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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Scrap-Happy December 2021

Quite a bit of scrappy work was done this month.  

First up, I used some of the larger scraps from the card cases made in previous months and made these 10 slightly larger card cases.

Next up for the remaining scraps from the original card cases was this casserole dish cozy.   I figured scraps were a good thing to use when I'm trying to test out what size to make something like this to sell (either in my etsy shop or as custom/commissioned items).glass or metal

What I've learned is there is no "standard" 9" by 13" pan.....not only are the metal and glass ones different sizes, but even among the same type (glass or metal) the sizes across the commercial ones available are different.     So now I need to come up with a size that will fit a range, maybe two sizes, so that they aren't too big in size.   I also want to work on one for a 9" by 9" type/size of pan.

Glass " 9by 13" dish in the cozy

Metal " 9 by 13" pan in the cozy.   This was definitely a bit smaller than the glass dish.

And don't forget to take a look around at what everyone else has done this month - 


  1. Would it help to have a bit of elastic in the edge at either end, like a fitted sheet, to make it fit snugly whatever the shape variation? I love the colours you've used for this one, you always have such great scrappy projects!

  2. Great idea! I keep writing that in every comment, but all of you do have great ideas :)

  3. That's interesting, Moira. I never realized they aren't the same size. What wonderful uses for your scraps this month.


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