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Friday, May 27, 2016

Found Fabric......Or When To Get Rid Of Scraps

I admit it......I'm a scrapaholic......I like using every little bit of fabrics that I like.    Now I can get rid of scraps when it is something I'm not fond of, but something that I really, really like - that is a total different story all together.

My fairy frost (FF) fab's fall into the really, really, really like category of my fabrics.   And while I've been collecting them for a long time, it's been hard to use them (batiks seem to be the other major set of fab's in this category....lol).   However, the FF's are what I'm using for the contest blocks because they are made by the fabric company sponsoring the contest and what I had in the stash.

Yes, I've saved the tiny scraps I've been trimming off as I've been piecing.   Some of them down to 1 inch at the widest point by 4 or 6 inches long.  I know most people would toss these, and I do on most fabrics.   But these are FF's.....I know I can do something with the scraps....LOL.

In thinking about the May block for the Modern Quilts block design contest I decided I wanted to use these itty-bitty scraps in some way.  So I've started improv-piecing 3 1/2 inch squares using the scraps from previous blocks.  In total, I'll need 6 of these pieced blocks for what I've got pictured in my mind for this block.

And yes, I am actually tossing stuff after piecing the little blocks.....just not letting a lot go to waste.  =)

And here is how they are starting to layout for the background of the blocks.   Still more piecing to come (3 more pieced blocks to make),

This May block is to be based on the traditional Drunkards Path block and the quarter circles of the background fabric (the tan FF) to.  

So how small of scraps do you save and use?


1. Grading is almost done at school and before the end of the semester!

2. Only one final Exam left to think about and write.....maybe......lol.

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desertskyquilts said...

Yay, school is almost out! I like your tiny pieced blocks, and those colors, naturally! I really want to see how these are going to turn out, so keep stitching!

I guess that's why I have a hard time throwing scraps away, too. I know something more can be done with them! I recently switched from nothing smaller than and inch to nothing smaller than 1.5 inches, because scraps are taking over my house - and I still have a hard time with that! I know I've saved some that were only 1.25 inches. =) I was glad to see you aren't saving those tiny leftovers to stuff a dog pillow or something. I know you don't have a dog!