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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Row by Row Goodies, Part 2

Not a lot of sewing done this past week thanks to my travels.

Did get some sewing done after getting home and made up two of the rows that I'd picked up in my travels.  One of which I'm going to need to do a little bit of fixing on to make the correct length......and I need to get out my 9.5 inch ruler 'cause using the wrong sized ruler w/o thinking is what caused the problem with the too small row.  =(

My drive home from Texas was broken up by stops at several quilt stores along the way.  Picked up the patterns for each shop's row, and yes there were some fabric goodies bought - altho most of it all already has plans for it.  

Bargain of the trip has to be the sale bag of FQ's - a bag the size patterns come in, and all you can fit in there for $20.   I managed to get 13 FQ's....a much better price per FQ than the $3 they were normally.  =)  And yes most of them are for various swaps or for my alphabet fabric stash (found two with x's on them!).

I've got plans to visit 5 more shops here in Eastern Wyoming this week to pick up the rows they have.   There are several more I'd like to visit, but they are in the opposite direction in the state and many miles away from where I'll be.

1. Verbal job offer received, waiting on the formal job offer.

2. Safe travels over almost 4500 miles on my road trip.


desertskyquilts said...

Did you buy kits for your rows? The ones around here are expensive - I don't mind paying $16 for a kit with six fabrics in it, but I'm not so thrilled with some of the other kit prices. Your rows look great, and that short row is an easy fix. You got the corn row I love! I'll have to get it in November. I went out today and did a little shop hopping, picked up three patterns, not as cute as yours, though. =) 13 FQs in the bag! Moira, champeen stuffer! =) Great looking fabrics, too. Glad you found some x fabrix. =)

Nancy in IN said...

You found a read FQ bargain!
Happy packing. Did principal smile when you told him you were leaving?