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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

More UFO's finished

In order to get the border onto the wedding quilt I need to clean my cutting table off.   I've been bad the last couple of months and have been piling stuff on it (in neat piles mind you....) that I now need to get off of it in order to be able to layout the fabric for the border of the quilt.   Because of the print I need to cut the borders in on length long-wise of the fabric.   That is something I almost never do because it's harder for me than cutting cross-grain and then piecing as need be.   I can't do that tho with this fabric because I can't match the print if I were to piece it.   ...........sigh............   I'll also end up mitering the corners but that isn't a big deal for me.

In the midst of sorting through the first of several piles of fabric I found two quilt tops that I had started for Sunshine Quilts and then had stopped working on them when I got to the borders for them.   The first quilt was made with blocks that I received in response to a challenge I made on Sunshine.   I sent out the polar bear fabric and one of the gals made the cute blocks with it.   Quilt finished out at 40" square.

The second top I made started with scraps that a friend, Pat, from one of my quilt lists sent me about 5 yrs ago.   Included in the scraps were a bunch of precut squares that I'm assuming had originally been meant for a color wash quilt, but maybe not.   I cut up a bunch of COC or cream tonal prints and sewed them together into various sized blocks.   Two of the blocks ended up with a purple coloring and I used them in the center of this little quilt.   I then dug around in my scrap bins and came up with enough scrap strips to make the next border.   Quilt is finished off with a COC inner border and a solid purple outer order.   Finished size is 42" by 56".

Also finished up this week are two more commissioned tops for a total of 7 completed tops.   That is 12.5% of the garments that I have fabric for.   Am aiming to get at least 8 more done before the end of next week, would would love to get the remaining  13 or so that I have cut out done before delivering them.   Time will tell how well I do!


1.  Lovely cool weather at the moment, even if totally overcast.

2.  Skylight in kitchen is to be replaced by park management which means that soon I won't wake up to puddles on the floor from the current one as it leaks in bad storms.

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desertskyquilts said...

I still LOVE that purple one. The other one is cute, but I really would love to have the purple one. Both for Sunshine?