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Monday, February 12, 2018

Calico Zoo - 2018 Block of the Month - Fabric Requirements

The 2018 Block of the Month, Calico Zoo, will be starting on March 1st.  One block will be posted each month from March 2018 through Feb. 2019.    The blocks will be free the first month that they are posted, and then once the next block has been posted will be offered for sale for $2 each.

The fabric requirements (amounts are generous) for the BOM are listed below, with pictures of the fabrics that I'll be using in my blocks.

The patterns this time will have instructions for both a traditional fusible or hand applique block and for a block with 3D elements in it.

Block Backgrounds - 

12 squares of assorted greens and blues that are roughly 11"-14" or so in size.  These will be trimmed to a finished size of 9" after the applique is added, so you have some leeway in what size you start with.

There will be one or maybe two blocks that have some blue in the backgrounds.   These are what I've pulled for them.

 Block Border - 

Used to represent a "cage", you'll need 1 yard.  The wood/bark print at the bottom of this pic is what I'm using for this.

Sashing -

Used to represent the walking trails and paths between the "cages", you'll need 1 yard.   The middle fabric (grey print) is what I'll be using for this.

Cornerstones -

Used to represent " trees and grassy areas, and the final border of the quilt - you'll need 1 yard.  The green at the top of the picture is what I plan to use for this.

Binding -
1/2 yard

Backing - 
3 yards

If you would like to add a blog button to your blog for this BOM, you can use the one below.

And then you can link it back to this page.

I do hope you'll consider making the quilt as we go along this year!

1. Payday finally arrived!

2. One final month of dental coverage as I go in for a reworked bridge this month


Farm Quilter said...

I don't do too well with once-a-month blocks, but I'll give it a try! I'll go through my limited stash here and see what I can come up with. At least I know I'll have enough fusible - I bought a bolt of it 3-4 years ago and it is still going strong! YAY for payday finally arriving!!!

Susan said...

Thanks, Moira. I can't start anything new yet, but I'm saving the patterns as they come out. Maybe I can sneak one in now and then. =)