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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ponderings.....What do you think?

As the end of the mystery quilt instructions approaches, I've been thinking about what to design for posting next.   Another mystery quilt, a planned design, quilt ideas with how to do them, or just some block designs.....or something else altogether?

For myself, I've got a quilt designed that I plan on working on while at a quilt retreat in April that will be submitted for publication.   So that won't get posted on here.   And am working on my next block submittal for QuiltMaker's magazine as well at the retreat.    Do need to get that design decided on so I can pull fabrics for it.

However, I love to design and always have more than one design in the works.   I do want to continue to share designs on my blog and website, but need input from my readers and those that are interested.  

What would you be interested in seeing me design and post next -

  • A mystery quilt - traditional, non-traditional?   If so what size would you be most interested in?
  • Block patterns - what type (applique, pieced), theme, size?
  • One or more quilt design and instructions for them (non mystery) - style/theme?
  • Something totally different - if so what?
Thanks in advance for your feedback, it is much appreciated....

1. Having the fun of being able to design my own quilts and patterns.

2. Spring break has been wonderful even if I didn't get anywhere near all i wanted to do done.  =) 


Lorene Holbrook said...

wouldn't table runners be fun? everyday, holiday.... that way you could do different blocks, different settings, it would work up quick!

GeeGee said...

I would prefer anything pieced, other than a mystery. I know a lot of quilters love mystery quilts but I must know in advance what I will be working on. Thanks for sharing your designs!

desertskyquilts said...

I'm pondering. And I know this will be no help whatsoever! It doesn't matter to me what you do, I'll be making it. =) Thanks for always having such doable projects!

Farm Quilter said...

A modern quilt, perhaps? I would love one with the how-to of figuring out how to place traditional kinds of blocks into a modern quilt, especially with the pieced block going on the quilt in a very non-traditional way (no straight or on point placement).

Pat in Tn. said...

I would like to see sets for each month.. or each holiday. Like a small hanging and table runner or even a wall hanging. if we had the patterns for all but we don't have to make them all. We could make which ever we wanted for each month... It would be nice to be able to make all if we wanted. Just a suggestion.
Pat in Tn.

Ann Drake said...

Your directions have been great. I like having a small amount of work to do each month. As for future items, I'd say keep up the good work. I have really enjoyed doing the creative sort of things rather than just geometric blocks. Now if you would just tell me where I put the stuff I have worked on.....I am stuck at the 4th month. Ann from Sunshine