"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jer 29:11 (NIV)

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Weekly Goals - 8/8/16

Time here in Wyoming is running out.......From having had 6 weeks after getting back from the 3 week trip, it just doesn't seem possible that there is only 2 days left here before hitting the road down to Texas.   Where does the time go?  Loading the truck happens tomorrow and then we leave (my parents who are driving the moving van and myself) Tuesday morning.

The biggest news (other than my progress in getting things done) is that I now have a place to move into as of this week and utilities are scheduled to be turned on.   I pick up the keys this coming Friday.   Am sooooooooooo looking forward to having a bigger place to live in (new one is 1300 sq ft, this apt is only 800 sq ft).   Will I get it all in?   Time will tell.


1. Start getting boxes out of storage room and to Apt - DONE!
2. Email with realtor about rental possibilities - DONE - And lease application submitted and accepted!
3. Turn in address change at PO - DONE
4. Arrange for utility turn-on after getting rental house - DONE!
5. Arrange for Internet turn on - Not Done!

6. Leave note with new address, key and lock in storage unit - To done after the truck is loaded and everything is out of the unit.
7. Call Storage Unit to let the mgr know I've emptied it - To done after the truck is loaded and everything is out of the unit.

Rooms to Pack:
1. Bathroom - DONE
2. Kitchen - 95% done, only the stuff going in the ice chest or in the trash yet to do
3. Pantry - DONE!
4. Sewing Room - 95% done, just the stuff going in the car with me still to do
5. Living Room - DONE!


1. Clean bathroom - DONE!
2. Email Ann Still not done
3. Finish cleaning floors - Still not done 'cause I can't see the floors....lol....
4. Clean baseboards - Not started
5. Clean Window Sills - DONE!
6. Clean Windows - DONE!
7. Clean Refrigerator - 95% Done, just need to finish cleaning the food out of it that won't either be eaten or taken with me in the ice chest
8. Vacuum - To done after the truck is loaded and everything is out of the apt.
9. Sweep Storage Unit - To done after the truck is loaded and everything is out of the unit.


1. Make at least 15 scrub tops to send to customer -  Sent 14 tops off this week, making a total ot 25 that I've delivered to her this summer (including the 11 back in June)
2. Turn in Row-by-row quilt for prize (turn in Wy or TX) - DONE!
3. Make the 54 'petal' units needed for the sashing on the final Mod Quilts quilt top - DONE!   But I think I'm going to redo one of the sets of 3 in a different color because I don't like how it turned out.
4. Make the final quilt for Mod Quilt Contest - Ran out of time to start putting the top together.
5. Make backings and bindings for quilt tops for Sunshine - DONE!   And mailed off to a quilting angel
6. Work on flag block sections - DONE!   Flag blocks are complete....now to finish using the remaining orphan pattern sections.


1. God's provision of a place to live this week - fast acceptance of the lease application and quick work on utility turn-on scheduling

2. For my time here in Wyoming and all that has meant, and for this new direction that God is opened up for me.


Nancy Westerman said...

Praying that you and your parents have a safe trip. I'm sorry we never got to meet but that's how it is out this way. There's a lot of distance between things. I do hope that your new job is all that you hope and want. Good luck! Nancy

desertskyquilts said...

Prayers for your safety on the trip. Drive safely. Take it as easy as possible. You've done a great job of being ready. Best of luck with packing and the rest of the cleaning. Send me that address! And txt me your safety each night, please.

Nancy in IN said...

Prayers for safe travel. You are really organized.

cityquilter grace said...

blessings to you moira for safe travel and quick settling in your new digs...it is exciting indeed...