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Friday, January 11, 2019

Christmas 2019 Projects

Two of the after Christmas goodies that I bought were these two felt stocking kits.   Normally for kids, I thought they'd make cute "gift wrapping" for little goodies that I'll purchase over the year for a swap that I'm in.

The kits were designed for kids to glue them together but I did a simple straight stitch on them.

First up was Santa.  I substituted buttons for the snowflakes, eyes and nose. 
Then came the snowman.  I didn't like the string of lights at the top so left it off.   Then again substituted teeny buttons for the 1/4" felt circles used for the snowflakes, eyes and buttons on the snowman.

These will now go into my quilting tote where they will be ready for me to put my shoebox together in November of this year.  I'm happy to say that these won't end up in never-never land where all my other kits are.

1. Platelets are up, albeit way too high now.  Time will tell how long they take to settle down.

2. Meeting with a friend (my realtor) tomorrow about the first commission of the year.


Farm Quilter said...

Your stockings are adorable!!! And I've narrowed it down as to who at least one of these is going to...at least 2 people are off the list LOL!! What a wonderful idea. The items I have been collecting are in a box under a chair in the dining room!!

Susan said...

Those turned out adorable! The button idea was a good one. Lucky shoebox person! That's me this year, right? LOL No, I don't remember who, but I know not you. Too soon. It's a great idea. They'll make great mantle hangers or door hangers after.