"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Final 2017 Progress

Made progress on several more projects while out here in Phoenix.

Got the sections for my mini swap quilt for the Modern Quilt Guild.   Will press and trim them to their 2.5" size once i'm back home again.

Put these 6" blocks together.   They were one of my many UFO's and as best as I and friends can date them, are from a swap back in 1998.  I've got 5 more blocks, 4 of which will be used for the corners of the first border.   Remaining border will be the same WOW that I used for the corners on the top and bottom rows.   And then a final border will be a green 30's print.

 And I finished off this small Cross-body purse that is my last Christmas gift for the year.   It will be mailed off with the other gifts for my friend and her family this coming week.


1. Wonderful weather while I was out here.

2. Hopefully an ok forecast for when I'm driving home (once back into Texas)

2018 Goals and To-Do's

I don't normally do yearly goals or resolutions, but do make myself lists of all that I would like to accomplish in the foreseeable future.   For me these normally break down into at least five different categories.

  • Look into finding and getting Tableau training
  • Email to Sharing Committee re: missions and status / to-do's
  • Make word doc copy of missions application and send out to committee

  • Applique sweatshirt for D - pattern printed, needs fabric pulled
  • Stretching Art Challenge Quilt - Due in February, layout has been sketched and material obtained
  • Tablerunner for QuiltMaker - Finished piece due to QM by end of Feb.
  • Tablerunner for QM, pattern pieces/sizes - due first week of Jan to QM
  • MQG mini swap quilt - Due in February, PP'd sections made, need to be assembled
  • Wedding quilt - Binding and Label
  • Wedding Quilt - Make backing
  • Send the Wedding quilt off to be quilted
  • 2018 BOM - Make the blocks in a timely manner
  • Start working on next block (for Vol.18) for submission to QuiltMaker
  • Scrappy Wolf - in process of cutting 2.5" squares needed for quilt
  • Scrappy Deer - pattern chosen
  • Finish Hankie Butterfly quilt (quilting and binding) - Send out to be quilted
  • Complete the Regatta QAL

Commissioned Sewing
  • Appliqued T-Shirt for D (commission) - Materials have been pulled and templates printed.  
  • Follow up on possible t-shirt quilt commissions (2 of them)

  • Complete 30's Baby Cakes blocks quilt top and donate for sunshine auction
  • Put together top with 30's Granny's Choice 9" blocks (12 blocks)
  • Put together top with Aqua & Brown Swap blocks, set 1, 11 blocks
  • Quilt one of my 2015 mystery quilt top

  • Get needed information together for my pattern that QuiltMaker is publishing.  Due to them ASAP (will be sent off the first week of January)
  • Publish the final bear pattern for the 2017 BOM
  • Write up pattern for Calico Lion, Block 1 for 2018 BOM
  • Write up pattern for Sherry Bear 
  • Write up patterns for the military bears (5 individual patterns + 1 combined pattern) and publish on Craftsy
  • Write up patterns for the quilting bears (3 individual patterns + 1 combined pattern) and publish on Craftsy
  • Write up snail quilt pattern and publish on Craftsy

1. For safe travel to/from Tucson to visit friends

2. For The blessing of time with friends and family

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Arizona Shop-Hopping, Part 3

Part three of my shop-hopping ...... all shops here in the Phoenix area.

First up was a stop by the west-side 35th Ave Sew & Vac.  Almost everything I bought was on sale.  The two fruit fabrics were the only ones not on sale.  Those will be used in "lemon meringue" pie and "key lime" pie potholders.  the upper left fabric is a beautiful plum with gold tracing on it.  The bottom is an ombre that goes from dark to light.

 Then there was a selection of wonderful tans and creams for my background fabric stash.

Next up was a brief stop at Three Dudes Quilting.  More for the background stash.   Love the one that is in the upper left with the ladies silhouettes.

Then came one final stop at SAS.  Didn't find the batiks I was looking for, but did find more for the background fabric stash.  The piano and cardinal prints have plans already percolating for them in my head.

Meanwhile, notice a theme behind my purchases?   LOL


1. That the dog who I'm pup-sitting didn't get sick when she used my bra for chew toy (and chewed a chunk out of)......sigh.......

2. for this beautiful weather!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Arizona Shop-Hopping , Part 2

I tend to shop ahead for gifts, esp. since the BD's in my family start back up in February.   As a result I like wandering into stores like Tuesday Morning occasionally to see what kind of goodies I can find for gifts. 

Well, I wandered into one out here in Phoenix and what I found was goodies for me.    First up was a spice blend that I really like on my roasted veggies in the morning.   I had found one in TX at a Ross, and then found them out here....4 more are going home with me.  =)

But the best goodies - were these precuts from Benartex at a great price (all less than half of retail).   I could have chosen from about 6 different charm squares sets, several different jelly rolls, and the "honey bun" roll (1.5" strips). 

What I came home with were these two charm squares, both blue based that I've got ideas for.   And all three of the "honey bun" rolls that they had.   These are all Kona solids and 41 different colors that are reminiscent of the colors in 30's repro fabrics.   I'm thinking I'll use one of them in this Regatta quilt/sew along and the other two....well I've got ideas for them as well running around in my mind.  Now mind you, I won't get this started before about April, but that's beside the point - it's on my to-do list for next year.  =)

So what is the most unusual place that you've found fabric before?


1. Allergies have been controllable with just an occasional pill while out here.

2. The blessings of friends who have allowed me to stay with them for 10 days.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Arizona Shop-Hopping, Part 1

I admit it.....I like to visit the shops here in Arizona when I'm out here.   I miss having the variety available out here when I'm living else where.

First up was a trip to SAS.   SAS is a store that sells fabrics by the pound as well as by the yard.   And the types of fabrics runs the gamut from quilt shop quality cottons (nowadays) to upholstery and leather remnants.    Here I picked up a blue I couldn't resist, and 4 different prints for my scrappy backgrounds.   Also found a variegated cotton thread for a great price, a zipper for a belated gift and a pkg of extra wide bias binding.

Next up came a stop at the Bernina Store in Prescott Valley.    Nice fabrics but nothing really caught my eye.Did get a tan tonal FQ for background use, and a 1/2 of an owl print that I'm planning to make potholders out of for a gift.

Just across the highway and down a bit is Cloth Plus in Prescott Valley.   When I headed down the street to the store I really wondered about it because there are houses on one side of the street, and industrial type buildings on the other.   However, once in the store I found a really nice selection of fabrics.  I picked up 4 different ombre fabrics and 2 FQ's for backgrounds.

And I also found this gorgeous ombre and batik that I'm going to use to make the mini quilt I need to get made for a modern mini swap that i'm in.

Once I left Prescott Valley, it was onto Cottonwood AZ and the Quilt and Sew shop.   Lots of nice fabrics and a large selection of sale cuts.   As you can see I found quite a few that just had to come home with me.   The zebra print will find a home in one of the blocks for my 2018 BOM.  Also bought their 2017 row-by-row kit, and they gave me a free mug.

The final quilt stop on my tour of Northern AZ shops was the Quillter's Store in Sedona.  They had their usual great selection of fabric, but it was the sale bins of $1 FQ's that caught my eyes......and yes there were a big bunch that had to come home with me.....32 to be exact.   Lots of batiks as well as some others.

And finally from the day that I drove into Phoenix, I made a detour in Tucson to stop at The Quilt Basket.   Bought their row by row pattern, a panel that will find it's way into mug rugs, 3 half yds for backgrounds (notice a theme here?), and finally the color of Kona that I need to make the bias strips for the pie potholders that I've been making.

1. Time with family and friends here in the Phx area

2. Beautiful weather!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

On The Downhill Slide.....

..........for putting the wedding quilt top together.   I managed to get 2 full rows put together today in spite of having to take apart 15  or so of the star point blocks and resew the solid half to the correct side of the points.   Had to get three more blue fabrics as well because it seems I couldn't count when I was cutting the star centers...........   I haven't counted the number of different fabrics in the quilt yet, but will do that.

I'm now 80% of the way complete and only have the final row & border to go.   These will all be done as blocks and I'm hoping to get them done this weekend.

Once this is together, I'm hoping to be able to send it off for quilting......but haven't had too much luck yet in finding a quilter to do it for me.


1. I'm not having to deal with the cold, rainy weather back at home.

2. Reconnecting with long time friends back here.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Vacation Sewing

Yes, I brought my sewing machine and several projects with me on vacation.   The blessing of staying with friends is that they know I sew and don't mind if I do it during the day time.  =)

First project to be worked on is the wedding quilt.   I know have 20% of it together (5 blocks + applicable border sections) and am working on block #6.   Thankfully they are going together fairly quickly, as a result I'm hoping to get this together before I change residences.  First two rows from the top are in progress.

Project #2 will be working on my art challenge quilt for this year.   It is basically a whole cloth quilt, and I've decided to baste in where I need to stitch......I think..........lol........I may pick up some tissue paper from the dollar store and draw it out on that instead then stitch through the paper.   I'm still debating on how to do the ladybugs to show depth - currently thinking of beading over stuffed little figures.  I do know I'll have to make some of the leaves 3D to give the right sense of 3D-ness to the quilt.   Final stop of 4 or 5 for this group exhibition will be a month long stay in an art gallery in PA where those that want to can put their quilts up for sale.  And I've said that I'll put mine up for sale.  =)  I'd like to get all of the plant stitched in while out here.   Beading I'll leave for home.   Here is the pic I'm working from (found on the web).

Project #3 will be making the blocks (and hopefully top) for a mini quilt I need to get completed for  an online swap.   Pattern has been decided on, just need to pickup fabric for it.

And should all projects make progress I have a set of swap blocks made with 30's repro fabrics
that just need to be put together.........lol.

1. Safe travels on the long days of driving this past weekend.

2. Good times with friends and family so far and more to come.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

ScrapHappy December

I've been knee deep in getting the "parts" made for the scrappy wedding quilt I'm working on.   And finally have all of the sub-units made, or as I call them the "parts".     Have no clue how many different blues and cream tonals there are in these, but I am going to try to count them as I put it together.   there are about 80+ of the ones with the blue corners, and 120+ of teh ones with the cream corners.   Each one is unique.

I'm taking these with me on vacation because I'll be house-sitting for a friend so I'll at least be able to sew some those days.  By January 15th the top will be together so I can get it to a quilter.

1. Am on vacation!  Woohoo........
2.  Will see friends and family this coming weekend - can't wait!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Progress on the to-Do list

Made some progress on the to do list over the weekend.....of course I ended up adding stuff to the list that I'd forgotten to add before....doesn't look like early nights for me coming up this week if i'm to get it all done.

  • Make reservations for hotel stay to Phx, and for the 23rd-25th (I really don't want to sleep in the car so this is a must....lol) - made but cancelled all reservations after a friend wrote me asking if I'd like to stay with them, my answer was a definite yes!
  • Enter the clothing I'm donating into my spreadsheet, box up and put into the back end of the car
  • Mail Christmas gifts to Indiana - Not gonna get done till after I get back because I'm still trying to finish up gifts that need to go in the package.
  • Pack for trip
  • Enter hold mail request online - Done yesterday
  • Pick up prescription refill - Done yesterday
  • Run a load of laundry
  • Make sure all perishables are out of the fridge before leaving
  • Gather audio books for the trip
  • Make reservation for Friday night - either El Paso or Las Cruces
  • Email to my friend Mark in Tucson to see if he'd like to meet for lunch on Saturday as I pass thru
  • Email to Sharing Committee re: missions and status / to-do's
  • Make word doc copy of missions application and send out to committee
  • Continue contacting friends to set up times to get together - In Progress

  • Appliqued Sweatshirt for D (Christmas gift)
  • Appliqued Sweatshirt for M (Christmas gift)
  • Finish gingerbread mug rug
  • Cross-body purse for P (Christmas gift) - In process, but had to find the link again for the pattern since I can't find where my printed copy went.  Hoping to finish tonite
  • Appliqued T-Shirt for D (commission) - Materials have been pulled and templates printed.  Plan to work on before leaving and mailing from Phx
  • Fruit Cobbler potholders - what I can get done for extra Christmas gifts - might get one more set made, but will be pulling totes and/or snack mats that are already finished to use as gifts as well.
  • Fruit Cobbler potholders (commission) - two blueberry, two mixed berry - due mid January - Need to get more blueberries
  • Stretching Art Challenge Quilt - Due in February, not started
  • MQG mini swap quilt - Due in February, have patterns printed out
  • Wedding quilt - Binding and Label
  • Cut remainder of rectangles needed for the wedding quilt - Done!
  • Make remaining sections for the wedding quilt, and press - In progress
  • Make remaining 24/25 blocks for the wedding quilt, including pieced border
  • Add sashing to the Calico Lion block - Need to take with me as a project so that I can start this BOM in January of 2018.  
  • 2018 BOM - blocks 2 and 3
  • Start working on next block for submission to QuiltMaker
  • Scrappy Wolf - in process of cutting 2.5" squares needed for quilt
  • Scrappy Deer
  • Finish Hankie Butterfly quilt (quilting and binding) - Need to find a quilter that will reply to me...or else maybe take it to my local quilt shop where they do quilting.

  • Write up pattern for Calico Lion, Block 1 for 2018 BOM
  • Write up pattern for Sherry Bear 
  • Write up patterns for the military bears (5 individual patterns + 1 combined pattern)
  • Write up patterns for the quilting bears (3 individual patterns + 1 combined pattern)
  • Write up snail quilt pattern

Projects for the Trip
  • Calico Lion Block - Sashing
  • Wedding Quilt - put remaining blocks together
  • Mini swap quilt - make blocks and put top together (may need to buy fabric for it there....horrors....lol)
  • Stretching Art Challenge quilt - sandwich top and baste in the leaves and plant, figure out how I'm going to make the lady bugs (beading?  stuffed applique? a combination?)
1. For provision of lodging that will save me a bundle

2. For friends who let me run a load of laundry at their house while I don't have a dryer to use at home.

Finishes over the weekend

Almost finished this potholder, just need to add the binding for it after I find fabric that will work.

Next up was this quilt top that is approximately 40" by 60" in size.  It was made in response to both a challenge on Sunshine in a quilt that would be sent to Quilts Beyond Borders as a part of what the Sunshine group normally does.   And it also fit the challenge that my friend Susan of DesertSky Quilting had challenged her readers to do for charity for advent.

I used a Long Quarter of a halloween monster print and pulled an orange checked print and a yellow TOT strip to make the rail fence blocks.  A lime green TOT strip for the inner border and solid orange for the final border

Final look has almost a 3D look too it because of the colors and the way they work with each other.
You can read more about the #adventblocksforcharity by clicking on the image to the side.

Next up was the stitching on this embellished sweatshirt for my mom.  This was one scene from a panel of cute kitties.   Still have lots to work with for future projects.  =)
And the final project over the weekend was making this little mug rug.  It finished out at 9.5" square the pattern and a couple of the fabrics (the house and the snow) came as part of the third free kit during the shop hop I participated in back in November.  This will most likely end up being a gift for someone this Christmas.

1. Thankful for the friends who have invited me to stay with them during my trip to Phx.

2. Thankful for being able to house-sit for friends in Phx and being able to sew while i'm there.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Goals and To-Do's

I would love it if life slowed down for a bit...........but that isn't going to happen anytime soon.....lol.   Well maybe once I'm on Vacation the end of the month, but I won't bet on that.

At any rate, for my sanity and to hopefully keep me focused I'm writing down my goals and to-do's for the next 6-8 wks or thereabouts so that I can make progress and hopefully not lose anything along the way.   Most of these are quilty in some way, but some aren't.  Here's hoping this helps keep me focused on what I need to do.

  • Make reservations for hotel stay to Phx, and for the 23rd-25th (I really don't want to sleep in the car so this is a must....lol)
  • Enter the clothing I'm donating into my spreadsheet, box up and put into the back end of the car
  • Mail Christmas gifts to Indiana
  • Pack for my vacation
  • Enter hold mail request online

  • Appliqued Sweatshirt for D (Christmas gift)
  • Appliqued Sweatshirt for M (Christmas gift)
  • Cross-body purse for P (Christmas gift)
  • Appliqued T-Shirt for D (commission)
  • Fruit Cobbler potholders - what I can get done for extra Christmas gifts
  • Fruit Cobbler potholders (commission) - two blueberry, two mixed berry - due mid January
  • Stretching Art Challenge Quilt - Due in February, not started
  • MQG mini swap quilt - Due in February, have patterns printed out
  • Wedding quilt for C & A - In Process, needs to be to the quilter no later than end of January for quilting
  • Add sashing to the Calico Lion block
  • 2018 BOM - blocks 2 & 3
  • Start working on next block for submission to QuiltMaker
  • Scrappy Wolf - in process of cutting 2.5" squares needed for quilt
  • Scrappy Deer
  • Finish Hankie Butterfly quilt (quilting and binding)

  • Write up pattern for Calico Lion, Block 1 for 2018 BOM
  • Write up pattern for Sherry Bear 
  • Write up patterns for the military bears (5 individual patterns + 1 combined pattern)
  • Write up patterns for the quilting bears (3 individual patterns + 1 combined pattern)
  • Write up snail quilt pattern
1. Extra time off of work means I'll be able to spend more time with friends and family

2. for the days that I'll be house & pet-sitting and not having to pay for a room

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Fruit Cobbler is on the menu.....

........fruit cobbler themed potholders that is for several gifts this Christmas.    I started with the tutorial for making round pie shaped ones here and tweaked the pattern to fit what I wanted.

And in memory of my maternal Grandmother who made the most yummy peach cobbler (and because I didn't want to make round ones!) I'm making square and/or rectangular "fruit cobbler" ones instead of "fruit pie". 

Here are the basics of what I did - I am using the quilted, heat reflective ironing board cover for the bottom of the potholders.  Reflective side is placed outwards.  (Note: do NOT try to iron the back side of it or you'll end up with a mess on your iron....guess how I know that!!!)

Next layer is one of thinsulate which has a metallic, reflective layer in it. and finally on top of that is the fruit fabric.  I then cut strips of premade single fold bias binding for the pie lattice and pinned it on after weaving the strips. 

I stitched down both sides of all strips with a straight stitch.  And then rounded the corners to make it easier to sew the binding onto it.

Next up was sewing the binding on.  To do this make sure you sew the narrower of the two sides onto the back first, then when you turn it to the front and stitch it down (by machine) the  seam will be covered.

And here is the finished potholder.   This pair are 7" wide by 9" tall because that was all the fabric I had of this blueberry print.

And here is one of the apple print ones that I've finished.   There are two of these and they are 9" square.

Back side of the potholder with the hanging loop showing.  Diagonal lines are where the backing I used was quilted already.  Next up are more potholders with fabric of raspberries, cherries, more blueberries, and mixed berries.   And I've got someone who wants to order some as well.   I may need to invest in a bias tape maker if I do lots of these because the biggest cost is in the bias tapes when buying it ready made.

1. I've been offered a place to stay for part of my time in Phx, will be house/pet-sitting for church friends back there.  Gotta love my church family there.  Now to find a place for the rest of the days.

2. Weight has started dropping again....woohoo!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Mug rug finished

One more of the kits that I picked up during the shop hop is finished.  All of the fabrics for the top were supplied by the store.   I provided the binding (a WOW), the backing, and the batting.

This 'tasty' little fellow measures out at 6" by 9".  Baby rick-rack was used for the 'icing' on his arms and legs, and tiny black buttons were used for his eyes and the buttons on his tummy. 


1. Found a gift I'd forgotten having made and stashed away which means I have one less to make!

2. Had good coupons to use over the weekend to buy the needed materials and notions for some of the gifts that I'm in process of making now.

2017 BOM - Nicholas Bear is busy preparing for Christmas

Meet Nicholas Bear who is busy working on his final Christmas projects so that he can finish them before flying out on Christmas Eve.

You can download Nicholas here -
Sewn To Own Creations

He wishes all of you an early Merry Christmas!

Note: There will be one more bear in the BOM coming in January.     And there are additional bears planned for release, but those have not been written yet.

1. New bridge is in and feels comfortable - no more gap in the teeth!!!

2. Headway was made on the final Christmas things to be accomplished

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Wee Finish

A few weeks go I went on what was billed as a Mug Rug Hop by the four quilt shops that were putting it on.   For those that went on it they got everything needed to make a mug rug (well at least the top part).  Three of them were kits to make a pieced/appliqued mug rug.   One of them was just a "postcard" cut from yardage. 

I've started getting these made so that I can use them as gifts when I'm in Phx next month.  Here is the first one that has been finished.  Finished size is approximately 6" by 9".

Binding and backing were both out of my scraps.


1.  The dryer that had been in the townhouse when I rented it did not short out and cause a fire over the last year when used.

2.  The person helping me get the dryer out of the house did not get zapped and hurt when it sparked as he went to unplug it.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Holiday Weekend Progress

Lots of sewing went on over the Thanksgiving weekend.   Gotta love having 4 days in a row off.  =)

First project that I worked on was getting the remaining flying geese sections for the wedding quilt sewn.  I paper-pieced them so that I could make sure all were the same size.  I now have between 230 and 240 of them between both layouts for them (star points and pinwheel blades). 

All of them have been trimmed to size and the paper torn off of them.   I've started sewing the rectangle of background fabric to them and realized I still need to cut a bunch more in order to have enough......so digging thru the stash for different creams has begun as of this morning.  I'm using different "sets" of fabric on the points and the pinwheels to make it easier to make all fabrics in the blocks different.   I don't have as many different fabrics for the background as I do blues, so this helps me to keep from having the same fabric in adjoining blocks.

Next up was making the three remaining hat box blocks I needed to finish this quilt (the diagonal ones from lower left to upper right).   And then putting the top together.  Current size is approx. 48" by 66".  I'm debating about putting a border on it or just calling it good and quilting it as is.   this will most likely be sold, but might donate it.

I also worked on two little mug rugs, but don't have pics of those.

1. Three weeks till vacation

2. No argument on need for service calls for the house (electrical and a door problem) by management company, just waiting on calls now to have appts scheduled.

Monday, November 20, 2017

QuiltMaker's 100 Blocks Vol. 16 Blog Hop Winners

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the giveaways on my blog during the blog hop!

The three winners have been drawn and emails have been sent out to them telling them and asking for mailing addresses.   If I get no response from any of them, then I'll draw a another name and try again.

The three winners are:

       Tricia L - Rose Fabric and coordinates
       Karen T - Set of Green FQ's
       Nancy B - The copy of the magazine to be sent from QuiltMaker

Congrats everyone!

1.  For all those who take the time to read my blog.

2.  For all the blessings that I have in my life.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Moda & Aurifil Challenge Mini Quilt

I saw a challenge posted online that Moda Fabrics and Aurifil Threads were running this month in celebration of all that went on at Fall Market and the new fabric lines from Moda.   They blogged about it here.

the two main rules were - you had to use Moda Precuts and Aurifil thread to make a finished quilt, and the size was to have a perimeter between 40" and 100".

Well, there aren't a lot of challenges that I shy away from, and as it happened I had a few Moda precuts (alright, more than a few) that I hadn't done anything with since getting them one or another.  So I decided to challenge myself.    Well in looking at what I had, I realized why I hadn't done anything with them - most of them are not fabrics that I'd normally work with. 

However, challenging oneself occassionally is a good thing.   The one I decided to work with is called Botany.   And I pulled two Aurifil threads to work with - white for piecing and the variegated peach for quilting.

I decided to make 4 sawtooth stars blocks to form my quilt.  I used 5 different blues for the stars - the center for all four blockswas from on charm, and each block used another charm square to make the star points.  Two different fabrics were used to make the background of the blocks.  13 charm squares were used for the top.

Back of the quilt was made by sewing 9 more charms together in a nine-pach.   The binding used 6 more of the charm squares cut in half and then sewn together.

All total I used 28 out of 42 charm squares in the pack.

The peach Aurifil thread blended in with the peach in the blocks.   Finished size of the quilt is 12.5" square for a total perimeter of 50".   Now to decide what to do with this little quilt.

@modafabrics, @aurifilthread, #ModaAurifilMiniChallenge

1. Warmer weather today

2. Good thanksgiving service today at church and all of my friends there.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Progress and a new quilt

I've been able to get some quilting time in before work the last couple of days and have been making progress on getting flying geese units made. 

I've finished sewing 32 or sew flying geese, have 13 more that are pinned to the pp patterns and ready to sew, and approximately 90 more pieces of blue ready to sew (the pile in the back left). 

To have enough to finish the quilt though I'll still need to cut about 15-20 pieces of blues big enough for the geese.   And I know I'll need a bunch more blue cut for the star points.    Next up will be making a bunch of the flying geese that make the star points so that I square them up and then get more blocks put together. 

 And I'll also be starting a new and what has to be a quick project that has a due date.   Moda Fabrics and Aurifil thread are sponsoring a challenge for quilters to make a small quilt some where between 10" square to 26" square.  People are to use one of Moda's precuts and Aurifil thread to make it.  Entries are due before the end of the month.

I'm nuts, and I like a challenge, so I've decided to enter something for it.   As it happens I have a handful of Moda charm packs (among other precuts) and I decided on this one, and pulled these two Aurifil threads to use in making it.   Will use the white for piecing and the variegated peach for quilting it.    Finished mini quilt will be 12" square and there will be four 6" blocks in it.

Will be printing out my pp'd patterns and figuring out the size of cuts that I need to make today and will start work on it tonite after I get home.  =)


1. Only one month till I'm on vacation!  Oh wait, guess that means I should think about Christmas gifts....lol.

2. Being awake after a night where it was hard to sleep.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Scrap Happy 15th........

The next biggest scrappy project on my to-do list is this quilt.  Thankfully it is only 25 blocks that are 15" finished.   But then there is that pieced border.....lol......   This will be for my niece and her fiance and will be their wedding present.  It should finish out at 85" square.

The main colors in it will be assorted cream tonal fabrics for the background.   The stars and pinwheels will be scrappy blues, aquas, teals, and purples, with a touch of orange.

Here are the blues I've pulled to begin with all from the three 2 gallon bags of blue scraps in my stash.   I'm alternating between precutting the cream tonals and the blues/purples into the sizes needed for the quilts at this point. 


This is the first block of 25.   15" finished size and uses 24 different fabrics in it.    There are three basic blocks in the quilt, all variations of this one (number of outer flying geese sections varies between them).

Anyone want to guess how many different fabrics will be in the finished quilt?


1. For my family

2. For a normal platelet (and not just my normal) count for the first time in 3 years

Sunday, November 12, 2017

QuiltMaker's 100 Blocks, Vol. 16 - Heartbeat Block & Giveaways (now closed)

My work has taken me to a number of different states and towns within those states, much as a road trip when you go on vacation does.  I've been accused of being part gypsy because I've moved around so frequently, and in many ways my life has been a big road trip - a few yrs here, then a few years in the next place and so on.  I've enjoyed all of it (well, maybe not the 70-80 mph winds in the winter time in Wyoming) and have been privileged to make some good friends along the way. 

One stop of my life's road trip was spent teaching pre-engineering at a vocational school in a very small town in Wyoming.  While I didn't stay there for long because of circumstances, I was fortunate to make several very good friends at the school where I taught.  One of them, Barb (in the middle of the pic), is always on the go doing something - she is a nurse and works at the hospital, and she also teaches the CNA classes at the vocational school in where I taught engineering for 10 months.  The last several years her students have decorated the hallway leading to their classroom with garland that is shaped into the output of an EKG.   It was this display that the design for this block came from.

This is a shot of one of the sample blocks I made while testing the pattern.

I use red, white and blue fabrics to test my block patterns because then the blocks will always go together in quilts for injured veterans.

I've just set the blocks together, but with coloring reversed on alternate blocks so that the color bands flow across the quilt.   This quilt layout reminds me of the large cities where I've lived over the last 40 years of my road-tripping life - Phoenix, Boston, and the Dallas area.   All are busy cities with lots of buildings and traffic and the 'heartbeat' of the cities is very active and busy.

Next up is a layout showing what can be done with the block when you play around with which sections of the block that you use.   This layout was designed to use a large scale print as the background and allows the maker to feature large sections in the solid white squares.

This layout reminds me of the slower pace of life in the towns of Lafayette and Fort Wayne.  Both are smaller than the big cities where I've spent so many years of my life, but I've made some really good friends in both of them.  And Lafayette is where I went to grad school at Purdue for my degree in education.   Both towns are unforgettable stops along the road trip of my life.

For this layout of a table runner, I played around with the sections of the block so that only one band of the color goes across the layout for a table runner or bed runner.  This simple layout reminds me of the time I spent in Wyoming and of living in the small town of Rawlins out in the middle of nowhere in I-80.     Again another unforgettable stop along the way of my road trip in life.

And finally, by once again using only part of the sections of the block, along with a few additional blocks made this 36" square table topper.    The additional blocks used in the setting were the 4 corner blocks (small green squares, small pink triangles, and large background squares), the green square in the middle of the quilt, and the pink/green rail fence blocks.  Fabrics for this all came from my stash.   I've named this one, "Heartbeat of a Friend" and it is in honor of all those that I've been privileged to call my friend over the course of my life's "road trip".

I hope you've been inspired by the sample layouts that this block allows you to make.  And I hope that the different layouts inspire you to experiment with the block and come up with a layout that makes you think of your "road trip" and friends.

And now for the giveaways to celebrate my 5th block published, the first giveaway is for a copy of the magazine QuiltMaker's 100 Blocks, volume 16.   This will be mailed out from QuiltMaker.  To enter use the rafflecopter widget below.

And the second giveaway will have two winners - One person will win a lovely assortment including a 1 yard piece of a rose print, a FQ of the same print and three coordinates.   A second person will win a 4-FQ set of green prints from Benartex.  Enter through the rafflecopter widget below.

1. For all those that keep me inspired to keep on designing.

2. For the inspiration that comes from friends and all that I see and do along this road-trip we call life.