"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saving the purse......

A few years ago I was gifted with this purse from a quilt friend.   I've used it a lot over the years.  So much that while the outside is still in good shape, the lining of the handle part has frayed and come apart at the seam line multiple times. 

The first time that it started coming apart I sewed a piece of lightweight leather over the seam where the damage was.  That repair can be seen at the very far right corner of this pic. 

The damage this time though is more extensive and was on both sides of the leather from the first fix.

 Second side here. 

To fix these I did a two step fix - first part was to take wonder under fusible web and layer it between the lining and the interior of the seam and then fused the two layers together.

 First side with the patch. I sewed two 5" charms together in order to have a piece big enough to cover the damage.   I then top stitched around all edges and then did a stretch zigzag through all layers to hold it all together and for extra strength.
Second side with it's patch.  You can see the stretch zigzag stitching in this pic.

Purse is now good for more years of service. 


1. All paperwork for the house is in, and now waiting on the appraisal.

2. A beautiful weekend.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Peeks of Color

The house I'm in process of buying (and getting closer to it being mine!) has a neutral color palette in the kitchen.  I'm
thinking that I'll use this palette for the 2018 F2F swap that I'll be signing up for this year.    But I'm trying to decide if I want a pop of color in basically neutral blocks.    I'm thinking neutrals in assorted shades of taupe, tan, cream, grey, gold, and a light brown, with maybe a pop of teal.

I plan to put these blocks together in curtains for the patio door in the dining room which is right next to the kitchen. 

What do you think of the color scheme I'm thinking of?


1. Sellers have agreed to make the needed repairs

2. Appraisal has been ordered

Monday, April 23, 2018

Scraps....Scraps......and More Scraps

One of the things that has to be dealt with as I start to get ready to move (if not for this house possibility, then definitely by the end of July), is all of the scraps that have not been "filed" in their appropriate ziploc bag. 

The two bins that I've been tossing scraps look like this - stacked well above the top edge of each basket.   Can you tell I haven't put them away in awhile?

I "file" my scraps by color in large ziploc bags  I use 1 and 2 gallons sizes the most.  This is part 1 of the scraps after sorting.  The blues alone will fill a 2 gallon bag by themselves.   I think that will make the third bag of blues that I've got right now.   Time for another scrap quilt in blues!

This pic show the solids, partial orphan blocks, some WOW's, scrap bindings, and a pile of strings from one line of fabric that I have plans for.

There is a big pile of multi-color scraps in the middle picture that I need to sort through and see if they are ones that I might use.   And if not then they will go into the box I'm filling to be sent to a gal on the Sunshine list who uses a lot of scraps.   I wonder if I'll be able to close the big totes my scraps are in after I take these all up or if I'll have to start another one........


1. House inspection was good for the most part with only one really major thing that needs to be fixed.

2. Mortgage paperwork is underway.

Friday, April 20, 2018

New Commissions

The fabric for the next three commissioned passport wallets has been pulled and shown to my coworker who has ordered them.

The outer (focus print) fabrics are the ladybugs, wolves, and owls.  The other fabrics are the coordinates for them.   I'm not sure on the blue though with the owls.  I may switch the light blue out for something a little brighter instead.  Gonna talk to the person who ordered it first before making a final decision.


1. My offer on the house was accepted!!!!

2. That I have packing down to a science.....lol.........

Monday, April 16, 2018

April Bear of the Month - Jan the Ironing Bear

Meet Jan who is at a quilting retreat.   She is busy ironing a quilt for her friend Susan.

This block finishes out at 12" and may be done by machine applique or hand applique. 

The pattern will be free for one month, and can be found HERE.


1. Offer is in process of being made on the house I saw on Friday.

2. God will provide the finances that are needed to make my budget work if I get the house....even if that means a PT job.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

RWB Sampler finished

Finished the scrappy sampler this evening.    It finished at 60" wide by 72" long.  No border going onto this one.

It will be shipped off to American Heroes sometime this week with the quilt top shown below that I finished last year and never shipped off.


1. for having the time to look at my budget to figure out the best offer that I can do on the house I looked at this past Friday.

2. For sales of the wallets slowly growing.   Now with the Lords help to get it to grow more.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Scrap Happy April

One of the things that I'm trying to do as I get ready to move by July is to work on getting projects finished up and into the mail.   I finished this scrappy little quilt and it will be donated to Little Lambs for Hands 2 Help.

Backing was a piece of 60" wide flannel from my stash and the blue kona used for the binding was a remnant piece in my stash.

One of the projects that I'm trying to finish up is this scrappy quilt top for American Heros.   Over the years I've been making sample blocks for my new block designs using RWB fabrics using scraps.   And the last year I made a bunch of blocks smaller than 12" using more scraps.   I'm now taking those smaller blocks and bordering them and or combining them to make 12" blocks.

My plan is to make enough blocks to set them 5 by 6 blocks.   I'm hoping to get this and another top that I've had completed in the mail this month.


1. For more houses in my price range coming on the market in the last week or two.

2. For the passport wallets I've been making selling well, hoping this trend continues

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Passport Wallets

I finished the next commissioned passport wallet, this one is headed to a friend in California.  I used a different pattern for the credit card wallet this time so that it would be easier to make.  I've got a couple things I want to tweak (basically tweaks to sizes) for the next one to make but overall I'm happy with how much easier to make this one is than the one I'd made on the first two wallets.

I've pulled these fabrics (and another couple not shown here) for passport wallets.  So much fun going through the stash looking for fabrics that work with a travel theme or are prints that people would like.   All of these are planned to go up for sale on Etsy.

These two have been cut and paired with the appropriate coordinating fabric .
And this Van Gogh inspired print has been paired with a Navy Kona solid.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Wallet Froggies and more

Another commissioned passport wallet was completed this past weekend.   

This one with the remaining Froggie fabric from my initial prototype wallet and more polka dots.    Front of the wallet shown here with a cellphone pocket

 Inside of the wallet and the detachable & adjustable strap. 
 Back of the wallet with an extra little pocket on the back.

Selection of prints I've pulled for the next round of wallets that I'll be making.  These are not sold / ordered at this point, so the plan is to get them made and put up for sale either on Etsy or on Ebay.

I do have three more wallets that have been ordered and paid for, but am still in the process of finding the requested fabrics for those.

Next project up though is a set of 5 pillow covers for a friend.  Will work on them and several other projects at the same time, including some of the wallets. 

1. the weather is starting to warm back up after a cold end to last week.

2. more houses are being listed on the market, so hopefully something will open up soon in my price range.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

The Wedding Quilt

Spent this past weekend in Indiana visiting cousins that I had never met in person and attending the wedding of my sweet niece and her new husband.  Had a great time with the cousins at dinner and a movie ("I Can Only Imagine") and then the next day for brunch on the farm their parents have. 

Next up was breakfast with this special adopted niece who is expecting her first child.   Baby quilt coming up.....

Finally have a pic of the entire wedding quilt and the recipients.   Quilt finished at 85" square and fits on a queen-sized bed.  There are approximately 230 different fabrics in the finished quilt.
The wedding was followed by lots of time spent with one of my best friends Pam (mom to Claudia) and the rest of the family and church on Easter Sunday.  Had a wonderful time through out the weekend not withstanding the snow on Sunday night that I had to scrape off the rental car at 6 am Monday morning!

Next up - it'll be back to the passport wallets that have been ordered, and several others that I've got fabric for so that I can start getting some made up for sale.  Also need to get quilts already finished up listed for sale...........oh and still need to find a house....lol.

1. Travel was relatively without problems (never mind the fact that my back did not like riding in the rental car!)

2. No snow out here in TX!