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Saturday, July 5, 2014

And I'm off.............

....Off and quilting the wedding quilt that is.    I took the easy way out for the backing and bought a high quality, 108" wide muslin for the backing because I didn't want to dig through the totes of backings that I have in order to find something that would work for it.  Not what I would normally use, but this coordinates well with the front so I'm happy.

Am using two colors to quilt it - a dk burgundy that totally blends in to the border fabric.   As in can't be seen at all, which of course makes it hard to see where I've actually stitched.    Ooops.......lol.   The other is a dark cream and blends with all of the background fabrics in the top and looks ok with the greens in the quilt.

Current plan is to get the quilting finished tomorrow so that I can get a lot of the binding sewn down on Monday when I'm off work.   I am going to deliver it Friday night/Saturday Morning next week when the bride is in town and shopping with my nieces for bridesmaids dresses.

1. I had a packaged batting that was big enough for the quilt already on hand!

2. My back has settled down after trying to totally freeze up.

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sophie said...

Yay! It looks like you're on a roll and you'll be binding the quilt on Monday.

I hope your back continues to feel better. I'm more than sympathetic. I stupidly tripped while carrying a big box of groceries (mostly produce) from the car and landed with a splat on the pavement ... no real damage done, but I've got bruises and my back isn't very happy right now either.