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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Website Update on 2016

With things at the new job settling down at this point, and only working 2 jobs (teaching and the commissioned sewing) instead of the 4 jobs I had been working I now have time to think about all of the stuff I've ended up neglecting over the last three years.

Part of that is updating my website so that it is more attractive, more user friendly, and has more of the functionality that I would like it to have.  Some of the things I am considering adding to the functionality include pages to sell the patterns I have designed (yes there would still be free patterns offered), along with selling some of my finished quilts.   I would also like to update the homepage, and some, well most of the other pages

But before I do anything major, I would also like to ask for feedback from other quilters, both in general and about my website which can be seen at this link - Moira's Homepage

First in general -
** What do you find helpful when looking at quilting websites?
** What do you look for when looking for new websites?

And with regards to my website -
** Is there anything that you don't like about the way it is currently laid out?
** Is there anything that you'd like to see added to the website?
** What kinds of info or content would be helpful for quilters of all levels?
** Any other suggestions for me?

Please feel free to send any feedback you have for me.   It won't hurt my feelings!   I know the website needs work done on it.   =)

1. Time - time to rest when needed, to work on things I've neglected, to spend with friends and family over the holidays, and time to work

2. Home - it's wonderful to be able to travel, but oh so nice to be back home again even if I managed to get sick while on vacation


Farm Quilter said...

So sorry you got sick on vacation! I always want my own bed when I get sick. I hope you are feeling better now!!! To answer one of your questions, what I look for in a quilting blog:
1. Easy for my old eyes to read - I need that high contrast to make it legible! Black on white is easiest.
2. Quilts, especially the quilting designs since I am a longarm quilter.
3. Tips and tricks - anything to make the process easier and more fun.
4. Free patterns are a bonus, thank you for that!
5. For ease of getting around a website, I like the way that Bonnie Hunter has all the tabs on the top of her blog - I can find what I'm looking for AND I love the way Christy at southernplate.com has a box I can search for anything on her website (she titles it "Help you find something?" - makes me feel less computer illiterate when I can't find something!).

desertskyquilts said...

I agree with separating things. The front page has a long list of things, and that's helpful for finding them, but I think the entry page needs to have a gorgeous example of one of your fabulous settings, and maybe a sidebar that shows links to a page with all the BOMs, one for tutorials and tips, one for patterns for sale, one for quilts for sale, one for freebies offered, a gallery of your finished quilts, an about me page that also lists your publication credits and wins, etc. The pages you link to now could stay the same while you work things up, but the entry page is primary target for change. Let your little light shine!

It is easy to navigate on your website already. When I click on a BOM, for instance, you have logically laid things out in a good progression, and I like that crinkly background. Using tables definitely helps separate the steps of construction. You have things, such as the reduction/enlargement table, which are very helpful, but they need a little advertising - maybe in the sidebar list. =)

I like the link page, too, though it probably needs a little updating and maybe some additions. All the patterns should probably link to one page, which then has an example photo and a link to just one kind of pattern - sort of the way online shops categorize their fabrics. =)

I think the site is filled with wonderful information, and while it's easy to access each thing, it doesn't look as lively or quilty professional the way it is. It doesn't need complicating, mostly just updating that main page and links to your other pages.

Marian said...

I agree with Susan on many things, but I am a "menu" person. I'm not a fan of blog designs the way they normally are set, because I don't find it fun to go to post after post if I'm looking for something. I like the ability to "search" a site, so a search bar is very helpful, If you offer tutorials, boms, patterns, all of the special things of interest should be in a menu or they should have the ability for people to see and find easily. Without those things, we really can't expect people to stay on our sites and look around. I doubt many people have serious time to sit and click thru posts.