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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Snack Mats and Mug Rugs Quilted

The last couple of mornings has seen me busy quilting the mug rugs and snack mats that I've got in process right now.

The top four snack mats started with the preprinted quilter's sayings that I had for several years without using.   I then raided my precut batik 3.5" squares (the perfect size!) to make the mats.    Didn't make a dent in using the batik squares, but that's beside the point.   Backings are more batiks from the FQ stash.   And the poly fleece/batting used as batting came from the stack that was used as padding in my box of winnings this week.  These finished out at 9 by 12 inches.   Just need to find fabric now for the bindings on all four.

The last two mug rugs were orphan blocks made from patterns originally published by The Foundation Piecer magazine 10+ years ago.  They had designed and published a quilt made from 12 beautiful blocks and these were two of the patterns.   They were easy to do, but oh so very time consuming.   The black "Leading" between the 'panes' is only 1/8th of an inch in width.   And the paper (I was using tissue paper) was a pain to pull off.   Decided it was too much work for me so I never made anymore of the blocks than these.   Used a green tie-dye like batik for the backing of both blocks.  Batting for them also came out of the pile that was used as padding in the box.  =)  I'll be using black Kona to bind these two.

All of these will either end up as gifts or being sold.

1. 8 weeks of summer vacation coming up......I think, lol......all depends on what happens with the job.

2. A great opportunity for professional development back at Purdue in June and the boss is going to allow me to end the school a day early so that I can attend.  =)


desertskyquilts said...

I love that you used packing batting. LOL. Those are all great looking, and I do love those bottom blocks. I remember when you were doing them. That is one LONG time ago. I've now been retired 11 years at the end of May.

Nancy in IN said...

Love mug rugs. Yours look great. I did stained glass also and found some block hanging in a closet. Must do something with them!!
Job for next year; is it in question. I hope not unless you want to change.
Enjoy time at Purdue.

Angie in SoCal said...

Lovely projects! There are sure to sell. 6 weeks vacation! Awesome.
Thanks for linking to WIPs Be Gone.