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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Row-by-Row Winner....yippee...........

I finished quilting and binding my row-by-row quilt the middle of last week.   And this week when I was in Cheyenne decided to take a chance on being able to turn in the quilt there for the prize for finishing first (at a participating shop).   And as it happened, I was the first to turn on in at the quilt store there that I always shopped at.  My quilt will hang in the store till the middle or end of September, and then they will ship it to me.

the prize for being the first was 25 FQ's and I was able to go pick whatever I wanted to.  =)  So much fun to "shop" for them.

1. A friend has offered to let me stay with them for a short while if I have not been able to find a place to live before getting to Texas.

2. Packing is almost done here at the apt!


Nancy Westerman said...

WOO HOOO! Congratulations! Your Row by Row is a beauty. The stash enhancement is a plus too, especially when you get to choose what you like.

Nancy in IN said...

Yea. Congrats. More fabrics, more to pack. Love the fabric you chose. Glad they will ship you your quilt. Looks super.

Bekah said...

Congratulations! :)