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Saturday, January 14, 2023

ScrapHappy - January 2023


This month lots of prep work was happening with scraps for the most part.

First up was taking a lot of strips and short bits of leftover binding and making prairie points for more blocks.
Next up was cutting up my black on white fabs into the backgrounds for the two sets of blocks I have in progress.
Then it was time to prep the remainder of the prints I need for the circles in the circle quilt.  More brights and novelty prints have been found as I've been going through fabrics in the stash to downsize.   They'll show up at a later time.

Last in the prepping realm was taking three pieces of leftover cotton batting (yes, with cotton scrim) and cutting 9.5" squares for bowl cozies out of it.

Thanks to having the strips and prairie points prepped I was able to get another 16 of these blocks completed.   That makes a total of 33 blocks made so far.   I'm doing a 7 by 9 block setting so I need 63 total, leaving me with another 30 blocks still to be made for the quilt.

Check out what everyone else has done this month - 

1. For the job at ASU, it truly has been and continues to be a blessing to work somewhere that is willing to work with me as I need time to help do things for my dad during work hours.

2. For the many good friends that are in my life, those here in town and those that are scattered around the world.


  1. That's beautiful, a positive migration of geese (no, I'm sure that's not the collective noun for a group of flying geese, but it SHOULD be!)

  2. Great idea! The blocks look stunning!

  3. wow moira....those are very nice'll be a real beauty!

  4. It looks like I missed last month! Where was I and what was I doing? Well, YOU didn't miss! Still love those b/w blocks and still need to start mine.


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