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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Wild Animals and Duckies - Oh My!

I work part-time at Joann's and the store gets new fabric in all the time.   Doesn't usually happen when the fabric is on sale for a great price.   It did this week though, and I decided to splurge when a couple of remnants of flannel crossed my path as I was working yesterday afternoon.    We got a really cute flannel print featuring the ubiquiotus rubber duckies that I thought would make a really cute baby quilt.    Only by the time that I saw it there was only a 29" remnant left of it.   With the flannel being on sale for 60% off last week I went ahead and bought coordinating red and blue flannels.    

My original thought was to make a donation quilt using it, but then one of my co-workers last nite asked me to make a quilt for her from it for pay.   Sounded like a winner to me.   Made the blocks last night and then put them together this morning.    Will have it quilted by the end of the month (gotta move the stuff in front of the quilting frame first!).   Backing and binding will come from my stash.

Meanwhile, there's enough of the duckies left to use for the center of 6 blocks.   And I have enough of the blue and red fabrics left to put together a donation quilt from the leftovers.  =)     Current plan is to donate it to an organization in Phoenix that ministers to single moms for their 'store' that moms can choose things from as needed.   I've a couple of other tops for them, and just needed to get them finished up so that I can send them off to my friend who is the director of the ministry.

I also managed to finally finish a quilt that I'd quilted several months ago.   Haven't decided what to do with it though - might sell it since I don't have a pressing need for a gift right now.

Gratitudes - 

1. for cough suppressant meds......esp. at midnight when I'm coughing so much I can't sleep.

2. for the fun of being able to sew and quilt at present.

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desertskyquilts said...

Wonderful quilts, and the one with ducks is so child-friendly, especially. It looks like I'm definitely going to need you to quilt that one, so when I send it, you want the two finished baby quilts I have here for your friend in AZ?