"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Monday, February 10, 2014

weekend sewing

Got a lot accomplished this weekend, just not all of it on the sewing machine.  First thing finished over the weekend was another commissioned garment. That brings the total ready to ship to 6.   Still room in the box for a couple more.  So I'll keep sewing on them over the next week.  Then because my stacks of cut out commisisoned work was starting to get low I worked to iron the next 7 pieces of fabric for this customer.   These were all for scrub tops and I found that she'd bought enough fabric of 6 of them for 2 tops to be cut from them.    Did have to buy the black solid for the side inserts that she wants.   Still need to prewash that.

Next up was finishing a 'Pay It Forward' gift (a tote bag) from last year that I still owe.  Now I just need to find my cousin's mailing address so I can get it to her.  

The last thing that I managed to finish was to put together another quilt top from the Sunshine challenge blocks.   These blocks were from my friend Claire and went together in a really cute top.   Unfortunately the picture doesn't show the vibrancy of the golden yellow fabric that she used in them.  The challenge fabric that she had was the blue background with pumpkins.

I still have more sets of challenge blocks to put together that I'm looking forward to working with.    And am thinking of doing another challenge with fabric that I have on Sunshine as well. 

Did get out my block robin that I was in several years ago and worked with it for a bit.   But ended up putting it back up because I'm just not sure how I want to put it together.   I really like everything that was made for it, but some of it just isn't playing nicely - in particular the pink/blue half sq triangle blocks that are bordering the block in the bottom right of the picture.   And I'm not sure about the star at the top left made from the same fabrics.    These fabrics seem just too bright for the rest of what was made and for the cross-stitch panel that this started from.   

Current thought is to take the triangle blocks off and use just the center of that block, remove the star and then make enough filler blocks to finish it.   I plan on only making a wallhanging so there won't be that much i need to fill in with.   Any opinions on that very rough plan?

1. We're back in school after 3 more missed days.
2. No snow predicted for today!


Anonymous said...

Your plan seems fine, BUT what about making one more block with those colors in it? Maybe something that features the yellow more, because you have one very pink one and one very blue one, and there's that other block with a similar pink up in the corner. With one more block in those colors, wouldn't it balance? Alternatively, what about just making squares of those colors to go between some of the plainer blocks?

I really like your sunshine challenge. The border is just perfect for it! Take a snap of that one for the book. =)

Dorothy Matheson said...

I like bright so I would add more of the bright colors by making square in a square or flying geese units to fill in more and then some slashing strips of medium fabric. I do not make wall hangings but want usable at least table size quilts.