"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Scrap-Happy May 2021

 Several projects this month have been completed.

First up were a pair of bowl cozies.  These were made with the focus fabric being taken from a kitchen hand towel (one of a pair).  The navy fabric was cut from a remnant and the batting used in it was left from the last bunch of cozy orders.  The cozies and 2nd hand towel went to a friend in TX.

The big project for the past month has getting this queen-sized t-shirt quilt made and sent out.   The front of the quilt has the fronts from 42 T-shirts.  

I made it in 3 panels consisting of 2 columns of blocks.  And then quilted those panels before sewing them together with sashing .

The quilt back was made from shirt backs for the columns.  Leftover leopard print fabric that I'd used last month to make the arm cover was used for the sashings on the back.  
And finally, I took a stack of blue strings, most of which were already sewn into strips and made them into blocks.   I used some pre-made papers I'd bought for string blocks to stabilize the blocks.  

Debating layout and sashing fabrics for the quilt now.  Have more string 'fabric' already prepped to use for at least part of a border.

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1. For making progress on the commissioned orders and a little time to work on fun projects

2. For the progress I've been able to make on assigned projects at the job

Friday, April 15, 2022

Scrap-Happy April 2022

 I thought I hadn't done a lot of sewing/quilting this month until I started looking back at the photos I'd taken.  As it turns out I had done more than I thought.  

First up was this cover for the arm on a wheelchair that has a joy stick on it.  My friend wanted something that would help protect it from spills, so I made one side with clear vinyl.  The leopard print is scraps from a piece of stretch twill and the vinyl was a remnant. Velcro was from the stash.
A set of 16 bowl cozies was finished up and shipped out.  All fabrics were from scraps and remnants.  Batting in them were from left over pieces from prior projects.

First up this month were a set of three cozies made from the left over fabric from a prior order. 

Then a wee bit of actual quilting work for myself - I made a set of 6 swap blocks for a swap with a theme of cups.   The fabric I used for the cup was a larger scrap that I'd had for years without getting anything made from it.  The background WOW fabric was taken from a remnant in the stash.  

And this picture shows the cup blocks I received back from the swap laid out on my design wall in my new place.  The center block with the coffee pot and vase is an older UFO block I made 7+ years ago when doing some pattern testing for a designer in Europe.   I still need to make two more cup blocks to finish the planned layout for the quilt.  More WOW scraps will be used to sash the blocks into the proper size and orientation.   I hope to show that progress next month....maybe....lol.
Made a pincushion for a friend who likes lighthouses using a crystal candleholder.  This is how it looked last night after I thought the glue had set.  Fabric was out of my CQ scraps and is a pretty blue with metallic gold accents.
And this morning when I got up....lol.   The glue is set now, but needless to say I need glue that sets much faster so this won't happen again.  I still plan to send it to my friend because it is still usable, even if a little funky looking.....lol.
And the second pincushion for another friend.   Fabric was a 5" square piece of batik that I'd set aside for CQ work many yrs ago.   

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1.  I'm moved into the new-to-me place and slowly getting settled in.

2.  The contract job is going well and has been extended out to 6 months from 3.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Scrap-Happy March 2022

 Not a lot of time to sew this month.   Did get these two pieces made.

First up was this applique block made with bits and pieces of scraps and remnants.  It was sent off to go into a group quilt that has a theme of cats/dogs/Day of the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).
Second piece completed was this quilted postcard. Technically this was done mainly from a kit and a strip from a remnant (the cream background).   But since the largest piece included in the kit was 3" by 4", and the bulk of them were only 1 inch wide for the rays I'm counting it as scraps.   It has been mailed off for a longtime friend who will be celebrating his 70th birthday in early April.


1. All my stuff has not been unloaded from the storage containers and is in the Mobile home.   Now comes the work of downsizing some.

2. Contract has been extended to 6 months.

3. New bed has been custom ordered in order to get a bed that will fit the room I'll be using a bedroom.  Should have it in 3-4 weeks.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2022


A lot of thrifting has been happening lately as I've been trying to get needed things for the mobile home that if all go well where I'll be living in a couple of weeks.   Most of it has been needed because of the amount of purging that I'd done before putting all into storage for the last 6 months.

I saw these vintage embroidered bread covers and towels and couldn't resist them.  They are done on vintage feed-sack type material.   All are in really good condition.  I'm thinking that the 4 on the left (3 dogs and one duck) will be cute with some of my 30's repro scraps.  Not sure what pattern I want to use with them at this point.

The one on the right is commerically made, but brand new.  I'll cute the floral panels out and make quilted postcards with them.

And one of the latest things I found were two of these Coca-cola print, cotton kitchen towels.  I have a friend in TX who collects coke themed items, so I'll send these to her in some form.  Am debating about whether to make them into bowl cozies for her or just to gift them to her as is.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Scrap-Happy February 2022

Sigh, another month gone and even less sewing done. Lots has been going on - helping my dad by working on clearing out clutter and other stuff in his house, the new job (boy am I not used to getting up at 5 am anymore for work!), trying to get things done where I'll be moving into hopefully in a months time............and a teensy bit of sewing. 

This month I've managed to get get 4 more cozies made for the order of 16.   That makes me halfway finished with the order.
Cut fabrics for the next 6 cozies from the leftover fabrics of previous orders.

I've been doing lots of juicing of lemon juice and then freezing the juice into cubes because what will be my new place has a lemon tree and it is prolific, with lemons the size of my hands.  Each cube is roughly 1 ounce of juice, and I've filled the trays 2 times so far.   More to go.

1. The end is in sight for being able to move into the mobile home.

2. First month almost done at the new job and I'm liking it.  Lord willing will go perm in 3 months.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Scrap-Happy January 2022

Lots of scrappy sewing this month for orders.   Remnants and scraps were what I was working from. 

First up was this computer bag. Super simple pattern but I don't remember where I ordered it from.  A long time friend ordered this for his wife to use for her Mac Airbook.

Next up were lots and lots of bowl cozies.  Remnants, partial FQ's and assorted batting scraps were used in the making of these.   These were both for gifts and commissioned orders.

Deer for my girlfriend's husband.

Lemons for my niece.   Not shown are the owls for her sister.
Van Gogh for my girlfriend.
Marines and Cardinals.   One each for a gift, the other two will be listed for sale.

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And last but not least, I've started making chicken bone broth for myself.  The broth is the only thing that I drink hot, and by making it myself with the everything left from the rotisserie chickens that I buy it is far better for me and much cheaper.   I get 3-4 quarts from one chicken.


1. After 13 months of unemployment, and 20 months after my last paycheck, I start work at a new contract position with the State of AZ Court System on one of the IT teams.   Hopefully in 4 months time the job will transition to a perm position.

2. My Dad and I are on the downhill side of buying a mobile home for me to live in.  It's smaller than my old house, but I'll make it work.   I'm looking forward to being in a place of my own and having my stuff back with me again.