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Thursday, November 14, 2013

2013-2014 BOM Fabric requirements and Peek at the Setting

With the setting and all but two of the blocks designed I've been working on adding up the fabric requirements.     The setting was easier to do, but the blocks have given me fits because I plan to do them scrappy.    Having said that, I've split the requirements into sashing/setting and blocks.   the one caveat is that I'll have a better sense of how much fabric is needed for the blocks as soon as I get the final two blocks designed and I start adding up how many of each size piece is needed in each color.

Finished size -
As shown in the picture the quilt will finish at 72" by 72".   An additional 6" border around it would bring the size to 84" by 84".

Sashing and Setting Blocks

Color 1 (shown in red) - 1 1/4 yards
Color 2 (shown in blue) - 3/4 yards
Background (shown in white) - 5 yards

Blocks -
Two main colors - each 1 1/4 yards
1 accent color - 1/2 yard
Background - 1 1/2 yards

Backing and Binding for the quilt as shown - 
Backing - 4.5 yds
Binding - 3/4 yd

I will update the amounts needed for the blocks as soon as I have a better handle on the amount of pieces that need to be cut for them.   I'll then post an updated list including both yardage and sections for those who want to do it scrappy like I am.

1. A sofa that is comfortable enough to sleep on since I still haven't been able to sleep the night through in my bed with the sinus troubles.
2. For the a stash that lets me pull all the fabric that I need for this w/o having to buy anything.  =)


Paula said...

Can't wait for the BOM to start! I also will be doing scrappy since I have so many FQs and left-overs from other quilts.

sophie said...

So sorry you're dealing with sinus issues. I almost managed to get through all of this year without any allergy stuff, but the chamois-a local plant that blooms in the fall got me. I hope it passes for you soon.

I like this setting and look forward to seeing the blocks that go in the blanks.

desertskyquilts said...

Thanks! I'll have to see what I can find for settings.