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Monday, November 15, 2021

Scrap-Happy November 2021

 Scrappy sewing happened this past month on several projects. 

First up was using up 12 FQ's (they count as scraps in my stash because I rarely use them) that had been in my mom's stash for the backing of the memory quilt that I'm making my dad for Christmas.  

These were cut into 16" squares so there will be more from the scraps coming at a future date.

I've been working on a custom order of cardholders for cards that are approximately 2" by 3" in size.   The cards are for a Bible verse memory class and come in 5 sets of 12 verses.   I was asked to make little cases that would hold a set of the verses....and there are 25 people or so taking the class.  I used 5 different remnant of cotton upholstery fabric to make the holders.   Letters were embroidered on them so the ones who bought them would know what set was in which one.
3 of the 5 sets of holders here.
And finally, a little zippered tote bag for the gal who is leading the Bible Study that the cardholders were made for.   She wanted something that would hold her books and her set of the cardholders.  

Bag was made from one of the plaid scraps leftover, and the final 4" WOF piece of the grey that I had used as lining for the plaid cardholders.


  1. Some great scrappy projects for the month. I like the idea of the verse cards.

  2. I love that these scraps became something beautiful as well as useful.

  3. So many great ideas for scrap happy things!

  4. What a handy little keeper! I can see you modifying it for many other uses too.


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