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Tuesday, January 3, 2023

2023 - Status of the Cross-Stitch Stash and first finishes for the year

 After working through to make sure that I have everything listed in my quilting/cross-stitch spreadsheet for this year here has given me the following stats for what I've got on hand:

  • 187 assorted kits
    • 35 are beaded ornaments
    • 152 cross-stitch or embroidery kits
  • 129 assorted UFO's
    • 28 are beaded ornaments
    • 101 are cross-stitch or embroidery pieces, finished sizes range from about 3" square to 11" by 14" or larger

I've already started working on finishing up some of the cross-stitch UFO's that have been stitched for years (at least 10+ years ago!). So far this year I've finished up a 18 beaded ornaments that I had stitched at least 10 years ago and never finished.  Most are for Christmas, but some are spring themed.   Still have 7or 8 more to finish up.

Numbers above will change slightly as the three kits I've ordered arrive.   These will be worked up as gifts for Christmas gifts this year. Aiming to make more progress on getting things into finished pieces this year amidst everything else on my plate.


1. For finally having the time to make progress on the cheerleader quilt and for it going well.

2. For the rain over the weekend and today that made pulling weeds this afternoon easier.   Still have more to go tho.

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