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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So what do you get.....

.......when you decide to do something with all the pieces of leftover binding from long ago projects and a stack of precut strips of COC fabric?   Enough fabric for a couple of scrappy quilts!   After sewing only the green binding leftovers together I ended up with a 3" wide strip of fabric 15.839 yards long.   And the COCs ended up 2" wide by 16.722 yards long.  

Have started two different scrappy quilts from these and am working on them at the same time (I know silly me.....lol).   the first one is based off a pic that I saw somewhere and puts the two strips together in a spiral.   Haven't figured out how bit I'm going to make it yet, but what I've got done so far is shown here.   I'll finish this one off with a couple of borders around it and it will be a donation to Sunshine Quilts.

The second quilt will be made from at least 4 log off-set log cabin blocks using the same strips that I'm working with now.    And given how much yardage there is in these strips I may end up making another quilt as well.   This second quilt will also be donated to Sunshine.

What do you do with your leftover pieces of binding?

1. Cool, rainy day weather
2. Still have a week left till the start of school.


Farm Quilter said...

Love the block you made!!! I stick my left over binding in a bag and and when I have a scrappy quilt I put pieces together to make the binding. But I like what you are doing...now I'll have to try it!!!

desertskyquilts said...

That spiral did work out well, and you know what I think of green quilts! =) Looking forward to seeing the log cabins, too.