"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Fog Delays Mean Time to Play Wth UFO's

Heavy fog today gave a 2-hr delay for the start of school and that means I got to play a wee bit with my quilting this morning before I had to leave for the drive school.   

Decided I'd pull out a UFO to work on, namely my Pumpkins Thru the Year quilt.   The top has been together except for the top panel for almost a year.  And the top panel was pieced but the applique not added as well.    The applique has been waiting for me to decide what kind of words I wanted to put in the panel.  

The quilt finally spoke to me this week and told me what to put there, so I've been able to make some progress on it this morning.  Letters are cut out, but not fused down yet.   I'm not convinced I like the fabric I used for the 'Y' but I still have other fabrics that I can used to recut it if I decide to do that.  There are pumpkins of assorted sizes (big one in the middle), vines and leaves yet to be placed on the panel.  I'm now in the process of tracing the patterns for the pumpkins, vine sections, and leaves that will be going in there.   Once everything has been stitched down I'll be able to add the final outer border to it and the top will be done.

Other UFO's that I've had out this week include some string blocks made with oodles of batiks and Moda marbles.  I made a couple of test blocks to see what they might look like as alternate blocks.   there are over 100 of the string blocks, so I'll have enough for 2 quilts if I use alternate blocks with them.   The block I used here for the alternate is a 3D Bowtie block the the center part in a second color and all 4 of the other squares in a WOW print.  Am still debating if I like it or not.

The final UFO is a piece of my cross-stitch that I've put into a crazy quilt square.  I add a flowering vine several years ago, but then couldn't figure out what to add next.   So it was put up and has sat there for several years now.  The cross-stitch has been done for a lot of years.

Thanks to an idea offered by an internet friend, I found an idea though that I like and am going to sketch up for use on this.  You can see it on Pinterest here - Wisteria Branch.    At this point it will most likely end up in the upper left of the block.   Still to be added some sort of flowers for a bee charm to be savoring, and a wee snail somewhere on the bottom in more flowers or grasses.   Ultimately this will be finished as a wallhanging after all embellishment and final border is added.

What kind of UFO's are you working on these days?

1. Delay at school due to fog means a safer drive there.

2. Short day at school due to having the follow up CT Scan on the sinus infection.


swooze said...

The IN fog made the news here this am. I've spent lots of time in my sewing room lately getting lots of owed things done. Quilting a quilt I repaired and then plan to get back to MY sewing.

dq said...

Your pumpkin UFO is going to be fabulous! You absolutely MUST finish it soon so I can admire it (ha ha).

I am also anxious to watch your Batik UFO come together because I love Batiks. It is gorgeous just because of your fabric.

desertskyquilts said...

And how was that CT scan? I like your words for the pumpkin quilt. The Y is lighter, but I kind of like that.