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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Peaceful Saturday

This week has been productive quilt-wise for me, partially due to the fact that when things get stressful I quilt – and usually a lot! I’ve finished up a quilted postcard for a monthly swap that I'm in. For the theme this round, everyone picks a "holiday" or "day of" to design a postcard for. For September, I chose September 3rd - Skyscraper Day. As I was doing my postcard, I was thinking of Boston and the view of the skyscrapers in downtown from the Boston Commons. A view that I really miss a lot. This will go in the mail on Monday and will wing it's way to SC.

Today I spent several hours working to straighten up my cutting table so that I could actually see the top of it again and use it. Now what most people don't know is that I have what would normally be a kitchen island for my cutting table in my sewing room. It is 6 feet long by 40 inches wide or there abouts.........and I had managed to cover it almost totally. After all my work I can actually see the top of it......and no, I didn't manage to get it totally cleared off but at least there's a little bit of room now. Still to come is figuring out what projects I'm going to be taking with me to the quilt retreat that I'm going to in October. The only thing I know of at this point is the fabric for two sets of swap blocks and maybe a queen-size quilt for American Heros.

One of the other projects that I worked on today was putting together the center part of a quilt I'm making my niece Bekah. I've still got the borders to go yet but it's getting there. I'm happy with the way it is turning out even though it has driven me crazy at times........... I'm turning over ideas on how to quilt it in my mind, so if you've got ideas let me know in a comment. =)
Next week I'll start working on the CQ block that I've received for the round robin that I'm in. I've got some ideas in my head for what I want to do and am looking forward to working on it. =)
As for my pineapple quilt that is in the works, I've now finished 31 blocks and 2 more finished blocks will be heading my way before long. That means I've only got about 23 more blocks to get made before the end of September. Am trying to get at least one per day made, and aiming for 2 or 3.....now if only I don't get too distracted I can make it.


World Champ Stephen Neal said...

Well done. What is the difference between a Mondrian and a quilt?

Kim said...

Bekah's quilt is beautiful (as are all your quilts). You should've seen her face when she saw it!

Now I know why I haven't heard much from you - you've been a busy girl.

Talk to you soon,

Gail said...

Beautiful quilt Moira, Bekah will love it.

Margeeth said...

I like your postcard, well done.

Moira said...
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desertskyquilts said...

Love the quilt for Bekah. Some wavy lines, like the flag would have in the wind? Wide curves.

Love the postcard! What a great idea!

TX Blu Sky said...

I picked up that pattern in Amarillo a few years ago. I love what you've done with it! See, Texas is seeping into your veins!

I actually thought you'd moved out over a year ago. It's just crazy that we haven't gotten together yet. I'll e-mail you after church today. Diane