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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Starting Christmas Gifts Early -- 12 Days of Christmas in July Blog Hop

 This year is very topsy-turvy to say the least for me.   7+ months of unemployment, selling the house so that I don't lose it (and having no idea of where I'll end up at this point), trying to find a new job.....and so on.   I know I'm not alone in going thru things like this, there are many who are going thru this and far worse.  

Christmas isn't that far off so I'm starting to work on simple Christmas gifts that can be packed and easily carried with me if most of my things end up in storage for an extended length of time.    And because the budget is tight this year, I'm working making all the gifts that I can.

Bowl cozies and potholders are the first things I'm currently working on.   

The basic bowl cozies take 2 - 10" squares of fabric and I use 2 - 9.5" squares of the wrap-n-zap batting per cozy that I make.     These will fit up to a 6" diameter bowl.   

If you've never made one before, here is a good Bowl Cozy Tutorial to show you how to make them.  One thing you want to remember as you choose fabric for cozies, make sure there is no metallic paint on them especially if they will be used in the microwave.

For more interesting cozies, orphan blocks can be used to liven up your cozies.  A 10 inch finished block makes a perfect sized cozy.     If you've got 12" finished blocks that you'd like to use, then cut the batting at 11.5" and make like you would using 10" squares.   This size will allow you to use them with bowls from 8" to maybe 9" in diameter.
let your imagination loose if you decide to make bowl cozies for gifts!

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1. For this being a seller's market right now in real estate, hopefully that will make it easier for me to get my house sold quickly and for a good price.  

2.  For being able to get through the commissioned items that are in the queue at the present time.


  1. I hope you can sell your house quickly and well over list price!! Praying you find a wonderful job that you enjoy and fits your needs! I love the bowl cozies...I need to make some more of them as they are lovely to have!

  2. you are on my prayer list your holiday gift ideas!

  3. I love the idea of bowl cozies as gifts! My grands are constantly taking bowls of soup or noodles into the living room to eat, and bowl cozies would help keep everything neat AND warm. Looks like I've added something to my "must-make" list - one for each in their favorite color and pattern! Thanks for being part of 12DCIJ!

  4. Bowl cozies are something you don't even realize you need until you have them and they are so great, you don't want to be without them again!

  5. Bowl cozies are a wonderful gift. I have a set made by a friend several years ago that I use them several times a week and always think of her. I haven't made any in a very long time so thanks for the link to the tutorial.

  6. I'm so sorry it's been such a tough year for you... your Christmas presents will be all the more appreciated... I love bowl cozies, they are a great gift idea... and I have that same shrimp/crab/lobster fabric - I'll have to grab some of mine out to make potholders too, they look great! Hang in there xx

  7. Fun idea for orphan blocks! I need to make some of these for having a hot bowl in my hands in the den.


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