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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Goodies in the mail!

Love getting mail when I get goodies in it! Today's mail brought the goodies that I won from Quilters Newsletter and their recent contest for Ami Simms Alzheimers Initiative. My winning quiltlet is shown to the right. I'm thankful for everyone who voted for it!

In the goodies that came were EQ7, which i'm looking forward to being able to use in my quilt designing. 10 yds of fabric from the Wintergraphix III line of fabric by Jason Yenter and In The Beginning Fabrics. There are 8 pieces of fabric total - 7 one yd long pieces, and a 3 yd long piece. Am looking forward to working with these fabrics when I have time to play. =) Pics of the fabrics are below. =)

Meanwhile I finally remembered where my gold E-beads were so that I do the beading needed for the center of a poinsettia that I put on a quilted postcard. Now I can put the back onto it and finish it. I've also two more hooded scarves this week. One for me and one for a classmate. Bought some more remnants of fleece while it is on sale so that I can get some made up and listed for sale. Thankfully they are really quick to make so I should be able to get them made up and listed this weekend w/o a problem. I used a fun dotted fleece, lined in black for the last one of mine. And am enjoying it when i leave for early morning classes at school. =) Am looking forward to having fun playing with color combinations as I make more.

1. Apt is staying fairly warm in spite of windows that aren't well sealed.
2. And for figuring out ways to seal off the leaky windows!


Anonymous said...

hi Moira....congratulations on your win...and getting such nice fabric and a copy of EQ7. can;t wait to see what you do with the fabrics..i know it will be creative and lovEly!ktj

cq4fun said...

The fabrics are going to be a challenge, because they are so busy, but I know you will meet the challenge and come up with something wonderful!

I love the hood, and if it stays this cold much longer, I'll be ordering one myself!

Chris said...

Funny - no matter how old we are, its always fun to receive a long awaited parcel - or in our case a prize! Love the hooded scarf - looks nice and toasty. :)