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Monday, November 7, 2016

Contest Quilt Progress....

Making progress here....slowly.  Of course the slowly is happening because what the blocks have said they wanted so far is lots of echo quilting in the negative spaces............and that seems to take forever and a day....lol.  You can click on the pics to see more indepth pics.

At any rate, status at this point is:

Blocks - 4 out of 12 complete
Full Stars - 1 of 6 complete
Border Stars - 5 of 10 complete
Sashing strips - all complete
     (for the moment at any rate)

Still debating on a name for the quilt as well.....guess I need to make a decision soon on that....lol.

1. Today's heavy rain eased up long enough for me to drive home, stop quickly by the grocery store and get gas!

2. Swelling is better behaved today.

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desertskyquilts said...

You are certainly making good progress. I love what you are doing on the blocks, too. Here you are getting all these rains, and we are desperate for it. The fires the next county over (which is a matter of only 5 miles) are filling the whole valley with smoke. It looked like a bad day of smog in L. A. today.