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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quilter's ADD?

I've come to realize that I have a short attention span with my quilting - Is there such a think as Quilter's ADD? I start quilts, and then I'll see another pile of blocks or scraps and I stop working on the first project and I'm off and running on the next one and so it goes and goes...... I do eventually get things done, but I almost always have many things going on at the same time. As a result I've got the center panels for two quilts for American Heroes finished. Haven't a clue what I want to do yet for borders, so they have been set aside so that ideas may germinate..... Pics of the two tops are below. Any suggestions for borders?

I'm making progress on my pineapple quilt and only have 7 more blocks to sew together (the fabric is all prepped. My thanks go to my friends Susan and to Gabriele for making blocks for me. Had designed a tuck panel, but then realized that something happened somewhere along the way when I sewed the strip sets together, phoeey..........so the design for that has morphed and shrunk a wee bit............Such is life. Will post a picture of the blocks and tuck panel when I've got them all done - hopefully by the end of this week. =)
Have finally found a 'background' fabric to use in the borders of Bekah's quilt. And I think that I've got a plan for what to do. I probably won't post another picture of the quilt until after she gets is so that she is surprised by the finished quilt. =)
Finally bought my plane ticket last week for the quilt retreat I'm going to in 2 weeks.....woohoo....I'm soooooooooo looking forward to it. Lots of time to quilt and lots of fun with my friends there in Wisconsin.


Ms. V said...

Nah it comes with the territory...You are not the only one. For some of us it is the thrill of shopping for the fabric, finding a pattern or visualizing an idea, cutting it out, getting started, then bam! Before we are nearly started or finished with this part of the process another idea hits and we are off chasing that idea...it comes with the process...just think if you are ever snowed in or have to stay home quietly for some reason you will have lots of unfinished projects to complete. LOL, Ms.V of Massachusetts.

Nancy said...

I'm that way too, Moira. I'm really not happy unless I have 3-5 different projects in progress at one time. I get bored if I have to stay on one quilt for too long.

n, np

Gabriele said...

You're not alone, Moira. I think most quilters suffer to some extent from quilt ADD. lol
I get bored working on the same thing for too long, too, so I keep switching my projects around to keep it interesting. They all get done eventually and it's definitely cheaper than therapy. :o)