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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Scrap-Happy August 2021

Life hasn't been dull around my place this month with the house first going on the market and then selling in a weeks time.    It closes on the 19th (with a month leaseback) so packing is well underway for me at this point.   And I'm still working on commissioned stuff as well.  

But I did manage to find a little time to do some work with scraps.    

First thing up was getting my wall-hanging for the 2021 Art Quilt challenge finished up.    All fabrics were either from scraps or remnants except for the background fabric of the quilt front.  

Backing and binding were made from more remnants.
And my month was finished out by making these blocks from the remnants of sweatshirts that i'd cut blocks out of for my moms memory quilt that will be my dad's Christmas gift this year.   These blocks were topped by pieces that I'd either made or that she had made/saved.  

These are now put up with the rest of the blocks (12 all total) for me to work on at a later date.

Be sure to check out what everyone else has been doing this month.


1. The house sold in only 6 days and above asking price.

2. That I've been able to make a good start in getting things packed up and ready to go into storage.


  1. glad there are some positives in your life...your name and needs are on my daily prayer list...isn't it awful when home is so elusive...sigh

  2. It's amazing that you've found even a few minutes to sew, let alone achieve what you've done. And congratulations on selling your house!

  3. I love the keyhole and the backing looks great too.
    Congratulations! I am envious of your quick house sale. Houses move very quickly here in the U.K. but, unfortunately, not so in France where our house languishes whilst costing us a fortune to upkeep it.

  4. That's going to be an amazing quilt for your dad, and later for you. Good memories.

  5. Moira, how wonderful that your house sold so quickly and above the asking price! I continue to be inspired by what you do with your scraps, but mostly by how you handle the challenges of life.


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