To give the length I needed for the snail quilt I added a 12" tall section across the bottom of the quilt.    Left side of the bottom shown here.
Right hand side of the bottom shown here.

The quilt still needs a border on it to finish out to the approximate size that I want.  Am debating whether to make it a single fabric (with a scrappy binding) or scrappy squares (with a solid binding).    The solid would be faster, but the scrappy would let me make a dent in the green scraps in my stash.

I also took the remaining washcloths that had been stashed away, all of which were plain, and added trim to them - either ribbon or a lace/ribbon combo.  Trims were from stash.    These are now ready for ties and finishing.


1. One paycheck has been received

2. The storm Sunday night was only heavy rain with a lot of thunder and lightening.

Friday, June 21, 2019

One Thing for the Week is Complete

I started with these two piles of washcloths that had been purchased 5-7 yrs ago and the transformation process started with them, but then stopped. 

 And yes....the neck cutouts have been there for at least 5 yrs.....sigh...........

Getting these finished up was my one thing goal for this week - and I actually finished it early!  Not often that I managed to do that.

 And here are the finished bibs....well one of each different style.   I didn't take pics of the all the dups........

A total of 26 bibs have been finished up over the last week.

1.  That I only lost power for about 14 hrs because of the storms that hit where I live Wed night but don't have any other property damage as a result.

2.  For the class I'm in on Wed nites at church

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Progress on the Bibs

I've been working on the washcloth bibs after pulling a second stack.  These are all ones that don't need any embellishments added to them - whether they've got a print or are textured.   The plain washcloths that need embellishments will come later.

This first stack has 12 in it.

 Batch 2 of the ones I'm working on at present.   This makes a total of 21 one currently in process.  And yes these truly are UFO's - the top two had the neck holes cut out yrs ago!

And here are some of the ones I've finished at this point.   The top row all actually have multiples (can be seen in the first two pics).

Not necessarily any rhyme or reason to how I'm working on them other I'm trying to prep and then sew all of the ones with the same colored ties to make the thread changes fewer.

Once these are still done, I've still got another 20+ yet to go.   Some of those just need the neck ties.   Others will need embellishments to 'fancy' up the plain wash cloths.

1. For having the "raw materials" and time to make gifts ahead of when they are actually needed.  Now I just need to find where the bias tape I bought not too long ago got put......hmmmmm.

2. For understanding coworkers in the midst of frustrations.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Working on Old Projects

One of the things I've been trying to do this year is to work on old projects.   One of those projects that I've run across this year in trying to go through stuff, was all of the washcloths I had purchased yrs ago intending to make them into baby bibs so that I would have a stash of them to draw on for baby gifts.   Well I have managed to do that with some of them, but as I've found I still have a bunch that need to be made into bibs.

 These 4 are now completed.
And this stack of washcloths have been pulled and are in the process of being sewn up into bibs.    There are still more yet to be sewn up.  Thankfully these are quick and easy to make.     I'll have plenty to pull future baby gifts from once these are done.  =)

1. For a variety of projects to keep me from getting bored.

2. For the dry weather today!

Weekend Progress

Lots of work got done this weekend, well quilty type work at any rate.   Not much else got done but that's beside the point.  =)

First up were finishing these two Quilted postcards for two different friends who had milestone birthdays last week.  The top one has already been delivered at a surprise BD party on Saturday.   The bottom one I still need to get a mailing address for so it can be sent off.

Then came finishing up the little bloomers for this toddler outfit.  This will be flying off my great-niece this week as an early BD present.  Her BD is in October, but summer outfits are so fun to make I couldn't resist making thsi as an early gift.

And then I got some concerted work in on my snail quilt.  It is about 86" square right now.   Width before border is good, but I need to add about 12-15 more inches in length.  Between the remaining 4 smaller snail blocks and some filler blocks I'll be able to do that w/o a problem.

This is the left side of the quilt

And right side of the quilt at this point.

Once the top is assembled, then I'll add a final scrappy green border using 4.5" cut squares to finish it off.

1. The worst of the storm passed by the little town where I live.

2. Word on the "street" is that payroll should be caught up this week, maybe next......time will tell.

Friday, June 14, 2019

ScrapHappy June

Been working on multiple scrappy projects this month. 

Fronts for two commissioned stockings have been completed. 

And the 2 gallon sized bags of blue scraps have been gone through and sorted into values/colors.   With a large pile sorted out to be sent off to a friend for use in scrappy quilts.
Backs for these 4 scrappy stockings have been cut from a remnant of an old Hoffman Christmas fabric.  Linings will be cut from another remnant this weekend.
Last, but not least these quilted postcards were made for two friends who are celebrating milestone birthdays this month.  Scraps were used for the front.  Backing fabric is from a remnant.   And the flowers are 'silk' flowers that fell off of their stems.  Buttons are used as their centers.

1. Cooler weather this week after horrendous storm on 6/9 here in the DFW area

2. For the recent gifts of free meal kits last week and this week - a boon to my budget!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Snails Are Congregating

One more part of the bottom section is almost together.

Filler blocks at the top right of the section are from Sharon H., Debbie C, Elaine G, Karen W, Jean I, and Lois G.   All friend from the one quilt list. 

The snail in the bottom left corner were orphan swap blocks that were sent to me and the two that have names on them are from Sharon K (now Sharon H) and Marjorie Y. 

The shell of the upper left snail was made with charms from the Lotto quilt I made for the Sacramento get-together of the same group the signature blocks are from.

And as I get more of this last section together, I'm seeing that I won't have as many extra blocks as I had feared.   So they might end up pieced into the backing.  Or I might be lazy and find an inexpensive wide backing and use that. 

Once all the sections are together then I need to put a 4" or so border around the whole thing, but I haven't decided what I want to use for that.   Any ideas?

1. one paycheck (out of three behind) has been received and in perfect timing to pay bills for the rest of the month.  God's timing is perfect!

2.  Not running the AC to save on the utility bill is proving to be bearable.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Snail quilt Progress...........

I've started putting the final 30" tall section of the snail quilt together.   And it's looking like I'm going to end up with a bunch of the 12" tall snail blocks leftover..........oops......  Two UFO blocks were added to this section beside the snails.

Bottom strip is made of UFO/orphan blocks made back in 2002 sent to me by a friend.  Signatures on them are from Diane N., Jean I., Trenace W., Monique M., and Heather G. all friends from an online quilt group I've been a part of for over 20 yrs.

This section is 30" square and is approximately 1/3 of what i need to put together for the final strip of the quilt.


1. For  options.........

2. For the house not being overwhelmingly hot even tho I'm only running the AC very, very occassionally.  Guess I haven't lost the desert rat part of me....lol.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

June - Project List and Goals

Got several things finished up this month, and made progress on others.   I'll be house & critter sitting for about 6 weeks starting the end of June, and my plans at this point including getting at least 4 quilts quilted and bound, and hopefully several of the tops that I've made to sell as well.

Completed -
  1. Three 36" square quilts made for Hands 2 Help for Jack's Baskets.  These were made from orphan blocks and scraps, with all from stash.  - Completed and mailed off
  2. Quilted Pillow Shams - Completed and mailed off in time for the opening of the wedding presents
  3. Repair Skirt for SN's Friend - completed and mailed off
  4. Riley Blake / MQG Challenge Quilt - Completed and designed

Commissions -
  1. 16" pillow from bodice of wedding dress for KA- Sleeves have been removed and trying to figure out the best way to clean the discolored lace on the bodice now
  2. 4 or 5 10" ring bearer pillows from wedding dress for KA
  3. Christmas stockings for J and J for RG, due no later than July 2019- I know the style she wants now, just need to piece at least one more "blank" and might do two so that the fabrics in them are the same.

UFO's planning on completing -
  1. Eye Spy (H-Blocks) (For family who lost all in Campfire wildfire) - Top Finished
  2. Eye Spy (Snowball blocks) (For family who lost all in Campfire wildfire) - Top Finished
  3. Old time Baseball quilt (For family who lost all in Campfire wildfire) - Top Finished
  4. Teddy Bear, full-sized
  5. Scrappy snail (to be sold)
  6. Scrappy kitten (to be sold)
  7. Scrappy puppies (to be sold)
  8. Wolf (to be sold)
  9. Whale and Anchor baby quilt (to be sold?)
  10. Perhaps pull out a set or two of UFO blocks and put into tops

New starts/ Ongoing projects - 
  1. Outfit for munchkin (early BD present) - in progress
  2. BD card for a friend turning 60
  3. Cross-stitch wallhanging needed for a shower gift (shower is for a couple who have adopted a couple of kids) - in progress
  4. Quilt top from Susan (For family who lost all in Campfire wildfire) - Top Finished
  5. Maze (strings and 3-d bowtie blocks) (planning to submit for possible publication) - Still only half assembled
  6. Snail quilt for me - In Progress, Top third now together, assembly on middle third has started
  7. Make the planned curtains using my F2F blocks
  8. Batik string blocks, no plan for them yet - In slow progress
  9. Make setting for Bear Family Album and write up for pattern
  10. 2019 Row-by-Row possible....not sure on this theme, but I do like winning....lol....
  11. Develop better photography skills for use in my quilting

BOM - 
  1. Release Marine Bear - Sample block made
  2. Release Coast Guard Bear - Sample block made
  3. Release Air Force Bear - Sample block made
  4. Release Setting
  5. Decide on next BOM Theme
Quilts to Sell - 

Realistically go through my quilts and think about whether I really want them or have a place to use them and sell the ones that I don't.

Think about trying to sell my longarm.......

1. for the cane that helps stabilize me when the knee hurts

2. for being able to pay the bills even when pay checks are weeks behind..........

Monday, June 3, 2019

New Projects

Several existing or new projects have seen progress made on the this past weekend.

Work started on the wedding dress pillows.  The sleeves have been removed.    Next step is to figure out if I can 'clean' the lace on the bodice to remove the discoloration in a couple of places on the lace.  I've been given a couple of ideas on what I might use to do this so now I need to find the products and see if they work. 

If they don't then I'll be cutting out the discolored areas (lace only, the satin underneath is fine) and appliqueing pieces in from one of the sleeves.
Then came working with these t-shirts - I needed to count them so that I could figure out how many logo's were on them in order to figure out the amount of fabric I was going to need for sashing and backing.   

Resulting count told me that there are enough for a 5 by 6 block layout.   Next up is figuring what size block I can make and then I can figure fabric needs.  This will need to be completed before October.

And the final project worked on was this little summer top for my great niece.  It will be an early BD present.   I still have the matching bloomers to make for it.

The pattern is easy enough but it is unlikely that I'll make this one again because of how much of the double-fold bias tape and rick rack trim is needed to make it (they cost more than the fabric!).  Aiming to finish this one before the end of this week so I can mail it off.

More new projects are yet to come -

-- something for my mom for her BD - late on this one.....oops
-- pillowcase for a support pillow for a very late bd present...still trying to find the pattern for this one...sigh
-- the commissioned stockings (due end of july)
-- the possible commissioned airplane quilt
-- multiple possible/probable memory quilts from a long-time friend
-- t-shirt quilt from a friend in an online quilt group I've been a part of for years

Enough to keep me busy for a while!

1. for the plentitude of commissioned work at the present time

2. For the variety of projects that I've got at the present

Weekend Finishes

Finished a couple of things this past weekend. 

First up were two quilted postcards.  These started off with two matching mini pieces of cross-stitch.  The fabrics used on the tops of the cards were from my stash of Fairy Frost scraps that I had saved several yrs ago as I was making blocks for a contest held by Michael Miller Fabrics.

Backing fabric for the two cards.  One of the cards already has a destination....I just need to get it in the mail.

And I made two more 9" tall by 13.5" wide snail blocks for my snail quilt.   The shells were made with blocks from my friend Susan.  How fitting that the brown one is a friendship star since she's been a wonderful friend over all the years that I've known her.

The snails were made with scraps from my stash - the leaves were left over from a long ago fav fabric block swap, and the pink was a piece I had picked up in a scrap bag from a local quilt store.  Now time to start putting together the final section of the quilt.


1. For the memories that are in the blocks in this quilt.

2. For the fun of being able to find the fabrics I've needed for the blocks in my stash.

"Paintings" and Encouragement

Finances have not been great lately.......esp. the income side of things.....So I've been more than a little bummed at just being able to tread water in terms of paying bills but not being able to pay off anymore at this point (I'd mapped out paying another one off and making a small dent in a second one sigh.....).

But then FB reminded me of this picture which I'd posted a year ago
And then when I looked at the same 'paintings' (altho not in the same order as the 2018 pic) I was reminded of how far I have been able to come over the last year in spite of all the financial difficulties associated with the job that I've got.

God truly has been faithful to provide all that I've needed and many blessings beyond the basic needs.

1. For gentle reminders

2. For the many possibilities that are coming for commissioned work this year.

H2H goodies

 I was blessed to participate in Hand 2 Help 2019.  And in turn have been blessed with the goodies that I ended up getting from the sponsors of the quilt drive this year.

First were these two goodies from Moda Fabrics - a leather coaster and a little sketch book.
And then this wonderful fabric bundle of coordinating fabrics with a chemistry/science theme from Northcott Fabrics.   Perfect to go with the ties I have that were my Dad's for some sort of quilt.   Now if I only knew where I'd stashed the ties I could put everything together.  Nope, I don't know when I'll get to work on that memory quilt, but at some point it'll happen.

1. Being able to work from home the day I have to report in the afternoon for jury duty

2. Clear skies today (not liking the humidity tho....lol)

Cross-Stitch Progress

Progress is being made on the cross-stitch piece.   The black cross stitch letters are almost done, and there are commas to go in after each line below.   Once those are done then I can start on the remaining letters in the piece. 

The shower has been moved back to August 3rd so I don't have to panic about getting it done.

1. For the reminder this weekend that even though I'm not proceeding as fast as I might be o paying off debt, things are still being paid down.

2. For the possibilities that are out there for more commissioned work this year.