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Friday, January 14, 2022

Scrap-Happy January 2022

Lots of scrappy sewing this month for orders.   Remnants and scraps were what I was working from. 

First up was this computer bag. Super simple pattern but I don't remember where I ordered it from.  A long time friend ordered this for his wife to use for her Mac Airbook.

Next up were lots and lots of bowl cozies.  Remnants, partial FQ's and assorted batting scraps were used in the making of these.   These were both for gifts and commissioned orders.

Deer for my girlfriend's husband.

Lemons for my niece.   Not shown are the owls for her sister.
Van Gogh for my girlfriend.
Marines and Cardinals.   One each for a gift, the other two will be listed for sale.

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And last but not least, I've started making chicken bone broth for myself.  The broth is the only thing that I drink hot, and by making it myself with the everything left from the rotisserie chickens that I buy it is far better for me and much cheaper.   I get 3-4 quarts from one chicken.


1. After 13 months of unemployment, and 20 months after my last paycheck, I start work at a new contract position with the State of AZ Court System on one of the IT teams.   Hopefully in 4 months time the job will transition to a perm position.

2. My Dad and I are on the downhill side of buying a mobile home for me to live in.  It's smaller than my old house, but I'll make it work.   I'm looking forward to being in a place of my own and having my stuff back with me again.


  1. Your bowl cozies are lovely, and I especially love the one with lemons! I'm like you with a roast chicken, it enrages me when people throw perfect good carcases out. A small chicken can make several meals plus a couple of litres of good chicken stock. Another form of scraphappy, I feel!

  2. Congratulations on landing work AND a new home! Wishing you the best and much fun emptying your TX storage lockers into it. I can't imagine how happy you will be having your stash again :-)

  3. Oh, you have been busy making all those lovely bowls!

  4. Praise the Lord! I am so happy to hear about your job! Lovely news too, that you will be able to have a place of your own. hugs and best wishes!

  5. So glad you are back at work!! Praying it becomes a permanent position! Yeah, not living with your stuff becomes difficult. It has been 6 years since I lived at home with my "stuff"!! Especially miss my longarm! One step at a time!!

  6. nothing like one's own place...i do miss that for sure...hope all has gone smoothly...ooh chicken broth from rotisserie it's delish...i had to give them up...too much salt for my cardiac restrictions...they are sooo good tho


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