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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quilting Mojo

One of the things that vanished during July and most of August as well with everything that was happening was my quilting mojo...........it's been a long time since i have felt so wiped out, so much so that I wasn't even quilting.

However, I have found it again and am once again quilting. And other than needing to get the border on a quilt so I can send it off to be quilted, I have started a double wedding ring quilt that I have been commissioned to make. I love the colors and love how it is turning out. And even have plans to make a second one to use the sample block that I made in RWB colors. It will be going to American Heroes when finished. And yes, there was a time when I had sworn I would never make one............

Meanwhile, here is a picture of what I've got completed so far. I'm paper-piecing the arcs using 6 shades of green. Two shades of lavendar are in the arcs. And because I stymied in getting the attempted machine applique to look good, have decided to hand applique the rings down to the background fabric squares. Yes, I can applique, and it even looks decent...........but the laugh is on me because I had never wanted to do a hand applique quilt because it is a "slow" method. I do like how it's looking, and will have no excuse to not use hand applique to do one of the BOM's that I have stashed away.

1. Thankful for the fact that I'm a fast stitcher 'cause I need to get this quilt done quickly!

2. For understanding clients.


Rebekah said...

oooooh, pretty -- love those colors!! :)

desertskyquilts said...

There are only about 50,000 reasons why you would be exhausted and wiped out and not feel like quilting!

SewDivaDiane said...

I enjoyed reading your blog! The dwr is very pretty. My mojo has also been lagging: we are redoing our living room and my sewing room has the overload. And my DD1 is getting married Saturday. I am hoping for a more productive September!