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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hobbs Commission - Tie blocks Started

This mess of ties has been deconstructed and pressed flat.   Process was a lot less time consuming than I thought it would be from what I've done in long ago years.   It was an interesting process to see not only what was used inside of the ties, but how much extra fabric was utilized in the making of the ties by the manufacturers.   Seam allowances definitely varied by the type of fabric (the silk ties had smaller ones!).   I was wishing I knew what one of the stabilizers was so I could get some by the yard because it would work great for my purses.

With the ties being pressed flat, assembly of the pieced blocks has commenced.   this is a learning process, or maybe better worded, a re-learning process!   Each time I sew a piece on I will have to press it flat with the iron.   Finger pressing the seam just isn't working with the silks and poly's of the ties like it does with cotton fabrics!

I'm using the ties at full width so that I don't end up losing their great patterns and to make them easier to work with since the material is cut on the bias and the silkier/lighter weight the fabric the harder it is to work with out pulling it out of shape.  The blocks will be finished off with corner triangles made from either muslin or the same light grey that I used to bring some of the t-shirts up to the right size.

I have a dk grey that I will be using for the sashing on the quilt.  And the cornerstones are from the ties as well.

1.  Am feeling better (feet and legs especially!) as the diuretics have taken off almost 20 lbs of fluid in two weeks.

2.  Appt with endocrinologist has been set for 11/16.

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desertskyquilts said...

So good about the fluid loss. That has to help you feel better! Thanks for explaining your process a bit. I hope you are enjoying it, sounds like you are.